Al-Jazeera dances around white disenfranchisement

Sorry about not posting much lately. My excuse de jour? I’ve been working a lot, trying to get ahead financially – and then I was notified that they’ve set a date for this year’s American Renaissance conference. That’ll set me back a bit, but it’s okay; I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun. This time it’s at the end of July. Maybe I’ll bring a swimsuit, so that I can take a dip in the waters of Montgomery Bell State Park. If any of y’all are flying into Nashville for the conference on July 30th, let me know so that we can share a rental car.

Al-Jazeera just had an interesting article about Sudanese-Americans. According to the article, anybody whose native language is Arabic is classified as “white” by the US census department. The author, one Hind Makki, complains that this deprives her of being black.

One might think that such a matter is trivial – except that Hind works as an “interfaith and anti-racism educator.” So it must be part of her job to find racism in every nook and cranny, real or imagined. One might think that, since whites are (supposedly) privileged, she would be honored to be considered one of us. But no. Instead, she writes:

Identity erasure

My elementary school wanted to designate me as white because Arabic is my mother tongue, but no one was under any illusion that I actually was a white person. Rather, the question was: as an Afro-Arab, am I black enough to be considered racially black in America?

Sudanese Americans racial identities are often erased. Ahmed Mohamed, the so-called Clock Boy, was described as “brown” by many commentators as if he was South Asian.

Famously, Aziz Ansari, the Indian American actor, tweeted that he stands with Ahmed, “because I was once a brown kid in the south, too.”

I am a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf; I cannot point to an Afro to prove my blackness. Like Ahmed, my racial identity is often erased and transformed into an amorphous brown “other”.

Having your racial identity erased means hearing racial slurs against your community in your own language. It can also lead to absurdly ironic situations.

It may be that “Clock Boy’s” father is from Sudan, but he sure doesn’t look black to me. He’s clearly of largely Middle-Eastern blood, and he really IS brown. By implying that he’s black, Hind is “erasing HIS identity.” Admittedly, Clock Boy is black enough to play the “ghetto lottery.”

I have nothing against Sudan, or the Sudanese. In fact, I enjoy some of their music very much, and I’d love to visit Sudan some day. But if this young lady feels out of place, or confused, by American policies and history, then maybe she should consider returning to her ancestral home. I’m sure there’s plenty of racial/religious strife over there for her to alleviate.


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A quick note on borders

After decades of encouraging its lower classes to illegally pour into the United States, the Mexican government is now upset that President Trump wants to actually enforce our border.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the time I was taking a canopy tour of the rain forest in Brunei. From our high vantage point, we could easily see into neighboring Malaysia.

I asked our guide what would happen if somebody decided to walk across the border from Brunei into Malaysia. His answer was swift and unequivocal: That person would be shot on sight.

It’s worth noting that there’s no difference between the people of Brunei and the people of Malaysia. They speak the same language (Malay), practice the same religion (Islam) and are of the same race. They’re indistinguishable. And yet, the consequence of violating this purely political border is death. As far as I know, people don’t question this. I’m not aware of any international outrage over this policy. It’s just the way things are – except in historically white countries, where border violators are fed, sheltered and showered with sympathy.

I think President Trump understands that any meaningful policies that impact American demographics must be swift and forceful. Otherwise, his presidency will be a one-term one, and the backlash afterwards will be even worse than the Obama years.

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Africans in Mexico refuse to work

I found this YouTube video, where a Mexican complains about his government spending resources on African migrants while his own people suffer. If he thinks the only trouble with these migrants is their laziness, then he’s in for a surprise; it’s only a matter of time before those African migrants start to rape the locals.

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Back from vacation

Last year, I visited Costa Rica, and there was a screw up on my return flight. To compensate for my inconvenience, Aero Mexico put me up in a hotel for the night, provided me some meal vouchers, and gave me a voucher for a round-trip ticket to anywhere in Mexico (from Los Angeles or any other near-border city) good for a year.

That’s why I chose Mexico for this year’s vacation. Mainly, I just wanted to get away from the rain and cold that’s Oregon in the winter, so I decided on Cozumel. I wasn’t disappointed; the place is as close to paradise as you can get.

Prior to my departure, I’d seen a YouTube video where a woman interviewed ordinary Mexicans to find out what they thought of Donald Trump. The video gave the impression that there’s a mix of opinions about him in Mexico. But I asked many Mexicans, at the airports, in restaurants, at my hotels and on the street, what they thought of Trump. My conclusion? They all pretty much hate him.

There was only one Mexican who was able to see the other side of the story: A receptionist at a hotel. She and I actually had some meaningful conversations. I pointed out that the average Mexican believes in things that, were he to suddenly be transplanted into the U.S., would put him firmly in the conservative camp.

When a Mexican woman gets pregnant, she doesn’t consider having an abortion; it’s assumed (barring some sort of medical issue) that she’s going to have the baby.

There are different dress codes for men and women at Aero Mexico. It’s understood that men and women are different, and should be treated differently. Nobody seems to have a problem with this. Men are happy to be men, and women are happy to be women. Not that there aren’t LGBT’s in Mexico, but this sort of aberration isn’t publicly celebrated as it is in the U.S.

The restaurant workers, at that same hotel, were required to wear Santa hats during the holiday season. Could  you imagine the uproar if a large hotel were to require such a thing in the U.S.? The ACLU would be all over it.

Mexicans have no problem wishing each other “Feliz Navidad,” whether at school, at work or on the street. They don’t worry about offending people who don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s part of their culture, and they see no reason to be ashamed of it.

I pointed out that, just as Mexicans want to maintain their own culture, so too do Americans want to preserve ours – and those are the people who voted for Trump.

But, unlike so many naive “conservatives,” I do not consider Mexicans to be “natural Republicans.” I may be way off base here, but it seems to me that most Mexicans are “conservative” not so much out of conviction, but out of habit. That’s the way they are because it’s the norm there. This is the way most Americans were before our culture was largely destroyed by the likes of the “Frankfurt School.” Once Leftism became the norm, it took special effort to be conservative. Before that, it was hard to tell who was a real conservative and who was just being conformist.

I think most Mexicans (like just about every other nationality) are conformists. Either way, their identity as Mexicans influences their opinion of Trump more than anything else. They perceive Trump as “anti-Mexican,” even though he never said anything bad about Mexicans as a whole; he simply pointed out that Mexico is sending a lot of its criminals our way, and that the U.S. has a duty to protect its borders.

I had a long conversation with the owner of a restaurant. He was passionate about his contempt for Trump, and said Americans should be embarrassed to have such a man as our leader. He asked (rhetorically) what would happen if all the Mexican agricultural workers suddenly went back to Mexico. I told him that produce prices would go up. Obviously, this is true. Not wanted to descend into an argument, I didn’t point out that it takes time to adjust to new realities. Yes, prices would go up. But after a while, we’d find solutions – just as we did before we became dependent on Mexican cheap labor. The restaurant owner said it’s foolish for Trump to pick a fight with China. I pointed out that somebody has to hold China accountable, and put an end to its walking all over America.

Mexicans are subject to the same anti-Trump media that Americans are. I’m not sure if they have an alternative media (in Spanish) down there to give some balance.

One point that the restaurant owner, and I, did agree upon is this: Mexicans enjoy more liberty (overall) than Americans do. For the most part, you can do what you want down there. As long as you’re not hurting other people, nobody cares. I’m pretty sure Fred Reed has written about this a few times. Safety is not a priority in Mexico nearly as much as individual freedom is. I’m sure a lot of people die because of this, but they do seem to enjoy their time on Earth more. It’s a trade-off.

But enough about Mexico. We’re having a harsh winter, even in Oregon. I’m thinking we’re in for another ice age. What would happen to the white races if we did experience another ice age?

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Blacks sue temp agencies in Chicago

According to the Chicago Tribune:

A group of African-American men filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Chicago federal court alleging systematic discrimination by a temporary staffing agency and several of its clients they say passed over black applicants in favor of Hispanic workers…

The alleged discrimination took place at MVP Staffing’s Cicero branch office, which the lawsuit claims was directed by clients not to send African-American workers to their companies for assignments.

Those wishes allegedly were communicated using code words, according to testimony from former dispatchers and on-site representatives given in prior cases and attached to the filing as evidence. For example, according to the lawsuit, “guapos,” which translates to pretty boys, would be used to refer to African-Americans to suggest they don’t want to do dirty work. The terms “feos” (translated to mean “dirty ones”),” “bilingues” (bilinguals) and “los que escuchan La Ley” (referring to people who listen to Spanish-language radio station La Ley) were used to refer to Hispanic laborers, the lawsuit alleges…

An immigrant-dominated workforce, with language barriers and legal status concerns, is less likely to complain about failure to pay overtime, workplace injuries, wage theft or overwork, according to Williams. He described dozens of white vans that pick people up in the Little Village neighborhood, populated mostly by Mexican immigrants, and drive them to the suburbs for jobs, while black applicants will show up early at the agency office and wait all day before being told there’s no work.

“They get up early, they make their way there, they get there on the promise that there might be work for them,” Williams said. “And they watch as it changes from a very mixed room in the morning to mostly African-Americans left in the afternoon.”

Let’s look at one plaintiff, who’s highlighted in the article:

Norman Green, one of the five plaintiffs, said he has felt the discrimination at MVP and other staffing agencies in Chicago.

He described arriving at the agency early, around 4 or 5 a.m., with his steel-toe boots on and ready to work, signing his name at the top of a check-in paper. He said he would sit for hours and wait while Hispanics would arrive and be sent out to work sites right away. But the agencies would tell him to come back, he said, so he would borrow from money from friends and family to make the trip and get there early only to sit and wait again.

“A lot of black people just sitting there mad that they can’t work,” said Green, 33, who lives in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. When he has gotten jobs he feels everyone is talking about him in Spanish, and “it’s just uncomfortable.”

Green said the pattern, based on the perception that blacks don’t want to work, is “clear-as-day racist” and unfairly applied to him even though “every time I walk into a temp agency I work my butt off.”

Green, who has eight kids, seven of whom live with him, said he lost faith in the temp industry and instead supports his family doing construction and other manual work for family members.

Compared to Hispanics, blacks don’t have a reputation for being good workers. Affirmative Action policies, and so-called “civil rights groups” have made matters even worse by making businesses afraid to fire lazy black workers. Obviously, there are hard-working blacks, and they sometimes suffer because of this stigma.

The article explains that a major reason for high black unemployment in Chicago is the high crime rate. In other words, many blacks have criminal records that make it difficult for them to find jobs. We’re not told whether Green is an ex-convict, but the fact that he has 8 kids shows a certain lack of responsibility. Who’s paying for those kids? It’s unlikely that Green makes enough through his odd jobs to support them.

It would be interesting to know how many of these black plaintiffs voted for Hillary. We’re told:

The lawsuit comes during a heightened debate over immigrant labor as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office with promises of restoring American jobs.

Green goes on to opine that there are enough jobs for everybody. I contacted the reporter asking her about the voting question, and this was her reply:

Thanks for your note. I didn’t ask them who they voted for though you’re right that a lot of people might ask that question. But I don’t think that a vote for Mrs. Clinton would have been shooting themselves in the foot or that a vote from Trump will lead to a positive outcome. This isn’t about illegal immigrants taking jobs from black people. It’s about companies (allegedly) discriminating against black applicants because they prefer to employ immigrants they can keep under their thumbs to depress wages and working conditions. There are more temp jobs available than there are Hispanics to do them, but still the companies refuse to hire blacks. What I hope the article doesn’t do is divide people or drive resentment, because I think advocates are working to bring the two groups together so that they can be unified in demanding better working conditions. Because when one group is exploited it hurts native-born workers, too.

Thanks again for reading,


Perhaps there are enough jobs to go around, and these companies still refuse to fill them with black applicants. It would be interesting to study this question more fully. But one thing is certain: If there were no illegal immigrants, then those companies would not have the option of favoring them to the detriment of blacks.





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What is the Alt-Right?

I used to think I knew the answer to this question, but now I’m not so sure. Here are the elements I used to believe were essential to be part of this movement – back when it was sometimes called the “Dark Enlightenment or the “Neoreactionary” movement.

  1. A recognition of biological racial differences (HBD), and a willingness to openly discuss them.
  2. Outspokenness for white-advocacy, and a willingness to work toward self-determination for whites as a group (or Native Europeans, as the case may be).
  3. An eagerness to defend the hallmarks of Western Civilization, including outspokenness against such threats as open borders, Islam and Third-Wave Feminism.

On the flip side, it was also necessary to disavow Nazis, skinheads and organizations such as the Aryan Brotherhood or the KKK – even though members of those organizations share our concern with the wellbeing of white people as a group. There’s nothing “Alternative” or novel about them; they’ve been around for a long time. However, it was my understanding that some such people, though they call themselves “KKK” or “National Socialists” are actually not hateful at all; that their opinions are very much in line with my own; a label can’t tell you everything about a person.

On the peripherals of the Alt-Right movement is the Men’s Rights movement. There’s a lot of overlap, but one can exist in exclusion of the other.

Those who advocate for white rights, but deny the biological reality of race, are fighting a losing battle – because racial disparities are getting more and more difficult to pin on either racism or other environmental factors. These people are often now referred to as “cuckservatives” or “cucks” for short, because their denial of racial differences lead them to act against their own race.

Since the Alt-Right is ideologically based, people of any race or background can be part of it. Admittedly, it would be awkward for a practicing Muslim.

But it now seems that some people, Red Ice (at about 20:15) among them, count The Daily Stormer as part of the Alt-Right.

A quick glance at The Daily Stormer’s front page makes it obvious (to those who didn’t already know) that its main focus is to be anti-Jewish (“anti-Semitic” if you will). Here’s an excerpt of how the Daily Stormer defines the Alt-Right:

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.

I’ve been to a few Amren conferences, and the central role of Jews, in this conspiracy, was never brought up by any speaker. I’ve already pointed out that Jared Taylor welcomes Jewish participation. Apparently, according to The Daily Stormer, American Renaissance is not part of the Alt-Right.

I would ask them, and Red-Ice, if The Daily Stormer is part of the Alt-Right, then wouldn’t Stormfront also be included? In what way do they differ from Neo-Nazis?

This is not a rhetorical question; I really want to know.

And if we are to include The Daily Stormer, Stormfront, and Neo-Nazis as part of the larger “Alt-Right” movement, perhaps it’s time we find a different label to describe people who fit the description I laid out at the beginning of this post.

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What is the National Policy Institute’s policy toward Jews?

I’ve never attended an NPI conference. My impression has been that there’s a lot of overlap between NPI and Amren conferences; they feature some of the same speakers, and the president/director of NPI, Richard Spencer, has spoken at Amren conferences several times.

While Jared Taylor’s position is clearly one of tolerance toward Jews, and no serious accusations of anti-Semitism have been leveled against him (on the contrary, he’s sometimes accused of being too pro-Jewish by his detractors), I’m not aware of any such statement by Richard Spencer.

It’s true that CNN lied about what Spencer said. CNN claimed that Spencer questioned the humanity of Jews. In fact, he was questioning the humanity of certain journalists. CNN’s lies add validity to Spencer’s question.

That being said, take a look at this video:

It doesn’t look like Spencer himself did the “Nazi salute” (a Google search for that term yields the above video at the very top. So typically Google), but some members of the audience obviously did.

Spencer’s choice of words “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory” leaves something to be desired. On top of that, why use the German word “Lügenpresse” to describe the lying media?

I wasn’t there, and I have no idea if there was some sort of context that would justify the use of such terms; the media is notorious for leaving out details that would be inconsistent with their narrative. But it’s hard to justify tolerating the use of the Nazi salute. This is not how you go about gaining a wider appeal. Such shows will not help us spread the word about our legitimate concerns.

The National Policy Institute has some articles relating to the “Jewish Question,” and we should have no problem with this. Nobody, and no ethnic group, should be above criticism. But neo-Nazis, or those who appear to be neo-Nazis, have no political future in America.

It would be great if Mr. Spencer would provide an explanation. Perhaps I’ll ask him at next year’s Amren conference, assuming he’s there.

Update: I finally got around to watching Spencer’s interview with Red Ice explaining what actually happened. Here it is:

So it’s not as bad as it was made out to be (by the Luegenpresse). Still, I don’t think it was a good idea.

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