The “Chedder Man” hype

A ten thousand year old Briton, whose remains were discovered over a century ago, has yielded some of his secrets – courtesy of modern DNA analysis. According to The Daily Mail:

The first ancient Britons had black skin, dark curly hair and blue eyes, according to DNA tests.

The ‘extraordinary’ findings were made by cutting-edge genetic tests and facial reconstruction techniques carried out for the first time on the bones of ‘Cheddar Man’ who died 10,000 years ago…

He said in the documentary: ‘If a human with that colour skin wandered around now, we’d call him black, and a lot darker than we’d expect for Europe as well…

He added: ‘It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very modern constructions, or very recent constructions that are really not applicable to the past at all.’

Dr Rick Schulting, an archaeology professor at Oxford University said: ‘It may be that we may have to rethink some of our notions of what it is to be British, what we expect a Briton to look like at this time.’

Perhaps, if we define “race” purely by skin-color, then one could characterize Chedder Man as “black.” But look at him:


Those are clearly Caucasian features, and we wouldn’t look twice if we encountered such a man in India or Egypt. Most Caucasians aren’t white, even today. Admittedly, he’d probably qualify for Affirmative Action – or he’d be told to lay off the tanning beds.

Dr. Booth’s claim that this is somehow a blow to the classical concept of race is absurd. The opposite is true. If Britons of the recent past were so much darker than modern Britons, then this illustrates how quickly populations adapt to their environments. If only 10,000 years is sufficient to alter our skin-color so dramatically, then surely we can expect more profound adaptations over the 40,000 years (or more) since the races have diverged.

That Chedder Man would not be mistaken for a modern Briton is testimony to the importance of race. For Dr. Booth to claim otherwise is an insult to reason. He should give back his degree and hit the books again.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that such adaptations could take place within one or two generations. If this were the case, then I would agree that we shouldn’t worry about racial differences so much. But how many of us are willing to wait 10,000 years for “equality” to finally set in?

On another note, this discovery (should it turn out to be valid) sheds light on a mystery I’ve been struggling with for years.

It involves the spread of Indo-European languages and Afro-Asiatic languages. I’ve always wondered how it could be that languages could spread across racial boundaries, seemingly without much genetic contribution to go with them. If the original Indo-Europeans were akin to modern-day Iranians (for example), then how is it that the blond peoples of Northern Europe show little to no Iranian features? Conversely, if the original Indo-Europeans were blond, how is it that so few people in Southern Asia have those features?

If the ancient Aksumites were as dark as most modern-day Ethiopians, how could they be as Semitic as the fair-skinned peoples of the Levant?

Perhaps these languages spread prior to the development of some of the traits we now associate with various racial groups.


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Bring back imperialism

I read an interesting article on Premier Christian Radio (hat-tip to Voice of Europe). It has to do with the plight of migrants who convert to Christianity:

It’s feared that an Afghan Christian covert who sought asylum in Switzerland may be killed if the Swiss government deports him.

Christian legal group ADF International has filed an expert brief with the European Court of Human Rights in support of the man known as A.A. (anonymised for security reasons).

ADF said if he is sent back to his home country he could face severe social and formal persecution, with punishments ranging from lengthy imprisonment to death.

“International law is very clear on the fact that no country should return a refugee to territories where his or her life could be in danger,” said Jennifer Lea, Legal Counsel with ADF International.

“Afghanistan is not a safe place for a Christian convert…”

I would question the sincerity of such converts, since some are suspected of doing so simply to increase their chances of being granted asylum. This case clearly illustrates the point. The article is not clear if he converted in Afghanistan or in Switzerland. I think there should be procedures to test the sincerity of such converts: Have them eat pork while sitting on a copy of the Qur’an. Have them publicly denounce Muhammad.

Whether they convert to Christianity, or simply discard the Islamic faith, if they do so sincerely, then I applaud them. It’s an important step in the right direction, and I don’t think it’s acceptable to send them back home to almost certain death.

On the other hand, Europe can be demographically destroyed by Christians, just as it can be destroyed by Muslims. It shouldn’t be Europe’s responsibility to take in all the Christians of the Muslim world. International law should be clear that this is not expected. Otherwise, every superficial, hedonistic, self-centered, materialistic person in the Muslim world would migrate to Europe and declare himself “Christian.”

In the long-term, what is needed is regions, within Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc. that are safe for non-Muslims – and there’s only one way to do this: By force of arms. At least until the local Muslims mature to the point where they can be trusted to respect those who do not share their beliefs. This could take a very long time, considering that such attitudes are in direct contradiction to Islamic teachings.

Perhaps an area, somewhere in Ethiopia for example (which is already mostly Christian), can be designated to house such people until their numbers grow. Then they can raise armies and reconquer some of their native lands from the Muslims.



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“Two black men did it”

It’s not uncommon for whites to blame blacks for fictitious crimes, or crimes that they, themselves, committed.

A recent case in Canada illustrates this:

Antoine originally told police that she and Gargol met up with an unidentified white male, while out for drinks. She then claimed to have left the outing early to go to her uncle’s house.

Later that night, she reportedly posted on Gargol’s Facebook page, making it appear that she was looking for her. “Hope you made it home safe,” wrote Antoine.

But the “white male” that she claimed that they met up with never materialized, and authorities found even more holes in the story. Antoine’s uncle later admitted that she asked him to lie and pretend that “two black men” killed Gargol.

A woman disfigured herself with acid, and blamed it on a black woman:

It was a terrifying story: Lizzie Dunn said she was walking down the street in Staten Island, New York, on Monday when a stranger approached her with a question.

“I didn’t know the person,” the 52-year-old told the New York Daily News. “She asked me for cigarette and I told her no.”

Dunn said the woman then asked if she could spare some money. She again refused, she said…

But it all turned out to be a lie, police told NBC New York.

There was no stranger asking for money who sprayed Dunn, police say, because she sprayed herself and fabricated the story…

Police arrived after Kenwood called 911. Dunn told officers that a black woman in her mid-40s assaulted her with the caustic substance. But police later determined that Dunn, who they say had other scars from self-inflicted wounds in the past, sprayed herself with acid from her home, the New York Daily News wrote.
A man accidentally shot his girlfriend, and another man, who accidentally shot himself, blamed it on a black man. And then there was Susan SmithEven Hispanics are in on the action, blaming a black man for setting his girlfriend’s house on fire.
The media gleefully reports such incidents, as if to say, “Blacks are actually no more crime-prone than the rest of us, and here’s evidence that they don’t deserve the bad rap.”
From the comments on the first article above, it appears that many people actually believe that black criminality is a myth perpetuated by such false claims.
Having experienced black criminality first-hand, and having heard many first-hand accounts from other people, I reject this explanation.
Let’s take a look at false accusations of rape.
According to Quartz, women make false accusations about rape for one of four reasons:
But while false accusers often have similar histories, they have various motives. These can be divided into roughly four categories: personal gain, mental illness, revenge, and the need for an alibi.
In three of the above cases, many times there was no specific suspect involved; the accuser had to make one up out of thin-air. How many of those phantom rapists, do you suppose, are women? When was the last time you heard about a crazy woman inventing a story about being raped where the perpetrator was another woman?
We don’t need extensive research to tell us that the number is zero, or close to zero. Why? Because such people pick the most likely type of perpetrator to give substance to their stories. Since men are more likely to rape than women, phantom suspects are most likely to be male. Where’s the outcry?
Additionally, imagine you just killed somebody in a drunken rage, and now you want to deflect blame away from yourself by making up a story. Wouldn’t you want to provide details to your story, to make it more believable? Describing the perpetrator as “black” is just another way of adding specificity to your story, in an effort to make it more believable. Also, if you describe him as “white,” then you must provide additional details, such as hair color, eye color or nose shape. Stating that he is “black” does away with several potential sources of confusion, while still providing the same level of specificity. Describing him as “Asian” would also work, but Asians are far less prone to violent crime than blacks; hence, it’s not as believable.
In a nutshell, the high black crime rate is not an artifact of imaginary black perps, rather, imaginary black perps are an artifact of the black high crime rate.
It’s also worth nothing that there have been many fake “hate-crimes” committed against blacks, and other minorities, but we don’t see the Media taking this as evidence that real ones never occur.


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I wonder if they were pro-Diversity

I wonder how many Asians need to be killed by Diversity before they come to their senses. In a world increasingly dominated by savages, whites and Asians should be natural allies.

3 charged in execution-style slayings of couple in gated community

HOUSTON – Three men have been charged with capital murder after investigators accused them of following a suburban Houston couple to their home in an upscale gated community, forcing them into their house at gunpoint, fatally shooting them, then ransacking their house.


 Erick Alfredo Peralta, 20, Aakiel Ricardo Kendrick, 21, and Khari Ty Kendrick, 23 have been arrested in the capital murders of Bao and Jenny Lam.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says Aakiel Ricardo Kendrick, Khari Ty Kendrick and Erick Alfredo Peralta were arrested Wednesday. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says one of the men confessed to killing Bao and Jenny Lam, both 61, Thursday at their Spring home…


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Why I hate organized Jewry

I wish there were a way to officially divorce myself from the organizations, and “rabbis,” that are now considered “organized Jewry.” Here are some recent examples of gross ignorance, gleaned from the pages of the Jewish Alt-Right and other sources:

Israeli rabbis to hide African refugees facing deportation in ‘Anne Frank-inspired’ scheme

‘People risked their lives to save Jews and we as a country are now saying we don’t want to risk the tiniest demographic shift’

A group of Israeli rabbis have launched an “Anne Frank-inspired” activist programme to protect African asylum seekers facing forced expulsion from their homes.

The sister of comedian Sarah Silverman is among those leading the movement which hopes to help around 40,000 African asylum seekers, largely from Sudan and Eritrea.

I wish they’d keep their noses in the Talmud, where they belong. If they believe that introducing thousands of black Africans into your country will result only in “the tiniest demographic shift” then they have no business in worldly affairs.

HIAS takes the wrong stand on “refugee rights:” Here’s one shockingly glaring example of their stupidity:

In 2015, heartbreaking images of refugees’ journeys across the Mediterranean seared themselves onto the global consciousness. Virtually overnight, Greece emerged as the most visible focal point of the largest refugee crisis since World War II…

Responding to the growing humanitarian and legal challenges for refugees, HIAS and Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), the U.S. arm of the humanitarian assistance and advocacy organization, announced a joint initiative to provide improved legal services to refugees in Greece in 2018.

Austria’s “Jewish community” shuns the new “far-right” ministers:

Jewish community leaders in Austria say they’ll keep shunning the nationalist Freedom Party, despite it joining the country’s new government.

The Jewish Community of Vienna, which represents most Jews in Austria, says its leadership voted unanimously Tuesday against establishing contacts with representatives of the Freedom Party. The decision continues a practice started in 2000…

Almost a third of 206,000 Jews living in pre-war Austria were killed in the Holocaust.

Brilliant! Commemorate the Nazi Holocaust by bringing on yet another one, this time perpetrated by Europe’s new Islamic rulers.

Rabbis protest Trump’s migration policies against Muslim countries:

Eighteen rabbis were arrested on Monday night after sitting down in the street in front of New York’s Trump International Hotel in protest against President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Accompanied by hundreds of protesters, the march started on the Upper West Side and wended its way to the site on Columbus Circle, a flashpoint for demonstrations since the election.

Here’s video from the action, in which the rabbis and their allies carried signs, chanted prayers and played songs. The demonstration was organized by T’ruah, a rabbinical human rights organization, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, among other groups.

I hope they rot in jail. If this is what it means to be Jewish, then I want no part of it. We’re supposed to be more intelligent than your average goy. If so, what a waste of IQ points.






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Shithole countries

From the LA Times (my bold):

“What do we want Haitians here for?” the president asked, according to the people briefed. “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? Why do we want all these people from shithole countries?”

The president added: “We should have people from places like Norway.”

Asked about the president’s use of the slur, the White House did not deny it, but issued a statement saying Trump would “always fight for the American people.”

While cruder and blunter than his past public statements, the president’s comments were in keeping with his long-standing position that the United States should shift its immigration policy away from poorer, developing countries, and instead focus on carefully selecting educated immigrants, especially from Europe, who can already speak English and have professional or technical skills needed in the United States.

It’s not the first time Trump has made disparaging comments about foreigners and members of minority groups. He has frequently characterized Muslims as terrorists and opened his presidential campaign calling Mexican immigrants “rapists.”

Trump’s statement was met with quick condemnation.

“Immigrants from countries across the globe — including and especially those from Haiti and all parts of Africa — have helped build this country,” said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). “They should be welcomed and celebrated, not demeaned and insulted.”

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who has frequently sparred with Trump over his negative comments about Mexico, tweeted: “Your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world.”

Albert Saint Jean, a Haitian American organizer with the New York-based Black Alliance for Just Immigration, called Trump’s comments appalling and insulting.

Saint Jean’s group advocates on behalf of immigrants from countries across Africa and the Caribbean, including many Haitians. If Trump was referring to those countries as impoverished, he said, that impoverishment is a result of the U.S. and European powers’ legacy of involvement there.

“When these people come here, they create very productive communities and contribute to major economies like Miami, New York and Boston,” he said. “It’s showing the total lack of understanding he has of global policy.”

We are to believe that those countries send us their best and brightest. How often have we heard that? And it’s true; generally speaking, the most successful members of shithole countries are the ones able to migrate to America*.

Which leads to an obvious question:

If the best, and brightest, of shithole countries are leaving, what sort of effect will this have on those countries?

The answer is obvious: Such brain-drain will increase the shithole-ness of those countries. By encouraging such migration, the Establishment Left is creating the very scenario they bash Trump for bringing attention to.

But it gets even worse. Also from the LA Times:

Salvadorans forced to return home will face one of the most dangerous places on the planet

… Not all Salvadoran migrants have enjoyed protected status. Since the end of El Salvador’s civil war in 1992, the U.S. has deported massive numbers of Guanacos. Among them are so-called irregular migrants who served jail sentences in the U.S. The deportees quickly set up chapters of violent street gangs such as the MS-13 and Barrio 18 in fragile, postwar El Salvador.

Now people such as Rosa Maria will be thrown into the mix. El Salvador is a dynamic and beautiful country. But its cities and towns are among the most dangerous on the planet; criminal gangs are responsible for widespread extortion of businesses and horrific acts of violence on a daily basis. This is precisely why thousands of Salvadorans try to reach the U.S. every year.

It’s a “dynamic and beautiful country”  – except that its people are murdering each other at alarming rates. According to Wikipedia:

There are an estimated 25,000 gang members at large in El Salvador; another 9,000 are in prison.[2] The best-known gangs, called maras in colloquial Salvadoran Spanish, are Mara Salvatrucha and their rivals Calle 18; maras are hunted by death squads, including Sombra Negra. Newer rivals include the rising mara, The Rebels 13.[3] Criminal youth gangs dominate life in El Salvador; an estimation of at least 60,000 young people belong to gangs.[4] El Salvador experiences some of the highest murder rates in Latin America; it is also considered an epicenter of the gang crisis, along with Guatemala and Honduras.[5]

I’d be curious to know exactly what would qualify as a shithole according to the LA Times. Just how bad does it have to be? Can they point to any spot on the map, and admit that it’s a shithole? If not, then we can only conclude that they deny the existence of shitholes altogether. Obviously, Trump does not agree, and neither do the rest of us.

* Which is not to say they’re an overall asset to our country.


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Turn it off!

Does the Rational Right have a voice? Yes, and it’s called “Alternative Hypothesis.” This guy is amazing. Here’s a video of his I’d like to share with y’all today:

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