Thoughts on my late father

As many of y’all may have gathered, my father recently passed away. He was 85 years old, and lived a full life.

He dabbled in many occupations, stayed married to my mother for over 60 years, and was able to travel extensively throughout the United States and abroad. He was a worldly man. He was also an avid reader, always reading books, albeit mostly fiction.

We didn’t agree on many things. For example, he had spent time in the South in the days of Jim Crow. He, and my mother, saw it first hand. But he never experienced the dark side of black behavior – which was the reasoning behind Jim Crow in the first place. That experience was left to me*. We did have our debates, but they never stood in the way of our love for each other.

Toward the end, as Parkinson’s pealed away the layers of his mind, he was subject to hallucinations and delusions, which required medication and constant supervision. I spent many sleepless nights by his side.

During those nights, and often during the day, I would gain insights into how Parkinson’s was affecting his mind. His speech patterns sometimes reverted to those of the 1950s. He increasingly craved traditional Jewish foods, which he hadn’t tasted for decades, and rarely before showed a fondness for.

But what especially struck me was the manner in which he reacted to certain delusions. You see, he watched a lot of television in his later years.

One night, he sat up from his bed with an urgency. I asked him what he needed to do. He responded very much as if he was a hero character from a television show. He said, “I’m going to save the world.”

In the world of television, there’s always a crisis going on, and there’s always a quick solution, furnished by anointed heroes. It’s nothing like real life. My father confronted his delusions as if he were a television character.

I’ve long held that even if one watched only “good” television programs, it still alters the mind. It realigns our way of thinking to conform with the television version of reality.

I’m not saying that this phenomenon is necessarily crippling, or even that it’s always bad. I’m saying that it’s not natural, and that we should be aware of it.

*I’ll point out that I’ve met many fine black people here in Portland; I stand by my conviction to judge each individual as an individual, if possible.

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Antifa out of control in Portland

It appears that Portland authorities continue to direct the Police Department to do nothing to combat Antifa violence. A noted journalist was attacked yesterday, by Antifa thugs, in Portland:

Celebrated journalist and hoax specialist Andy Ngo was violently assaulted today to the point of a brain hemorrhage by a group of Portland Antifa members. Brandishing weapons, the mob bruised and bloodied Ngo, stealing his Go Pro camera that contains the real-time evidence of the assault.

I just happened to be in downtown Portland yesterday. I knew nothing about the protest, as I’d canceled my Facebook account long ago, and I’m out of the loop.

But I happened upon a man, miserably sprawled on the ground as people walked by. He said “call an ambulance!” It’s not unusual to see people miserably sprawled on the ground in Portland; it’s part of the homeless culture that our so-called “leaders” have cultivated over the years. This is probably why most people ignored him. But I didn’t. I asked him what happened.

He told me he was attacked by Antifa. That they’d stolen his for-rent scooter, and sprayed him heavily with pepper spray. The man was suffering from severe pain in his eyes, and entire face, was oozing mucus and couldn’t walk. He had “journalist” stamped on his camera pack.

I called 911, spoke with the dispatcher, and waited with him for over half an hour. Dispatch called me back a couple of times to clarify our location – and asked if he could possibly walk to the fire department, which was a couple of blocks away. He said he couldn’t. The ambulance never came. Maybe they had a lot of more life-threatening situations to deal with. Eventually, the man started to recover some sight, and was able to get up and walk.

“Portland, the city that works.” I don’t think so. More accurately, it’s “Portland, the city where mob rule is encouraged.”


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The problem with our health-care system? Diversity

For some time now, my father has been dying a slow death from Parkinson’s Disease. This has taken up much of my time and energies.

It has also been expensive, both for my family, and for taxpayers. It’s probably accurate to say that never before has dying been so expensive as it is today.

Not that health-care for the rest of us is cheap. I agree with the Establishment Left that the American health-care system is absurd. I have insurance, and yet it costs me a small fortune any time I need to avail myself of a doctor’s services (I have a high-deductible plan, since the alternative would be too expensive).

I recently visited a facility, showed them my insurance card – and then thought to ask how much it would have cost without insurance. It would have been CHEAPER! I asked them if they could simply charge me as if I had no insurance, and the doctor replied that if he did that, he could be sued for insurance fraud. He was no fan of the system either. In the future, I’ll be sure to ask about the uninsured price first.

The Establishment Left is right that our health-care system is dysfunctional, but I think they’re missing (as usual) an important point. They believe that we have enough resources to provide everybody within our borders with all of their needs and rights, and that this is sustainable in the long term.

Since the Establishment Left has expanded the definition of “rights” to the point where almost anything can be considered a “right,” I doubt this is possible. It seems to me, however, that “right” is an artificial construct. Even though we should recognize certain inalienable rights, I don’t think there can be a rigid definition of “rights” in other cases, but that it changes with the circumstances. In other words, I’m open to the idea that a more affluent/advanced society can recognize rights beyond the basic inalienable ones.

I wouldn’t mind living in a country where citizens are assumed to have the right to health-care, assuming that the cost isn’t too high – and when I say “cost,” I’m mainly referring to costs in liberties. Slaves enjoy free health-care.

When the Affordable Care Act was being pushed through Congress, there were concerns over “Death Panels.” Conservatives understand the concept of TANSTAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Lunch), and that there’s no such thing as unlimited resources. At some point, tough decisions must be made. Can we trust government to make those decisions?

Not OUR government. Our government consists of Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists. It represents no specific set of values or code of ethics. There is a “Congressional Black Caucus.” Do black Americans view death the same way white Americans do? Not according to the government, recognizes such cultural differences. Might this translate into higher costs for some ethnicities than others? Payton Summons comes to mind.

From the New York Times:

It is an attitude borne out by recent federal statistics showing that nearly half of white Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in hospice before death, compared with only a third of black patients. The racial divide is even more pronounced when it comes to advance care directives — legal documents meant to help families make life-or-death decisions that reflect a patient’s choices. Some 40 percent of whites aged 70 and over have such plans, compared with only 16 percent of blacks.

The Times article attributes this disparity to distrust of the hospice industry. Perhaps there’s some truth to that, but it’s hard ignore the fact that this goes hand in hand with other high time-preference traits found in blacks, such as not investing and higher crime rates. For example:

Generally speaking, Black people are still living for the moment with a “to hell with the future” mindset when it comes to money.  Too many Black folks tend to only worry about themselves and the money that they have NOW.  That way of thinking is crippling and must STOP now!

I don’t think Diversity is a strength when it comes to such decisions. It can lead to situations where high time-preference cultures will place undue burdens upon low time-preference cultures. It would be impossible to codify a set of laws that would work for everybody, and be fair to everybody.

The only long-term solution is separation into various ethno-states. Those who worship Diversity can have their own state; let them deal with their own problems.

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I can help you find God!

Have you found God? If not, I can help you. He’s right here:

Yes, that’s God – for many millions of people (but not for the bird that pooped on him). You can disparage George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to an American patriot, and he won’t bat an eye. You can disrespect Moses, Maimonides, or even Albert Einstein to a Jew, and he won’t take it personally. You can slight Jesus to a Christian, and the worst he’ll do is pray for you*. But ridicule the Great King, and nobody will have mercy upon YOUR soul.

My friend Diversity Chronicle shared a recent Daily Mail article with me. It’s nothing new to most readers of this blog, but it’s still worth a read. It details King’s sexual exploits, including (allegedly) how he approvingly looked on as a woman was raped in front of him.

A poster-boy for the Me Too movement. Yes, he was ahead of his time.

Quora re-activated me, so I posted this question:

Hypothetically speaking, would your opinions change if it turned out that Martin Luther King was a rapist?

Almost right away, I was accused of blasphemy. The second responder wrote:

What kind of disrespectful, nonsense question is this?

Naturally; everybody knows God is infallible… everybody but yours truly. I think the guy who called me out on the blasphemy is a Jew. He’s probably confusing MLK with YHWH. This is understandable; in both cases, there is a prohibition against uttering the god’s real name.

I think there is benefit in organized religion. In many cases, it’s the glue that holds human societies together. It gives meaning to otherwise dreary, and hopeless, lives. It often encourages people to be kind to each other, and to build valuable institutions to that end.

Like other human instincts, such as our love of fatty, and sweet, foods, it now often works to our detriment. Some day, scientists may find the “religion gene,” and with it, a more fleshed-out explanation for why so many people worship King.

*Don’t ridicule Mohammad in front of a Mohammadan, if you value your life.

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Back from the 2019 Amren conference

Last year, I missed the Amren conference, so I was doubly happy to have made it to this year’s event.

The most obvious difference, between this conference, and the previous ones I’ve attended, is the level of security. Barriers were set up, along with a road-block. They asked me what I was there for, and let me pass only when I answered correctly. At the entrance, all luggage was thoroughly searched, all pockets emptied, and everybody checked with a metal detector. If you left the building, you had to go through it all again upon returning.

Protesters were kept far away; I didn’t even see them, except maybe for a fleeting glimpse. I heard there were about 30 of them. Apparently, some of them got arrested.

Here’s the definition of “terrorism” from (definition #1):

the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

When two young attendees had returned to the conference grounds, after leaving for something to eat, Antifa protesters attacked them in the parking lot. One protester kicked the attendees car, causing damage. Security was already on the way, and was able to apprehend the perpetrator. I happened to sit across from the victim at the conference banquet, and this was the first-hand account I got.

Do you think any of the corporate “news” organizations (even Fox) are going to report this, let alone report it as “terrorism?” Do you think government statistics on terrorism take Antifa activities into account for their statistics? Most terrorism, in this country (and probably in Europe as well), comes from the Left. it is not reported, seldom prosecuted, and ignored when compiling statistics on terrorism.

When California ethics (sic) professor Eric Clanton was prosecuted for seriously injuring a Trump supporter with a bike lock, was he charged with terrorism? No. Not only were there no terrorism charges, but his charges were dropped to misdemeanor simply battery. He got 3 years probation.

This is why we do not take these claims seriously:

While the data show a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups, violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency — and has surged since President Trump took office.

How can the Washington Post speak of “the data” when such “data” excludes the vast majority of violent acts? If your sources are flawed, so too will be your conclusions. Or perhaps the Left defines “terrorism” differently than the rest of us. This is quite possible, considering how they’ve redefined “racism” and have no idea how to even define “hate.”

Back to the conference. The speeches were not bad; be sure to watch them after they’re uploaded to YouTube. I took no photographs this year, because only authorized photography was allowed.

Most of the attendees seem to have been from the South and Midwest this year. I did find two others from my area. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of new friendships for me.

We had a little get-together after the conference. I had the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of our descent into banana-republic status.

When Greg Johnson (author of several books, including “The White Nationalist Manifesto,” arrived at the Atlanta airport, with his Canadian friend, they were subject to special treatment.

Though the two were not together in line, government officials pulled them both from the line. Mr. Johnson asked the official which government agency he was from. The reply? “I am not required to tell you that.” Since only a few people knew about his attendance at the conference, and it was only communicated through electronic media, Mr. Johnson could only conclude that the Federal Government had been spying on him. The agent, though already familiar with Mr. Johnson’s activities, asked him about his politics… “So, you’re an author… What do you plan on doing in Nashville?” After answering the questions honestly, and being a US citizen, Mr. Johnson was free to go. He was told to wait for his friend outside.

Mr. Johnson waited outside for a long time. He tried to get information from a lady at the “Information Booth,” but she was no help. Eventually, he found out that his Canadian friend, having admitted that he was going to “conduct interviews,” was immediately deported back to Canada, and banned from the US for 5 years – for attempting to “work” in the US without the proper visa!

On a positive note, I got to spend quality time with old friends, including Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson.

I’m still tired from my trip, so please forgive any typos, and feel free to point them out in comments so I can fix them.

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No 1950s art of Mohammed

I’d rather post a quickie than leave y’all wondering if I’ve disappeared again. The truth is that my life is so hectic, and busy, right now, that free time (in front of my computer) is a rare commodity.

I could post from my cellular phone, but then the posts would be riddled with typos. Can’t have that!

Anyway, I was in downtown Portland recently, and a guy was selling unusual postcards. Many of them featured Jesus doing preposterous things, such as dropping bombs on poor, third-world, people, engaging in other forms of carnage, riding dinosaurs etc. I thought they were interesting.

jesus art

I said, “I see you’re a great fan of Jesus. Do you have anything with Mohammed?” He replied, “There is no 1950s vintage art of Mohammed. If there were, then I would use it.” He repeated this to make sure I knew that he would have no problem mocking Mohammed at his business.

I wonder if doing so would make him a fool.

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CNN executives murder Jewish woman in San Diego

From NBCSan Diego:

A man with a rifle entered Chabad of Poway on Rancho Bernardo Road, west of Interstate 15 at 11:23 a.m. and opened fire on the people inside, law enforcement officials said.

“We didn’t hear him screaming or saying anything. He was just focused to kill. You saw the hate and the murder in his eyes,” Danny Almong, a witness, told NBC 7. “He had a vest and he had clips in the vest. He was ready. He was ready. He came in to kill.”

The suspect John T. Earnest, 19, graduate of Mount Miguel High School and student at Cal State San Marcos. Earnest does not have a criminal history and has no apparent connection with white supremacist groups, according to San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore.

Is John Earnest a CNN executive? Not exactly, but he is a product of CNN (and other fake news networks) policies. He is a product of Facebook policies, and of Quora policies.

While these companies are all too eager to discuss the shortcomings of whites, real or perceived, they do not allow any criticism of non-white groups or of Jews.

As a result, they’ve surrendered any such discussions to groups such as Stormfront and Vanguard Network.

While there’s some valid criticism to be found on those forums, much of it speaks of Jews as if we’re a monolithic entity. Much of it encourages blind hatred against people based solely on their ethnic background.

If we had a respectable mainstream media, which was willing to openly discuss issues affecting whites, including the open hostility so many of my co-ethnics have toward whites, then perhaps Mr. Earnest would have found more constructive venues for his frustrations. Perhaps he would have even known that Chabad (same as “Lubavitch”) members tend to be politically conservative; they’re not anti-white generally speaking – though some of their dogma is anti-goy. I think most white people would find Chabadnicks to be excellent neighbors.

What has Mr. Earnest accomplished through this horrific deed?

  1. He has given more ammunition to the Establishment Left (CNN and their ilk) for their war against whites.
  2. He might have created animosity against whites, among Jews, where there was none before.
  3. He has taken an innocent life, and affected the lives of other negatively.
  4. He has destroyed his own life.
  5. He has given yet more ammunition to the anti-gun forces – except that this happened in California, where, theoretically, it “couldn’t” have happened.
  6. He has added a level of fear among a harmless demographic, which does not deserve to live in fear.

I think now would be a good time for CNN executives, and editors, to take a good look in the mirror, and rethink their repressive policies.

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