A black race-realist finds his way

Robert Lindsay thought there might be some mutual benefit to be had if I corresponded with a certain acquaintance of his. He’s a race-realist who happens to be black. I’ve always said that the Truth is in the public domain. No race, or ethnicity, holds a monopoly on race-realism. Obviously, a black American must overcome more barriers than would an Asian or white American. So any black American who does so has my encouragement – even more so than usual. He also has my respect if he uses this knowledge to make a positive impact on the world – even more so than usual. This is what “overcoming” should really be about.

So now I present to you Phil’s introductory post. I did help with the editing.

Hello, my name is Phil. I’m a friend of Blogger Robert Lindsay and I study Sub-Saharan African History and Anthropology.

Originally, I’d pretty much belong in the crowd of African-Americans who, while not hating themselves, acknowledge Black traits that hold us back. This knowledge and understanding I owe much to my father.

My father, a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, once told us about magazines at the fraternity that asked, “Why are ‘we’ so behind?” They pointed to internal issues in the Black population. He explained to me, even as he lived a somewhat thuggish life, that “they start taking your beer, your dope, and you realize that they want people to just GIVE them something.” Another lesson he taught me was that you couldn’t help those who won’t help themselves. He told me that you need to focus on people who have the potential to help themselves, whether they’re Black or White. Still, he told me I can acknowledge those who don’t fit that description, and animosity isn’t necessary.

However, one lesson that he taught me, which is my sole mission, is that my brother and I should bring one “with us.” He said we didn’t need to stop at one, but one was the mission. The working idea is that if enough progressive Blacks do this, we could have a huge effect, bearing in mind the previous lessons regarding people’s character.

Later, around the beginning of this year, I actually did research and learned about racial differences, such as IQ and Testosterone. To be honest, the fact that we were different didn’t shock me; it was what Blacks were doing that had hurt me because I had a subconscious habit of comparing myself with other blacks who were deviants.

However after a period of denial, I learned that there is no point in denying it by citing claims about Sub-Saharan Africa, or by “debunking” HBD. What helped though was understanding averages and accepting that while I do have impulses like many Blacks, I’m not like the many of the others, who are criminals. Especially since the ability to control one’s impulses correlates with higher intelligence.

Regarding my politics on race, I want to eliminate Affirmative Action. At least have a system that isn’t biased against whites. Additionally, we must do away with biased reporting, screen all immigrants, and acknowledge racial differences.

I often find criticism of Blacks to be accurate, despite the disparaging attitude that many, but not all, have. I came to the conclusion that I should separate the message from the messenger, because the facts they bring up are clouded by emotion. While this is understandable and natural, it doesn’t lend itself to efficient communication.

The biggest flaw that I find with them however, is the tendency to personify the problem on the level of a religious principle rather than a scientific one. I understand the act of presenting a common trend as an immutable law of nature, but it compromises any objective attempts to find root causes.

For example, I had a friend who is a passionate critic of pathological groups, especially blacks, but he honestly feels that many have potential, and understands that there are good Blacks and Bad whites.

When we first started talking, he thought that the distinction between savages and the civilized could be IQ. He asked me if I had any other metrics to distinguish between the two. I actually did, which was that it should be by behavior rather than simply IQ.

I’ve seen Blacks who were clearly of a different IQ than surrounding whites, but they weren’t all necessarily thugs. It could be that some are maybe closer to 90 than others, but it still suggests that an IQ that is equal to that of Whites isn’t necessary to be functional amongst whites. Rather, a lower IQ is a risk factor for falling behind economically.

A deeper line of investigation would be to examine the Baltimore riots, and how Jamal Bryant’s group managed to stay organized during the chaos, and tried to cool down “hot spots.” That led me to the conclusion that churches could work as a decent filter towards favorable Black traits.

One could utilize this by inspiring a culture of separation, speaking “their language” as a man of the people to uplift black people by steering them away from crime, at least those who can be receptive of the message. I explained this to my friend, that while Black crime would still be an issue, the public doesn’t have to worry about the Black community defending Black criminals on a massive scale. This way, the police could do their job. He thought it was a good idea. I’ve also read about more primitive societies having forms of self-help through community efforts.  I believe that those affiliated with churches could become a valuable tool to solve problems in the Black community. In Africa, while backward in may ways, certain populations were capable of disassociating with criminals and upholding justice. While problematic, US Blacks are among the cream of the crop, so if less advanced Blacks could do so, why not more advanced Blacks?

I have studied Sub-Saharan documentation and cultures, and I found a lot of trends that correlate with New World ones as well. These similarities could be key to form solutions. Polygamy was a common practice amongst African cultures, and it was known that the father wasn’t around very often. So the mother did most of the work while extended family helped only with the children. Focusing on mothers who ARE working, and stricter laws toward child-support on the father’s end, could be a start to finding a solution to the single mothers issue for US Blacks.

I have a few more thoughts that I have towards education and poverty but I’ll just leave it at that for now – until anyone is interested in more of my thoughts.


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The chess-board view of the Establishment Left

If you’re a chess piece, you’re either black or white. There is no in-between; your color defines what you are. If defines your loyalties and your entire purpose in life. There is no gray in chess. There’s no such thing as a traitor among chess pieces.

This is how liberals view human beings, and this is why they repeatedly claim that since most influential people in the US are white, white people don’t need representation. For example:

I read with amazement the Thursday letter asking why we can’t have a White caucus in Congress. The answer is obvious.

Through the magic of legislative gerrymandering, the representation of the 38 percent of Americans who are a minority are represented by 17 percent of Congress. By forming these caucuses, these minorities amass enough voting clout to get a seat at the legislative table.

The Whites of Congress don’t need a caucus. They own the table!

It would be helpful if somebody would document, in some way, that white members of Congress feel any loyalty to other whites – but this can never happen, because they don’t. Their loyalties are to the wealthy interests that pay for their campaigns, to their lobbyists, to their own political party or, in the best case scenario, to their constituents (of all races). If any white member of Congress were to even hint at any racial loyalty to other whites, his political career would be over. In the chess-board of real life, white pawns have no representation. Black pawns, at least ostensibly, do.

Do liberals really believe that all whites, who find themselves in positions of power, are benefactors of working-class whites? Of course not. They only believe this when the subject is race. But as soon as the conversation turns to economic matters, their tone changes. Ask any liberal if the billionaire one-percenters represent the interests of the 99 percent, and his answer will certainly be “NO!”

Only through convolutions of mental gymnastics (to borrow a term from Jared Taylor) can one hold both views simultaneously.

In theory, once you get a liberal to acknowledge that wealthy whites do not represent the interests of poor whites, said liberal should be on his way to recovery… In theory. But if he does conjure up enough courage to admit this, then it follows that whites, as an ethnic group, lack representation in government, on campuses and in the media. The next question might be: Doesn’t EVERYONE deserve representation?

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The “Sports Page” is good for something

I’ve never been a fan of organized sports; it’s a state religion, and a way for the powers that be to keep the ignorant masses occupied so that they don’t notice how they’re being enslaved. When I hear people talking about professional athletes as if they’re personal friends, I feel a mix of pity and disdain. They waste much of their lives watching men throw balls around, and they’re relatively ignorant of the sciences, history, anthropology or linguistics. Their opinions, on matters of sports, are valid ones – because they’re experts on that. But they often lack the tools to form meaningful opinions when it comes to politics. So they adopt the “default” opinions on political matters. The “default” opinions are whatever they’re told on television, billboards and newspapers. In other words, their minds are controlled. When they vote, they’re simply validating the opinions of those already in power.

I was recently sitting in the break room at work. An edition of the Oregonian was on the table, so I perused it. Almost the entire thing was shameless propaganda. Almost every article was anti-white, anti-gun rights, pro-big government, Afro-centric, pro-Islam and pro-man-made global-warming. Everything was framed within these givens – and this was the so-called “Front Page!” It’s not even supposed to be editorials, just “news.”

Needless to say, it upset me. I was thinking that such drivel shouldn’t even be allowed in a workplace. A porn magazine (if they still make them) would be more appropriate.

But then I noticed that hardly anybody even reads the front page; instead, workers gravitate to the Sports Page. A few read the comics or try the crossword puzzle. Some even cut out the crossword puzzle, sacrificing Dilbert in the process. This is a crime against humanity.

So yes, the Sports Page is good for something. It’s better that the masses fill their heads with “man throws ball” stories than with propaganda that’s designed to mold their minds to the whims of the hostile elite.

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Bombs versus tolerance; the Paris massacre

The reaction of the establishment Left, to the recent massacres in Paris, is predictable. It will call for more of the same: Love, tolerance, “diversity” – and an international group hug for Islam.

In contrast, there will be more calls to bomb ISIS in the Middle East.

This is puzzling, considering that violent Muslim in Paris is no less a “terrorist” than a violent Muslim in Syria. For people who strive for a “borderless world,” the Left places a lot of emphasis on location. When your enemy is far away, bomb him. But as soon as he’s moved in next door, he’s worthy of “tolerance,” and an agent of “diversity.”

Were Germans “the enemy” during WWII? What about the Japanese? Even when the war was at its height, there’s little doubt that the vast majority of Germans and Japanese would have preferred peace, and would refrain from killing Americans even if given the chance. Yet there was general agreement that caution should be exercised when dealing with German and Japanese citizens. There were no cries to open our borders to Germans and Japanese. Everybody knew that any large-scale migration from those countries would include some who would do us harm. The imperial ideologies, which launched Germany and Japan into war, could not have taken root unless the “moderate” masses had allowed it to do so.

Similarly, “moderate Islam” is not at war with the West. But it does allow organization like ISIS to take root. We don’t see ISIS taking control of non-Muslim nations; it needs a Muslim population (even a “moderate” one) to seize control.

The hostile elite in Europe has allowed large swaths of European cities to become Muslim. Even if the vast majority of the Muslims who live in these places are moderate and peaceful, their presence provides fertile ground for terrorist organizations, like ISIS, to take hold.

If Islam is, indeed, a “religion of peace,” then let me propose the following:

Let’s rewrite the Quran, and the Hadith. We’ll remove all references to Jihad and the subjugation of infidels – and we’ll call it “The New Quran.” It will include passages extolling the virtues of tolerance and love for all human beings, regardless of religion. It will renounce war, and specifically forbid acts of terrorism.

All Muslims who reside in Europe will be required to swear allegiance to the New Quran. Any old Qurans in their possession will be seized and done away with. Either they agree to these terms publicly, or they face immediate deportation. Islamic schools will be closely monitored to ensure that their teaching are in accordance with the New Quran.

As for the Bible, it will be left alone; Europe doesn’t have a problem with Christians, or Jews, massacring people and blowing up airplanes.

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Overreporting of white traffic violations is “racism against nonwhites”

It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic, to witness the extremes that mediagov will go to in order to express its hatred toward whites. In a sane world, if it came to light that crimes by whites have been overreported, there would be cries of anti-white racism. After all, whites, as a group, were being blamed for the violations of other races.

But in the upside-down world of the Establishment Left media, “people of color” are ALWAYS the victims. Any situation can be twisted to portray whites as despicable racists. If blacks and Hispanics (NAMS) commit a lot of murder, it’s because of poverty and bias inflicted upon them by whites. If NAMS underachieve scholastically, it’s a “civil rights issue” that needs to be addressed. When blacks rape, or murder, whites, it’s a “random attack” and “race had nothing to do with it.” It may be reported (usually only locally) once or twice, and then down the memory hole it goes. But when whites attack blacks, it’s a “hate crime” and the event is featured as front-page news for months.

So now an Austin, Texas news station has discovered that Texas troopers have been recording the race of traffic violators as “white” even when they’re clearly not white. From KXAN:

DPS troopers are inaccurately recording the race of large numbers of minority drivers, mostly Hispanic, as white, according to a KXAN investigation. The agency’s traffic stop data reveals racial profiling reports are likely flawed, according to experts.

The article features a collage of mestizos, blacks and Asians – all of whom were recorded as “white” by the officers who stopped them. Looking at the collage, I’m reminded of persistent complaints, by pro-whites, that Hispanics were considered “white” when they committed crimes, but as “Hispanic” when they were victims. It was obvious to us that this was a tactic to inflate the proportion of crimes committed by whites so that black crime rates wouldn’t look as horrific as they actually are. The FBI finally relented, and has recently started counting Hispanics as perpetrators – but no official explanation for its previous deception was ever given.

The current outcry focuses on the individual accountability of the officers. The underlying assumption is that it’s alright to racially profile white drivers. Nobody gets in trouble for picking on whites. But it’s not alright to single out “people of color.” That would be “racism.” By checking off the “Caucasian” box, officers could claim, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong; I was only picking on white drivers.” “People of Color” have group rights, but whites do not.

The article continues:

KXAN showed the findings to Professor Ranjana Natarajan, director of the Civil Rights Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law.

“I think there could be accidents every now and then, but the sheer number of the reports that you found, where it looks like the people who are not white are being classified as white, means that there is something else going on here,” Natarajan said.

The professor also believes what we uncovered reveals DPS racial profiling statistics are unreliable.

“It’s very disturbing,” Natarajan said. “What it shows is that, there either seems to be a complete lack of training on the part of DPS officers and other law enforcement officers about how to report people’s race. Or there is deliberate, sort of trying to not follow the policy if they have been trained properly on how to report the race of the drivers whom they stop.”

But KXAN’s investigation suggests the number of Hispanic drivers stopped by DPS may actually be much higher than what the agency is reporting.

An analysis by KXAN of the DPS traffic stop data shows the five most common last names of drivers stopped and recorded as white by troopers are: Smith, followed by Garcia, Martinez, Hernandez, Gonzalez and Rodriguez.

It’s “disturbing” that many (non-white) Hispanic drivers are being pulled over, but it’s not disturbing that the total number of “white traffic violators” is being inflated.

Let’s try a thought experiment: Officers are caught recording the race of white traffic violators as “Hispanic,” “African-American” or “Asian.” This would make white drivers look better, as the records would show far fewer white traffic violators. The statistics would be skewed to show that non-white drivers are more dangerous. Such statistics might even be used (illegally) by insurance companies to increase the premiums for non-white drivers. In such a scenario, we would be reading about how unjust this practice is to “people of color.”

One question that must be asked is: Would there ever be a scenario where inaccurate record-keeping would be unfair to white drivers?

We never got an answer from the FBI for why it continued to classify Hispanics as “white” when they were perpetrators. As far as I know, not a single major “mainstream” news publication ever asked this question. It wasn’t a concern for them. But it does concern them when the welfare of “people of color” is at risk.

Collister asked McCraw: “With the troopers making the determination, why are there still so many being put down as white?”

“I don’t know that it is. We need to look at the data. But if it is, then we will need to make adjustments,” McCraw replied. He went on to say: “I don’t doubt that there may be mistakes made on occasion, but I don’t know the details of that until I see the data and I sit down with my experts. And, I’d like to see how wrong we are.”

So, why would a state trooper or any police officer record the wrong race of a driver?

That question remains unanswered.

Perhaps the reason the question remains unanswered is that it’s obvious: Troopers don’t want to be accused of being racist. It’s as simple as that. By recording the drivers as “white,” they avoid such accusations.

Recently, Texas troopers have been doing a better job of recording Hispanic drivers as “Hispanic,” rather than “white.” This raised alarms. It seems you just can’t win.

Senator Rodriguez asked DPS to explain the reason behind the trends in DPS’s racial profile data.

“Over the last number of years we’ve had a precipitous drop of highway patrol tickets for Anglo-Americans but a dramatic increase for Hispanics and African Americans, and particularly Hispanics,” Rodriguez said. “I mean there’s got to be some explanation for that.”

When Rodriguez demanded an explanation, DPS Director Steven McCraw, responded to the legislator with a letter claiming the rise in Hispanic traffic stops is partly because his troopers are doing a better job of documenting race. That coming after a change to the racial profiling law in 2009 requiring officers to report if they know the race of the driver prior to a stop.

Since the race/ethnicity of drivers who are pulled over is scrutinized, an obvious question to ask would be: Do all ethnic groups obey traffic laws equally?

Though the answer to the above question is crucial to any meaningful analysis of bias in traffic stops, don’t expect to see it posed, in any meaningful way, by the Establishment Left media.

I’ll conclude by pointing out that I have a friend who is of obvious Middle Eastern appearance. He’s a Sephardic Jew. When he was stopped, a couple of years ago, he noticed that he was listed as “white.” He thought it was amusing, and still jokes that he’s an “honorary white.”

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Anti-whites are sexists

For those of y’all who are not already aware, I urge you to start paying attention: When you see a billboard, a brochure, a commercial or any kind of depiction of people that shows both blacks and whites, how often is the male black, and the female white? Probably around 80-90 per cent of the time. Start paying attention and you’ll notice this. I’ve already pointed it out many times on this blog.

We’re accustomed to viewing this disparity in terms of race; it’s a way to degrade whites as a group, and to elevate blacks. But there’s another side to this. By using females to symbolize the inferior status of whites, the Establishment Left is unwittingly revealing their attitudes toward women; that women are supposed to be subservient to men.

In the eyes of many traditionalists, there’s nothing wrong with this. But in the eyes of the self-same powers (mediagov) that promotes/requires such propaganda, implying that women are supposed to be subservient is clearly “sexism.”

So there you have it. The Establishment Left is both racist (toward whites) and sexist (toward women). The fact that they indirectly promote violence toward women, through their open-borders policies, and glorification of cultures that oppress women, is more evidence of this.

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A case study of bias versus maybe-not-bias

Well folks, I have finally (more or less) completed my travel blog. At least the international part of it. I’ve changed the theme so that it’s much easier to navigate.

Two recent incidents reminded me of the importance of careful analysis, and of not jumping to conclusions.

The first one involved a jury decision that Muslim truck drivers deserve $240,000 for being required to deliver beer as part of their jobs. This case was reported on Amren as well. Commenters, on both the Washington Post and Amren, were quick to point to another case: The case of Masterpiece Cake Shop and its refusal to provide a “same-sex cake” for a homosexual couple. This was also reported on Amren.

Here are some typical comments:

So bakeries that don’t want to bake a cakes because of their Christian and Jewish religious beliefs shouldn’t have to, right Obama? as he praised this decision that Muslims shouldn’t have to transport alcohol because of their religious beliefs.

Lets see, Muslim truck drivers are excused for not transporting alcohol, but Christian bakers are penalized for not baking cakes for “weddings” between homosexuals. We appear to have fallen down the rabbit hole.

Though I don’t agree with the case against the Christian bakery, there is an important distinction between the two cases. I’ll quote myself from Amren:

… the two cases are different. This company could have accommodated the two Muslim employees without compromising its livelihood; the Muslims could have been allowed to swap loads with other drivers, and all would have been fine. Had these Muslims worked for a liquor store, the case would have truly been similar to that of the bakery; we would have been dealing with absolutes: The job requires handling alcohol. If you don’t handle alcohol, then you can’t do your job at all. Similarly, once a customer requests a particular cake, then this becomes your job. Just as a Muslim could not (in theory) sue for having to handle alcohol at a liquor store, so too can the bakery not exempt itself from serving a “gay cake” for religious reasons. This being said, I do disagree with the judgment against the bakery owners. they should have the right to serve, or not serve, whomsoever they please.

A commenter, called “MarkinTex,” perhaps makes the point more succinctly. He commented on the Washington Post article:

Public accommodation laws (a business refusing to serve black people, or gay people, etc) are completely different from employment laws (an employee asking his employer to make a reasonable accommodation that the employer admitted in court it could have easily made).

By failing to make such distinctions, when we comment on public forums, we weaken our own overall position. We give the impression that we’re intellectually weak.

But we needn’t look far for real cases of mediagov bias. Here’s a good example from just a few days ago. A black high school student attacked the white principal during a brawl. Here’s how Yahoo reported it:

Three teenage California boys were arrested after a high school brawl caught on video during which the school’s principal was flipped to the ground by one of the youths, authorities said on Wednesday.

The 40-second clip, apparently shot on a student’s mobile phone on Monday, shows pupils at Florin High School in Sacramento screaming as a melee breaks out in the cafeteria…

The student wrestles with Ross and tosses him to the ground before returning to the fracas. The white-haired principal can be seen scrambling to his feet and grabbing the boy again. Seconds later, a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school intervenes and the clip ends.

School officials said three students, aged between 13 and 15 years old, were arrested. Two were charged with battery on school staff causing injury, and the third was charged with threatening students and law enforcement, Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Turnbull said…

The brawl took place on the same day a white sheriff’s deputy was caught on video violently arresting a black 16-year-old student in her classroom in Columbia, South Carolina, after she refused to give her mobile phone to her teacher. The deputy was fired on Wednesday.

(Reporting by Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Mohammad Zargham)

Nowhere, in the article, does it point out that the perpetrator is black, while the victim is white. Instead, it brings up a completely unrelated story where the assailant was white, and the “victim” was black. But even in that unrelated story, there’s no evidence that race had anything to do with it. This is a clear case of media bias.

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