A recent Examiner article describes the urgency of global action regarding climate change:

On the eve of international climate negotiations in Warsaw, Poland, Typhoon Haiyan became the second extreme weather event to devastate the Philippines in 12 months. Filipino delegate Saño shared the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan left behind and connected it to the dangers of climate disruption. He brought energy to the halls of the climate talks on opening night and pledged to fast until meaningful action on climate change was achieved at this year’s negotiations.

“Without real ambition in Warsaw, the madness brought by super-storms like Haiyan will become the norm,” said John Coequyt, Director, International Climate Programs, Sierra Club.

I would opine that climate-change is a far more serious matter than either Mr. Saño, Kerry or Coequyt could imagine.

Recent fireball incidents, one in Russia and one in the Portland, Oregon area for example, highlight a disturbing trend: The asteroids are melting. That’s right. Human-caused climate change (“global-warming”) has become so serious that the asteroids are melting and breaking apart. Some of the debris, as if acting on cosmic karma, is headed our way.

Before you call me crazy or think my theory far-fetched, consider this: It’s already an established fact, among scientists, that human-caused climate change has dried up the Martian canals over the past few decades. In early drawings of Mars, we can clearly see the canals. But today, it’s a barren wasteland – thanks to climate-change.

The future does not bode well. If China and India continue on their current trajectories in industry and automobile use, there is a real danger that the gas giants, starting with Jupiter, may evaporate. If this happens (and some projections have this occurring within our lifetimes) only dire news awaits us. Jupiter serves to deflect asteroids and comets from the inner Solar System. If it were to evaporate, we would be at the mercy of thousands more dangerous space-rocks.

Save the asteroids. Don’t let Jupiter evaporate. Ride your bike!

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