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Most people can watch television or movies for hours on end, and never even suspect they’re being indoctrinated. They mindlessly stare at commercials, sitcoms and talk-shows in the belief that all they’re absorbing is the surface message each program is ostensibly designed to impart; it never occurs to them that repetitive exposure to deified black males, and denigrated white males, can possibly have an effect on their psyche.

Ignorance can be bliss. The ability to remain oblivious means that they do not own their own minds, and that their opinions are tainted and compromised. On the other hand, they escape the stress that the rest of us experience when exposed to such mind-control techniques.

My blood-pressure is typically as perfect as can be. In fact, it’s amazingly consistent. I recently had to wear a HAZMAT suit as part of emergency training. After spending almost half an hour in that cumbersome suit, not being able to turn my head, not being able to see properly, having to breath through a special apparatus and being subject to heat and humidity – my blood-pressure remained exactly as it’s always been.

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment. It was a routine physical and I wasn’t stressed in the least when I walked in. But I had to sit in the waiting room for about twenty minutes. In this waiting room was a television, which was playing one of those mindless pop-TV shows. They were interviewing a black basketball player and otherwise wallowing in the superficialities of celebrity culture. The television was not even visible to me, but I heard it loud and clear.

I was not in my element – and directly thereafter, when the attendant took my blood-pressure, it read considerably higher than normal. I had him remeasure it just to make sure. At the end of my visit, over an hour later, after various unpleasant tests and having my blood taken, I had the doctor take my blood pressure again. This time, it had returned to normal. I’m convinced that exposure to the television show had raised my blood pressure.

The mind is a sensitive thing. With today’s media tools, it can be easily manipulated. But we pay a price even when we’re able to avoid the primary damage.

In his recent Bloombergview article, Francis Wilkenson ridiculed conservatives for their  distorted demographic perceptions. He wrote:

In June and July, Latino Decisions conducted a national poll for the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink. The poll’s sample was especially large — 2,943 adults, including 1,319 non-Hispanic whites. In one question, respondents were asked to give their “best guess” about the percentage of racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. population…

Every racial group overestimated the size of the nonwhite population, which in reality is about 37 percent. “Asians had the most accurate estimates,” the survey report stated, “with respondents estimating an average of 43 percent — followed by whites with an average of 48 percent, Latinos with an average of 50 percent, and African Americans with an average of 53 percent.”…

On average, whites overestimated the nation’s minority population by 11 percentage points. Digging a little deeper, the poll showed that 59 percent of conservatives estimated the minority population at 41 percent or higher, with 33 percent of conservatives believing nonwhites account for more than half of the U.S. population, a demographic milestone that is still decades away.

Keep that figure in mind as you consider this result from the same poll report: “Sixty-one percent of white conservatives and 56 percent of whites ages 65 or older agree that discrimination against whites will increase due to rising diversity.”

So conservatives think the nation is already either majority or almost-majority nonwhite, and a majority of conservatives believes that they will be discriminated against as the nation becomes more nonwhite.

There was a time, before the days of television, billboards, movies and brochures, when peoples’ perception of reality was shaped by what they saw and heard in real life. Folks spent most of their time among their countrymen, working, socializing, worshiping and playing. It’s true that they were ignorant of foreign lands, but they were acutely aware of the goings on in their own villages and provinces. Medieval man might have believed that troglodytes inhabited far-away lands, and sea-monsters the waters, but he was an expert when it came to local matters.

Today, many people spend more time in front of the television than mingling among the locals. Furthermore, today’s cities are so populous that one cannot even rely on what he sees to gauge demographic trends; at any given time, all he’ll see is a specific subset of the population. So, while the modern city-dweller may not believe in sea-monsters or troglodytes, he can easily be fooled about his own immediate surroundings.

In my search for a particular item of clothing, a friend recommended my local Kohl’s. While I didn’t find what I was looking for at Kohl’s, I did notice a profusion of model images throughout the store. I have previously written about Target’s habit of under representing white people in its signage. Kohl’s is no different. Here are some images I snapped there.




I apologize for the poor image quality; the lighting was difficult and I used my cellphone. But, at least in the men’s section, very few whites are depicted. Blacks outnumber whites. Is Kohl’s trying to cater specifically to blacks? In the women’s section, the vast majority of images are of white, or Asian, models. It’s hard to see how this would benefit Kohl’s financially – but it’s easy to see the similarity to Target.

I don’t watch television, but I’ve viewed enough commercials (online) to know that non-whites are featured in numbers wildly out of proportion to their actual percentages of the population. Does Wilkenson have anything to say about this? I doubt it.

People like Wilkenson are responsible for the over representation of non-whites in the media, and in places like Target and Kohl’s. While they may not directly demand it, their attitudes (of promoting non-whites whenever possible) necessarily lead to such phenomena. It’s interesting that Wilkenson would ridicule people for perceptions that are a direct result of policies he promotes.



Y’all may be shocked, but I enjoy an occasional movie just like the rest of you mortals. Sometimes I like to escape the boring mundaneness of my life and make believe I’m travelling among the stars hundreds of years in the future, or that I’m reliving history in an era we like to imagine was more exciting than our own.

To fulfill these entertainment “needs,” I tap into the practically inexhaustible resources of Youtube, Hulu or similar sites. Generally speaking, I stick to pre-1965 shows. The reason is that I watch these shows in order to escape from reality, not to have the diversity agenda shoved into my face. I understand that each of us has our point of view, and that this includes writers and producers. That’s all fine and well, but just as I wouldn’t appreciate seeing a McDonalds or a Pepsi product strategically placed in a movie about Genghis  Khan, so too do I not appreciate having token blacks shoved in my face in Gladiator, Thor, The Hobbit and others too numerous to count. Before 1965 or so, movie producers could focus almost exclusively on the story. They weren’t bogged down by the dictates of the diversity cult.

With the exception of background characters (such as in The Hobbit), the token black’s role is carefully scripted. The producers don’t want to be too obviously Afro-centric, or they’ll pay the price at the box-office. But they must include at least one prominent black character – and he (it’s usually a man) must be portrayed in a positive light. Typically, we find him sacrificing himself to save the lives of others.

The 2003 movie Core is typical. In Core, Delroy Lindo plays Ed Brazzelton, in the end:

After some calculations, they decide that by splitting their nuclear weapons into the remaining compartments and jettisoning each at specific distances, they can create a “ripple effect“, where the power of each bomb will push against the blast of the next, generating the needed energy wave. However, because Virgil was not designed to jettison undamaged compartments, the plan requires someone to deactivate a safety switch that is in an area exposed to the extreme temperatures. Brazzelton volunteers and deactivates the switch, dying shortly afterwards.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, in the movie Unbreakable, the villain is black, while the hero is white. It’s worth noting, however, that Unbreakable was “written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.” Shyamalan also wrote, produced and directed The Village, which is clearly pro-white. Since Shyamalan himself is not white, but Indian, he can actually get away with producing an occasional pro-white film – though I’m fairly certain even he has taken some heat for it.

What kind of role will this black man have in Pompeii?


He will speak of his family back in Africa. He will be a victim of oppression, probably having been captured as a slave or gladiator fighter. He’ll be a sympathetic character, providing wisdom to his white friends. In some way, he’ll probably end up a martyr.

Blacks were not unknown in ancient Rome. It would be perfectly acceptable to include one or two black faces in Pompeii, but against the backdrop of Hollywood’s predictable racial policies, the presence of such prominent characters is as distracting as if they’d had a Starbucks on every corner in Pompeii. It’s product-placement, and a stark reminder of TODAY’S politics. It should not be thrust upon us within the context of this historical drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if some black people feel the same way. They too want to experience the story of Pompeii, not to be reminded of racial quotas and the demands of the black lobby.

With the advance of video technology, it’s now possible to create entire movies without using actual human actors. More importantly, this technology is becoming increasingly available to those of us who are not wealthy and powerful. Hopefully, the ranks of those whose minds are free of the diversity cult will produce some talented animators. If so, we’ll be able to enjoy high-quality movies that are not beholden to the rigid racial rules of Hollywood. We can make our own Pompeii – or digitally remove the diversity from the current Pompeii and share it on our own “white market.” The authorities will fume, but there won’t be much they can do about it.


A while ago I published an example of racial indoctrination from the Portland MAX. I wanted to follow up with a couple more examples. All told, there were only a few signs posted in the train, and the ONLY people depicted in positions of authority, or wearing suits and ties, were black. Here they are:


The creators of the second one made their intentions quite obvious. Their choice of white people, standing next to the black man, is telling. Directly to his right, as if bowing to his superior status and sexual prowess, is the pretty white female. To his left is the low-status white man, wearing shorts and a tank-top and standing by his bicycle.  He rides the MAX because it’s his only option. The black man, dressed in business attire, does so out of a sense of social responsibility and concern for the environment; he can clearly afford a car. Seated near this poster was an actual black man – looking mean and with most of his boxers showing.

Some of y’all may remember a story, published in American Renaissance last month, about a small group of people trying to establish an all-white town in North Dakota. Black supremacists can take over Jackson, Mississippi and the corporate-owned media is silent about it, but when a handful of whites want to stake out a place of their own, all hell breaks lose.

The leader of that white group, Paul Craig Cobb, was recently interviewed on the Trisha show. This is what Opposing Views had to say about it:

Craig Cobb may be planning to open an all-Caucasian village in North Dakota, but after a DNA test on a talk show exposed him as part black, he may be excluded from his own property.

Cobb was a guest on the “Trisha Show,” and had agreed to submit a DNA test. Host Trisha Goddard, who is African-American, announced the results onstage.

According to the test, Cobb is 14 percent sub-Saharan African. However, he dismissed the results as just “statistical noise.”

Watch the video there. Both the host, and her leftist audience, got some jollies from Cobb’s DNA results. Cobb could have handled it much better. He could have clapped his hands with joy, accepted Trish’s “high five” and announced that now he can get into a college of his choice with a full scholarship, enjoy preferential treatment in the job market, qualify for government set-asides and even have his choice of hot mudsharks to date (should he be so inclined). That would have been my reaction.

But back to the black supremacist mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. This is what he looks like:


He sure doesn’t look 100% African to me. As a matter of fact, I’d say he’s at least 50% European. When will we be treated to an interview with him – exposing his non-African heritage?

Incidentally, I recently got my own ancestry.com results back. Apparently I have no negro blood in me. I’ll be honest; I was a bit disappointed. Ashkenazic Jews are supposed to have from 3-5% African blood. I was looking forward to proving this, then running with it. Alas, I’m 93% “European Jew” (whatever that means), 4% Eastern European and a tiny bit British and Italian. No African. I feel cheated!

I recently traveled on the Portland MAX (our version of the subway that’s mostly above ground). Among the various signs posted above us was this one:


Let’s forget, for a moment, that people rarely have loud telephone conversations in public anymore; they text each other instead.  Are white women offended by such signs? Of course not – because they know such accusations are ridiculous. Everybody knows that white women are not a major source of annoying noise on urban public transportation. But let’s say, hypothetically, that the sign had the black man yammering away on his phone, and the white woman being annoying. The uproar would be instantaneous. It would be national news, and the City of Portland would quickly grovel in front of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Representing racial reality the way it actually is, or even displaying a sign that has a basis in racial reality, is offensive.

But we should be offended. The City of Portland could easily have depicted two race-neutral individuals of the same gender. That way, the sign couldn’t be construed as being hateful toward any particular group. But not only did they turn this into a racial scenario, they even made the extra effort to make sure her eyes were blue. Brown eyes just wouldn’t do; somebody might have mistaken her for Mexican or Asian.

Why did they make the offender female? My guess is in order to have the sign include more diversity. This was more important to them than risking upsetting women – which wouldn’t happen anyway in this case. Also, race trumps gender.

It seems those raceless, colorless, “youths” are at it again. This time they chose to bring their enrichment to Hollywood. According to the Afro-centric rag, USA Today:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Packs of young people rampaged through Hollywood, knocked down people and stole cellphones and other items before a police sweep halted the marauding and arrested a dozen people, police said Wednesday.

Calls began coming in at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday that youths were robbing people and stealing T-shirts and other goods from businesses, mainly on Hollywood Boulevard, Lt. Ray Valois said.

Fifteen to 20 young men and women were “attacking victims and taking property,” he said. “Some people may have been knocked down or punched.”

However, no serious injuries were reported.

As many as 40 people may have been involved, splitting into smaller groups and reforming as they looted people nearby, Valois said.

Surveillance video aired on television showed youths roaming along the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s about time I say. Let them loot Hollywood. Let them tear it up, burn it down and make its denizens live in fear. I know it won’t happen, but we can at least hope that some of those loathsome producers (yes, the ones who worship blacks and hate whites) get beaten to a pulp in the process. I would pay to see those producers, bandaged and bleeding, being pushed around in wheelchairs, producing movies featuring groups of feral youth rampaging through once-civilized cities. In those movies, the rioters would all be white – and they’d be beating up innocent black people. And then, after a hard day’s work producing propaganda, they would venture out and get thrown off their wheelchairs by some more raceless, colorless, “young people”. But it’s okay, because those acts will not be hatecrimes. Rather, they’ll be “random” acts of violence. Or perhaps they’ll be crimes of “boredom.” Because everybody knows that when blacks commit crime, they’re raceless and colorless. They don’t riot. They “protest.” They don’t spread STD’s. They “suffer” from them. They’re victims of homicide and domestic violence, but they’re not perpetrators. They endure racism from whites, but they themselves are colorblind. This is what Hollywood would have us believe.

So let us invite those Trayvons back to Hollywood for some more fun and merriment. I’ll even pay for their bus tickets.

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