It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and the main reason for that is all the stuff going on in my life. It’s mostly good stuff, among them, my recent acquisition of a new scooter.

My old scooter, a 150cc Schwinn, has been non-functional for a while, so I’d been shopping around for a newer one. While browsing Craigslist, I found a 250cc Kymco Grand Vista, and immediately realized it had all the features I was looking for. The problem was that its current owner lives in Madras. Madras is in central Oregon, on the other side of the Cascade mountains.

I took a buddy with me for the drive. He’d drive my car back, while I’d ride the scooter. We soon realized that we wouldn’t be able to take the same route back as we did there; the mountain pass was covered in snow and extremely treacherous. To attempt it on a two-wheeled vehicle would be suicide.

We decided to take Highway 97/197 north to The Dalles, and then Highway 84 west back to Portland. Highway 197 was mostly a straight shot, the scenery was nice – and we had the road almost completely to ourselves. We’d go for miles without seeing another soul.

I soon realized that my new Grand Vista will go as fast as I want it to go. Had I wished to accelerate to 90 MPH, it would have gladly accommodated me. The only nuisance I had to contend with was that damn wind.

If somebody ever organizes a scooter-racing event around here, I might consider participating. If I do take part in races, wouldn’t that make me a “racist?”


If you own a mobile phone with a data plan, chances are you can turn it into a wireless router. This video shows you how:

I could figure it out. If I can do it, so can you!

Once you’ve created your mobile wireless network,  you can tap on “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot” and change its default name to whatever you want.

I named my wireless network “say NO to white guilt.” Next time I’m in a public place, lots of people will see this message. I’ll be sure to have it on as I wait for my flights to and from the upcoming American Renaissance conference. I’m sure a lot of people will use the “Mantra” for their network name: “Anti racism is code for anti white.” I don’t think hyphens, or other special characters are allowed.

So far, there are no laws limiting what we may, or may not, name our wireless networks. This is an easy way to get the message out.

Two posts ago I advised my readers to refrain from feeding the propaganda machine by avoiding the movie Pompeii. I made some predictions regarding the black character that appears in the official trailer.

Naturally I was curious to see how accurate my predictions were – but being a man of the highest moral fiber, and of impeccable ethics, I would never stoop to the hypocrisy required to watch the movie myself. Instead, I had one of my slaves watch it.

He informed me that my predictions, regarding the black character, were almost 100% spot on. He was a sympathetic character, he did play a secondary role, he did aid the main (white) characters and he did die a martyr. It’s pretty pathetic when an outsider to the movie industry, such as myself, can so accurately foretell such things. It shows how predictable today’s mainstream movie industry is. It shows how its creativity is compromised by its need to follow predetermined scripts.

My slave also informed me that, as far as he could tell, the movie did not present Jews as a visible minority within Pompeii. If Pompeii was, indeed, home to a minority composed of “people of color,” that minority was likely to have been Jews. The Jewish Virtual Library lists several hints of a Jewish presence in Pompeii. In contrast, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of blacks (at least of the Congoid variety) in Pompeii.

From a historic perspective, it would have made more sense for the producers of Pompeii to depict Jews as their chosen “people of color” rather than a black. As a Jew, I’m insulted that they ignored my own people (who were likely a real minority in Pompeii) in favor of a black African.

Jews should boycott this movie.

As California’s populations approaches 40 million, the media rejoices that this is a good sign. A recent Los Angeles Times article proclaims:

California population grows by 332,000 to 38.2 million

Most of the rise is from births, but immigration shows an increase, particularly from abroad. The Bay Area has the largest boost while L.A. County’s growth is more modest.

California’s population grew by roughly 332,000 people in the last fiscal year — its biggest increase in nearly a decade, according to new California Department of Finance estimates.

“It’s a sign that our economy is recovering,” said Hans Johnson, a Public Policy Institute of California demographer. “But it’s still pretty slow growth.”

The estimated population rose 0.88%, exceeding 38.2 million as of July. Most of that growth was “natural increase” — births minus deaths. But those numbers stayed roughly the same as in recent years, while immigration has increased.

Between July 2012 and July 2013, roughly 170,000 more people came to California from other countries than left, according to the estimates. At the same time, nearly 103,000 more residents left California for other parts of the United States than came into the Golden State. The result was a net increase of 66,000 people who came to California from elsewhere.

Compared with population trends in recent years, “the big change was the increase in the number of foreign immigrants,” said Stephen Levy, director of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy.

The Department of Finance said that the growth, despite being slow, was the fastest that California has seen since 2003-04, well before the recession. Johnson said that even before the latest downturn, California had grown slowly because high housing prices pushed away families during boom years.

“At least we’re not in a bust anymore,” USC professor of public policy Dowell Myers said. “But the return to normal is still crawling at a snail’s pace.”

The fastest-growing counties were in the Bay Area — Alameda and Santa Clara — which grew by 1.68% and 1.47% respectively, according to the new estimates. Economists said the tech industry has helped propel those gains. Growth was slower in Los Angeles County, which gained about 74,000 people — an increase of 0.75%.

In Los Angeles, future growth “is really going to be dependent on getting our local economy fully back on track,” said Robert Kleinhenz, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. Key sectors such as transportation and logistics have yet to fully recover, he added.

I’ll point out that, according to the California Department of Public Health, a majority of new-born Californians are of Hispanic mothers, at least through 2010. If anything, the trend has intensified over the past few years. This means that the “natural increase,” referred to above, is merely a byproduct of past immigration. There’s nothing natural about it as far as the state population is concerned.

The L.A. Times, along with just about all other organs of the corporate-run media, would have us believe that such population growth is a good thing. After all, it’s “growth” isn’t it?

But now Obama is concerned about California’s drought. The Washington Times tells us:

In drought-ravaged California, Obama sounds alarm on climate change

While touring areas of California ravaged by a historic drought, President Obama on Friday sounded an ominous warning and said that even if the federal government takes meaningful action to combat climate change, much of the damage already has been done.

“Unless and until we do more to combat carbon pollution that causes climate change, this trend is going to get worse, and the hard truth is even if we do take action on climate change, carbon pollution has built up in our atmosphere for decades. The planet is slowly going to keep warming for a long time to come,” Mr. Obama said while touring a farm in Los Banos. “We’re going to have to stop looking at these disasters as something to wait for. We’ve got to start looking at these disasters as something to prepare for, to anticipate.”

As if to highlight the hypocrisy of this staunchly pro-immigration president being worried that there won’t be enough water for everybody, he posed with some Hispanic farmers.

Obama, along with his political allies, his propaganda machine, and all the other powers that be, appear to believe that the way to “prepare for, and anticipate” these disasters, is to pack as many people into California as possible.

At first blush, this makes no sense. If we’re worried about a scarcity of water, the last thing we would want to do is add tens of millions more people to the area that is dependent upon that water. There are two or three possibilities here: a) Obama and his cronies are very stupid, b) they are orchestrating a conspiracy or c) the politicians are simply playing politics while the masses are in the grips of mass stupidity. I’m inclined to go with a combination of b and c. The conspiracy is, of course, to replace the white population with nonwhites – who are reliably big-government voters, big-government-dependent and require big-government due to their high crime-rates. Some politicians (and the powerful individuals behind them) are in on the conspiracy. Others simply go along and do what they need to do to get reelected, or to nurture their legacy. The mass stupidity is, of course, of the masses – who are more interested in sports and celebrities.

What will happen to California? After its population has ballooned to ungodly proportions, and it turns out there’s not enough water for everybody, the overflow will come to Oregon. Either that or they’ll take our water. Either possibility makes me shudder.

Generally speaking, I don’t like the weather here. The overcast skies and rain can be depressing. But such weather is the price we pay for the multitude of rivers and lakes we enjoy. Our rivers actually have water in them. We swim in them, fish on them, boat in them and enjoy their beauty. It would be tragic if, due to a huge influx of Californians, Oregon became overcrowded, polluted and unsafe.

I predict that there will be water pipelines to divert some of Oregon’s river water into California. These will be controversial, but powerful forces will promote them. The concept has already been discussed. California’s immigration-fueled population explosion is a ticking time-bomb, and it should provoke serious discussion. The emphasis on “climate-change” is a cop out. It’s a politically correct alternative to tackling the real issue: Immigration.

Y’all may be shocked, but I enjoy an occasional movie just like the rest of you mortals. Sometimes I like to escape the boring mundaneness of my life and make believe I’m travelling among the stars hundreds of years in the future, or that I’m reliving history in an era we like to imagine was more exciting than our own.

To fulfill these entertainment “needs,” I tap into the practically inexhaustible resources of Youtube, Hulu or similar sites. Generally speaking, I stick to pre-1965 shows. The reason is that I watch these shows in order to escape from reality, not to have the diversity agenda shoved into my face. I understand that each of us has our point of view, and that this includes writers and producers. That’s all fine and well, but just as I wouldn’t appreciate seeing a McDonalds or a Pepsi product strategically placed in a movie about Genghis  Khan, so too do I not appreciate having token blacks shoved in my face in Gladiator, Thor, The Hobbit and others too numerous to count. Before 1965 or so, movie producers could focus almost exclusively on the story. They weren’t bogged down by the dictates of the diversity cult.

With the exception of background characters (such as in The Hobbit), the token black’s role is carefully scripted. The producers don’t want to be too obviously Afro-centric, or they’ll pay the price at the box-office. But they must include at least one prominent black character – and he (it’s usually a man) must be portrayed in a positive light. Typically, we find him sacrificing himself to save the lives of others.

The 2003 movie Core is typical. In Core, Delroy Lindo plays Ed Brazzelton, in the end:

After some calculations, they decide that by splitting their nuclear weapons into the remaining compartments and jettisoning each at specific distances, they can create a “ripple effect“, where the power of each bomb will push against the blast of the next, generating the needed energy wave. However, because Virgil was not designed to jettison undamaged compartments, the plan requires someone to deactivate a safety switch that is in an area exposed to the extreme temperatures. Brazzelton volunteers and deactivates the switch, dying shortly afterwards.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, in the movie Unbreakable, the villain is black, while the hero is white. It’s worth noting, however, that Unbreakable was “written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.” Shyamalan also wrote, produced and directed The Village, which is clearly pro-white. Since Shyamalan himself is not white, but Indian, he can actually get away with producing an occasional pro-white film – though I’m fairly certain even he has taken some heat for it.

What kind of role will this black man have in Pompeii?


He will speak of his family back in Africa. He will be a victim of oppression, probably having been captured as a slave or gladiator fighter. He’ll be a sympathetic character, providing wisdom to his white friends. In some way, he’ll probably end up a martyr.

Blacks were not unknown in ancient Rome. It would be perfectly acceptable to include one or two black faces in Pompeii, but against the backdrop of Hollywood’s predictable racial policies, the presence of such prominent characters is as distracting as if they’d had a Starbucks on every corner in Pompeii. It’s product-placement, and a stark reminder of TODAY’S politics. It should not be thrust upon us within the context of this historical drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if some black people feel the same way. They too want to experience the story of Pompeii, not to be reminded of racial quotas and the demands of the black lobby.

With the advance of video technology, it’s now possible to create entire movies without using actual human actors. More importantly, this technology is becoming increasingly available to those of us who are not wealthy and powerful. Hopefully, the ranks of those whose minds are free of the diversity cult will produce some talented animators. If so, we’ll be able to enjoy high-quality movies that are not beholden to the rigid racial rules of Hollywood. We can make our own Pompeii – or digitally remove the diversity from the current Pompeii and share it on our own “white market.” The authorities will fume, but there won’t be much they can do about it.


As a respected citizen of the Leftosphere, the Nature Conservancy supports the rights of indigenous peoples. Their website proclaims:

Empowering Indigenous peoples throughout the world.

The natural world is central to the human rights of Indigenous peoples, as well as their economic, spiritual, physical and cultural well- being. Complex challenges including the development of natural resources and climate change are threatening the environments on which their livelihoods and cultures depend.

The Nature Conservancy recognizes the significant contributions of Indigenous peoples to conservation and collaborates with them to foster our shared commitment to environmental stewardship. Our human rights-based approach to conservation incorporates traditional knowledge and cultural values and results in tangible benefits. We work as a partner, making sure that community needs and local priorities are identified and addressed.

Our programs target urgent threats, secure land tenure and access, support Indigenous rights and improved governance, and strengthen livelihoods. Our initiatives support the rights of Indigenous peoples to participate more fully in making the decisions that will shape their futures.

Indeed. We would expect such an organization to show respect toward the indigenous peoples of the past, and we would not expect to see it glorifying those who perpetrated genocide upon them.

How, then, would we reconcile the above statement with the following one?

Buffalo Soldiers in the U.S. Army were some of the first defenders of our national parks, serving as rangers in Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. They were instrumental in fighting fires, cracking down on poachers and clearing roads. One of the most notable Buffalo Soldiers was Capt. Charles Young, the third African American to graduate from West Point and the first African-American superintendent of a national park. The legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers lives on through Yosemite ranger Shelton Johnson, who created a website to tell their story.

These Buffalo soldiers took part in the dispossession of the indigenous peoples of North America. The fact that they later received government jobs as caretakers at national parks does not negate this fact. While the conflict between settlers and Native Americans was an exceedingly complex one, with atrocities committed on all sides, the Leftosphere invariably sympathizes with the Native Americans. Apparently, an exception is made when the settlers are “people of color” themselves. While one might argue that the Nature Conservancy is only trying to give credit where credit is due, without negating any lurid past these soldiers might have had, I find such hair-splitting to be disingenuous. The South African government did many positive things during the years of apartheid, yet we never find the Leftosphere giving them credit.

Others have pointed out this hypocrisy. For example, a neo-Confederate group made the point back in 2005:

   On January 17th, Carrollton Georgia put on it’s Annual King Day parade. I attended this one with a special guest, as it took on a special meaning by some of the participants invited. I had read where a local amateur historian named Don North and his 6 member “Grierson’s Buffalo Soldiers Cavalry Association of Georgia” was invited to join, most likely at the behest of Carrollton’s only black councilman Gerald Byrd. Mr. Byrd had allowed Mr. North to speak to his youth class at Carrollton Middle School – and I read an article in the Carrollton paper about it…

  Well I am not the most educated person, but I do know that that whole Custer/Cavalry/Western time period meant lots of innocent Indians were being slaughtered, and the Buffalo Soldiers happily did their share of butchery. I sent out a call for help to stand against this kind of glorification, and got probably the most qualified spokesman to accomplish the task. My special guest was none other than that Native American activist, Gary Spottedwolf… who is a Lakota Sioux (I love his “Custer Got Siouxed” poster) and whose ancestors were targets of the Buffalo Soldiers ‘Ethnic Cleansing’…

  He wore his warrior outfit with US Cavalry jacket and 4 scalp swatches. He is one tough dude, as those outfits aren’t very warm, and it was about 30 with a strong wind. He also brought a picture that blew me away, but sent one of North’s boys into denial. It was a picture of a deep trench filled with dead Sioux, and a Buffalo Soldier standing next to them. When the young misled soldier wannabe was shown the picture, he said “naw, that ain’t no Buffalo Soldier”.   North stayed in the distance playing with his historically inaccurate 10th Cavalry flag that didn’t include crossed sabers…

  Initially some were heard to exclaim “he’s coming to be with us!”, but Spottedwolf cut that BS short. Another of the young actors walked up behind Gary and had the nerve to say “That sure is a nice jacket” and without missing a beat he retorted “It should be – I got it off a dead Buffalo Soldier. Spottedwolf then commenced to giving the group, approx 15 mounted riders that included North and 3 other actors (the others represented ???) a lecture about the real Buffalo Soldiers and their campaign of terrorism and genocide. Then a white woman started crying this was a day for unity, which came the reply that there can be no unity as long as his people were on reservations.  I told Unity lady that the Confederate Govt. was the only ‘White man’s Govt. that accepted the Indians. She looked bewildered…

The Buffalo soldiers were not only guilty of slaughtering Native Americans, according to some, they also took part in the senseless slaughter of the buffalo. According to Roy Cook:

The Kiowa have no love for the historic ‘Buffalo Soldiers’. They have not forgotten that because in those ‘Indian War’ times there was war between the Kiowa people and their main source of commissary the buffalo and the white men. The white men built forts in the Kiowa country, and the Negro soldiers (the Tenth Cavalry, made up of Negro troops) shot the buffalo as fast as they could, but the buffalo still kept coming on, coming on, even into the post cemetery at Fort Sill. Soldiers were not enough to hold them back.

If those who massacred innocent people, and mowed down countless buffalo, can be considered “conservation heroes” by taking government jobs at national parks, then the term has very little meaning. I would urge the Nature Conservancy to be more selective in who they consider “heroes.”


During the first Gulf war, the Iraqis were lobbing Scud missiles at Israel. These primitive projectiles were highly inaccurate, and all the Iraqis could do was aim them at the general targeted vicinity and hope for the most damage. Only a handful of people were killed by these missiles, and one of them actually died of a heart-attack, not from the missile itself. The Israeli government was concerned that the Iraqis might  augment their missiles with poison chemicals. Hence, all Israeli citizens were issued gas-masks and told to don them when the sirens went off. Families with toddlers and infants were issued special tents. Instructions were given to seal the room one was in with duct tape. We were told to seal the room completely.

I say “we” because I was there at the time. I was living in Jerusalem, and even though we could sometimes hear the scuds being blown up overhead by American Patriot missiles, we knew Saddam would never direct his attacks toward Jerusalem. This was obvious to me. Any scuds, falling on Jerusalem, would be just as likely to kill Arabs as Jews. Besides, how would it look for Saddam if one of his missiles landed on Al ‘Aqsa Mosque?

When war broke out, I had been in the process of rebuilding a house. The house was a pile of rubble when we bought it; all the walls had to be torn down and rebuilt. What an adventure that was! Especially considering the street we were on was so narrow it could only accommodate foot traffic. The fact that the city would not issue building permits in our area (which was officially “condemned”) made it all the more interesting. We had to remain on very good terms with the neighbors and do everything discretely. Not an easy task when the walls were about two feet thick and made of unhewn stone and dirt. There were about a dozen large truckloads of refuse and I would often work secretly in the wee hours of the night. By day, I’d visit Damascus Gate and hire Arabs to come over and haul the refuse with their trucks. Haggling with them was never fun – and they always demanded more when they saw the distance between the nearest parking spot and my narrow street. I would work with them to keep down the cost.

We (I was married at the time, and with kids) were lucky to have a neighbor who knew everything about construction. Phillipe was from France, and his vast knowledge was matched only by his good heart. He helped us with the foundations, whose concrete I mixed by hand, after bringing each bag of cement, sand and gravel from the the building supply depot, a quarter of a mile away, on a wheelbarrow. He helped with the plumbing, the electricity, the cinder block walls, the windows (which he custom-fashioned from scrap metal and stone) and everything else. Due to the lack of a permit, we had to work fast when the time had come to demolish the only outer wall facing the street. Once we’d gotten rid of the last of the unhewn stone, we immediately started laying the cinder block to close it up.

We were about half-way through when the siren went off. “Okay! We’re sealing the room” I hollered. By that time, we knew there was little to worry about from the scud missiles, so we continued to work without even donning our gas-masks.

Sirens would go off at all times of the day and night, so there’s no doubt that some people were in the middle of having sex when it happened. And that’s my theory on how the gas-mask fetish was born – because I know a lot of y’all were wondering about that.


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