The Biden interview

Biden has taken a lot of heat, and has just apologized, for proclaiming, “I’ll tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.”

At this point, I understand the position that some leftists take, when they attack others for insensitive speech, and then rejecting any apologies that might follow.

As others have pointed out, Biden’s statement wasn’t simply a slip of the tongue; it encapsulates the Democratic views of blacks for the past several decades. It’s extremely condescending – and I’m sure he meant every word of it, apology or not.

But, after listening to the entire interview, what sickened me more was his shameless pandering to “the black community,” even going so far as to promote his “Manifesto for Black America.” One gets the impression that Biden has two loyalties, one to America, and one to Black America. He brought up “institutional racism” several times, and made it clear that he intends to reduce the number of blacks in prison. What he neglected to point out is the inevitable loss of innocent life that would result from such a reduction. The moment government sets a priority to reduce inmate populations, judges, courts and parole boards feel the pressure to do so – and people die as a result. We’ve already seen this with Corona-related prison releases.

I do agree with Biden on some points. People shouldn’t be locked up for mere drug offenses. Treatment is preferable to incarceration. Biden wants to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. I’m all for that.

Another thing that made me cringe was the way Biden tries to mimic Black American speech by peppering his answers with “man,” “ain’t” and the dropping of final Gs. I can respect a real white man, but not a fake black man.

Biden seems to be a male version of Hillary Clinton. He’s as fake as a three-dollar bill.



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Fake news from Yahoo Sports

Here’s a screenshot from today’s Yahoo News:

yahoo fake news

The top article is about a (black) football signee being arrested for attempted murder. The accompanying photo shows a white player.

The bottom story is about a man (a black man) who shot a cook at Waffle House because, earlier that day, he was required to wear a mask to get service.

Sandwiched in between is a story about white-supremacists and the far-right. Needless to say, there isn’t much substance to that article.

I can’t resist but to quote the middle article:

Simi said white supremacists and members of far-right organizations typically find the government to be “intrusive” and depriving them of liberty and their sovereignty.

“These are long tropes within right-wing extremists that have been around for a long long time,” he said.

Yes, those tropes have been around at least since the American Revolution. Good to know that all freedom-loving people are “far-right.”

Here’s a better look at the football player story:

white football player

Here’s the real Luke Hill:

luke hill

Several people, in the Yahoo comment section, pointed out the deception.

From what I can see, there are three layers of deception in this kind of “news.”

  1. Selecting stories that fit The Narrative whenever possible, and leaving those stories on the main page longer.
  2. Using misleading thumbnails on the main page, so that readers are unaware of the reality, until they click on the actual story, and even then…
  3. Using misleading photos, and language, in the main story, forcing readers to do their own research to uncover the truth – in this case, that Luke Hill is not white. They know that very few readers will take the effort to do so.
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Fake news from Microsoft News Feed

If you open a new tab in the Microsoft Edge browser, by default, it will load a “news page.”

I noticed a curious pattern while scrolling through this page: When reporting murders, if the perpetrator is white, then the featured photo will show the white perpetrator. For example:

If the perpetrator is black, then Microsoft will show either a photo of the victim, or of nobody. For example:

If you continue to scroll down the page, eventually the news stories turn into celebrity gossip and other trivial things. In all, there were 7 murders reported on the Microsoft News Feed today.

3 of them were by black perpetrators, and for two of them, the non-black victims were shown, without any images of the murderers. For the third one, where the race of the victim is unknown, neither the perpetrator, nor the victim, were shown.

4 of them were by white perpetrators, and photos of those white perpetrators were featured in all of the stories.

This is the bias that we can see, and quantify – but bear in mind that Microsoft is exceedingly selective about which murders it reports, and how long such articles remain on the feed. Ahmoud Arbery has had his face featured for several days, as a victim of “white racism.” In contrast, Sheldon Francis, who murdered two elderly white people as they visited their son’s grave, was either not shown at all, or was shown for only one or two days; I can’t remember which.

Black victim? Feature his photo for as long as possible. Black murderer? Don’t feature it at all, or only for one day.


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Inflating Covid-19 deaths

I wanted to share this important article with y’all. It’s from the Restoring Liberty website:

This Is the Most Blatant Example of Inflated COVID-19 Death Stats Yet

I have spectacular news to share with you. Amid all the death, doom, and gloom resulting from the coronavirus, we can now celebrate the fact that the virus has cured all other forms of death. Nobody dies from other causes of death anymore. At least that is what we are seeing in some states that are so eager to use the virus as a pretext to crush our liberties.

This week, Colorado recorded Montezuma County as having suffered its third coronavirus death. The implication of being tagged with more deaths for many Democrat-controlled states is that even small rural counties like Montezuma will not be allowed to resume regular life because they will fail to meet arbitrary and impossible benchmarks established unilaterally by the Governor Kings. The problem in this case is that the county coroner is disputing the cause of the death. This now appears to be a widespread problem.

“COVID was not listed on the death certificate as the cause of death. I disagree with the state for listing it as a COVID death, and will be discussing it with them this week,” said County Coroner George Deavers on Tuesday.

It turns out that even though the decedent tested positive for the virus, he died of alcohol poisoning because toxicology showed his blood-alcohol level was 0.55, way past the lethal level of 0.3.

“The person who died did not die from COVID-19, but they did test positive for the virus,” said county public information officer Vicki Shaffer. “The state is reporting that death as a COVID death, but our health department wanted to let people know that even though the person did have the virus, they did not die from it.”

According to local news, the decedent, Sebastian Yellow, 35, was found dead in a park in Cortez on May 4. Think about that for a moment: a 35-year-old just drops dead in a park (the virus takes a long time to kill), and yet they test his body for coronavirus and find it to be positive, and now the state rules it a coronavirus death instead of the obvious alcohol poisoning!…

As we’ve reported, most estimates show the infection fatality rate for people in their 30s is roughly 0.007%. A typical 35-year-old has a 0.17% chance of dying in any given year … of anything. Thus, the normal mortality rate is 24 times higher than that of coronavirus for people that age. Now that the virus is so ubiquitous and so rarely lethal in young people, it makes no sense to assume someone died from it unless the autopsy showed the degradation of the lungs or other similar symptoms. They are literally coding every death in this country of anyone who has the virus (which is likely in the tens of millions) as a COVID-19 death.

Approximately 2.8 million people die every year, which means roughly 470,000 will die over a 2-month period. Given that it’s very likely 5%-10% of the country have the virus, but very few die from it as a percentage of those infected – nearly zero among younger people – how many of those typical deaths are now being coded as COVID? This is particularly concerning when we see states report a few random deaths among younger people. While anomalous death from the coronavirus is certainly possible in younger people, this raises serious questions about the accuracy of any existing recorded deaths for those particularly young.

We saw this play out in April when Ventura County, California, coded the death of a 37-year-old who overdosed on fentanyl as a COVID-19 death. Nearly 70,000 are dying every year from drug overdoses, particularly young adults. How many of these respiratory deaths will easily be coded as the coronavirus so long as they test positive?

There was much commotion when Georgia officials announced that death of a 22-year-old in Columbus, but the local coroner absolutely disputes that assertions. The 22-year-old new mother tragically died four days after giving birth, but Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan believes she died from a complication stemming from the C-section. “The E.M.S. personnel and myself pretty much came to the same conclusion,” Bryan said. “I personally don’t believe she died from the virus.”…

Nowhere is this more of a concern than in nursing homes where we are seeing more than 50% of the recorded deaths and where many of them are being added retroactively. Naturally, roughly 25% of the annual 2.8 million national fatalities occur in senior care facilities and so many have already tested positive for the virus, but didn’t necessarily die from it. But per CDC guidance, it must be counted as a COVID-19 death.

Last week, my colleague Steve Deace received an email from a listener who just lost her father in a nursing home in Ohio. She noted that he had advanced Alzheimer’s and tested positive for COVID-19, along with 75% of the residents. However, 90% were asymptomatic and her father had recovered from the virus. None of the staff believed he died from the virus, but it was listed as the cause of the death on his death certificate. “Covid-19 is listed as cause of death. Absolute lie. Hopefully our firsthand experience can be added to your research,” she wrote.

Indeed, we are the ones who will have to do this research because the media and government won’t do it for us. (For more from the author of “This Is the Most Blatant Example of Inflated COVID-19 Death Stats Yet” please click HERE)

In my opinion, the Corporate Media is also responsible for inflating the risks of this crisis. It makes money from advertising, so every time somebody clicks on one of their “We’re all going to die!!!” headlines, it’s more money in their coffers. Each time another person (supposedly) dies from Covid-19 in Oregon, I can practically smell the glee radiating from the reporters, who bombard us daily with such statistics. Every time there’s a crisis or catastrophe, the Corporate Media is on it like flies to cow pies. If there is no crisis, one will be manufactured. The Corporate Media makes its money off of the misery of others, real or imagined.

In this case, the Corporate Media is reaping double benefits: It’s exaggerating the health consequences of the Coronavirus – and then it will make even more money reporting on the massive financial ruin that it was partially responsible for. How perverse is that?


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Violence and discrimination against white people

A 42 year old black man, Damion Campbell, has been arrested for the “random” murder of a 20 year old white man. From MSN:

The man accused of killing a woman and attacking two others at a Northwest Side barbershop earlier this month told his victims that God had sent him there to kill them, according to an arrest affidavit said.

New details were released by police after Damion Terrance Blue Campbell was also charged with two counts of aggravated assault for the incident. He had already been charged with murder last Thursday.

On May 6, Police said Campbell had gone to the Diesel Barbershop, in the Bandera Oaks shopping plaza, and attacked the three employees and ultimately stabbing and killing 20-year-old Helle O’Regan.

Before he attacked the employees, Campbell asked them “What did you do wrong?” and “What have you done?” and then told them “God sent him there to kill them so they must have done something wrong,” the affidavit said.

The MSN article provides a photo of the assailant:


… but no photo of the victim is provided. Several other networks covered the story. provided a photo of the victim, but not the assailant. Here’s the victim:


Metro Weekly and also covered the story, and only provided a photo of the victim. KSAT included photos of both, but only in the included video, and in the screenshot of the video at the end of the article. SACurrent included both photos.

I could go on, but it does appear that some media outlets, for whatever reason, chose not to publish photos of the black murderer, and his white victim, side by side.

You may have noticed that the victim is transsexual, a “transsexual woman” if you prefer.

The Advocate’s headline reads: “Trans Woman Murdered in Attack on San Antonio Barbershop,” and most of the articles strongly emphasize the gender-identity of the victim. For example, Metro Weekly says:

Robert Salcido, Jr., the executive director of Pride Center San Antonio, issued a statement mourning the loss of O’Regan, who had been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights, prison reform, and the decriminalization of sex work.

“We are disheartened to hear of a loss of a community member, especially a transgender woman, who are all too often faced with severe and deadly violence,” Salcido said. says:

Emmett Schelling, Executive Director for the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) stated, “We are saddened to hear of the news about Helle O’Regan’s death. Trans and non-binary Texans, unfortunately, lays claim to being the state with the highest number of reported murders of transgender people than any other state these past five years. The stigma that exists and is continued to be perpetuated from the highest held offices in our state only feeds into this. We mourn for Helle’s life being cut so prematurely, but take comfort in hearing how much joy she brought to those who knew, loved and accepted her fully as her authentic self.”

In November 2019, ahead of Transgender Day of Remembrance, HRC Foundation released “A National Epidemic: Fatal Anti-Transgender Violence in America in 2019,” a heartbreaking report honoring the trans people killed and detailing the contributing and motivating factors that lead to this tragic violence — a toxic mix of transphobia, racism and misogyny. Sadly, 2019 saw at least 26 transgender or gender non-conforming people fatally shot or killed by other violent means. We say at least because too often these stories go unreported — or misreported.

All this despite the fact that, according to The Advocate…

It does not appear that O’Regan was targeted for being trans, police said. But her death is still part of an epidemic of violence against trans people, LGBTQ groups noted.

By all accounts, Campbell had no idea that his victim was transsexual at the time. Furthermore, O’Regan was not the only employee who Campbell attacked; there were two others.

When we consider the fact that a black man murdered a white person, and so-called “news outlets” can only focus on the fact that the victim happened to be transsexual – even going so far as to write that it’s because of, “a toxic mix of transphobia, racism and misogyny,” then we be shocked and angered. When (“Human Rights Campaign”) mentions “racism,” what it means is “racism by whites against non-whites.” This becomes obvious when we follow a link from the HRC article above.

Only in the twisted, sick, mind of cultural Marxist can black-on-white murder be blamed on white racism.

If they had recognized the severity of the black-on-white violence, but also mentioned violence against trans people, it would be bad enough…

If they had mentioned the racial aspect, but downplayed it, it would be bad enough…

If they had ignored the racial aspect of this crime entirely, it would be bad enough…

If they had only mentioned violence against trans people, without blaming it on whites, it would be bad enough…

But they did not recognize the severity of black-on-white violence, they only mentioned violence against trans people, and they blamed the violence on white people – who were the victims in this case.

For further reading on anti-trans violence, click here.



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Vox admits that some science is taboo

A few days ago, Vox published an interview that brings up an issue with the modern scientific community. It’s an issue I’ve brought up many times before.

It turns out that modern science, or at least those who control the purse strings that fund various studies, has not yet overcome its fear of the unknown. Certain topics are still considered “off-limits.”

I’m referring, of course, to the study of UFOs. The interview is with Alexander Wendt, who is (according to Vox) “one of the most influential political scientists alive.”

There are things going on in the sky that are strange and do not have an obvious explanation. These are UFOs, and like any other unidentified phenomenon, human beings are curious creatures and normally scientists will rush out to study whatever we find fascinating or puzzling. But in this case, scientists won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. And that’s the taboo.

So even though the Navy is now saying, “Hey, we’ve got UFOs on film, here they are,” the scientists are still not going to study them. So there seems to be something blocking the scientific community from engaging this phenomenon, even though anything else even remotely this interesting would generate limitless research dollars…

I’ve received a lot of emails from individual scientists in response to my TEDx talk. And all of them said the same thing, which is, “Thank you, we wish we could study this, but we can’t because our lives depend on getting grants from the government and other research institutes, and if anybody gets worried that we’re interested in UFOs, boom, they won’t get a cent and their careers will be in the tank.”

I suspect that humans need some things to be taboo, along with various other cultural mores, in order to maintain social cohesion. This is probably ingrained in our DNA.

Most of us wouldn’t criticize Americans for refraining from dog meat, or the Japanese for “wasting” time on tea ceremonies and the like. But we should criticize scientists, or those who fund them, for clinging to such medieval concepts as “taboo.” When it comes to science, nothing should be taboo.

Long ago, back in the 1970s AD., my folks took me to Mono Rock, California. We visited an old friend of theirs, whose name I cannot recall. He was eccentric – and he believed that extraterrestrials would fly their spaceships overhead on most nights. We did go out to try to spot some. Indeed, mysterious points of light would suddenly appear in the sky, fly around at high speeds, and perform impossible maneuvers, such as making sudden 90 degree turns while flying very quickly. At least that’s how I remember it. Each time this would happen, air force jets would appear and pursue those points of light. Our friend told us this happens every time the aliens appear.

I mentioned that the man was eccentric. The main reason I say this is that he believed he could communicate with the aliens through quartz crystals. He had a collection of them in his house for that purpose. If memory serves me right, he claimed that certain colors of crystal were more suitable for such communication.

Many years later, I had a coworker who claimed he had been abducted by aliens when he was younger. I might have been inclined to dismiss such tales, except that this particular individual was quite normal, and extremely intelligent.

That’s the extent of my “contact” with extraterrestrials, and I’ll remain an agnostic – until I see them with my own eyes.

This video is from one of the weirder parts of YouTube, but I thought it’s exceptional. Hopefully, at least some of y’all will enjoy it as much as I did. It has nothing to do with the rest of this post.



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MSN fake news

A recent MSN news article informs us that a man has been arrested for the murder of a 23 year old Shantal Hill in Washington D.C.:

Acting on a D.C. Superior Court arrest warrant, officers arrested Carson Posey, 20, of Northwest, on Friday, May 8, charging him with first degree murder while armed (premeditated). Following an investigation, detectives determined the incident was domestic in nature.

It’s interesting the the accompanying graphic clearly depicts a white man behind bars:


The MSN article does not include a photo of the suspect, however another article does, and this is what he looks like:


Maybe only his hands are white… that would explain it.

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