Mayor Lightfoot embodies “disparities”

Here’s a screenshot from Yahoo:


Chicago mayor Lightfoot says:

I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye,” she responded to a reporter. “I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?

Yes. Let’s talk more about that. She could give herself a haircut. I do it all the time, and many others do so as well. It’s not that hard, especially if you have a household member to help you with the back. She could wear a hat or a hijab. She could not worry about it for a month.

To be fair, plenty of white and Asian people have violated social distancing for stupid reasons. Blacks do not have a monopoly on this – but, as the adjacent story points out, blacks are “disproportionately affected by Coronavirus.” Lightfoot even alludes to this herself, as she excuses herself for this folly:

Lightfoot insisted she is “practicing what I’m preaching” since the woman who did her haircut wore a mask and gloves.

“I think what really people want to talk about is, we’re talking about people dying here. We’re talking about significant health disparities. I think that’s what people care most about,” the mayor continued

These “significant health disparities” might be due to childish beliefs. Masks and gloves do not provide 100% protection from the virus. Even I know that. Being the “public face of this city” means that you should lead by example. If getting a haircut is important enough to violate social distancing, then so are many other trivial things in our lives.

Thanks for demonstrating for us, Mayor Lightfoot, the root cause of racial disparities in the CCPVirus.


I wanted to include a comment, taken from another Yahoo article, by a person named David:

It’s no surprise to me that there would be racial and poverty level differences in who gets infected but it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is discriminating. I live in a middle income mostly white neighborhood in Washington state but work in an impoverished neighborhood with a large Black, Hispanic, and Asian population and the difference in how the people in those neighborhoods treat social distancing is as different as night and day. In the neighborhood where I live social distancing is strictly enforced in all the stores and neighbors will call you out if they see you acting otherwise on the street. About the only people who really treat it seriously in the impoverished neighborhood are the asians, white people take more precautions then most but not as seriously as the asians, black folks are mostly indifferent and still congregating in groups and get close to you and each other, and the Hispanics ignore all the rules and show up with all their children some of them coughing all over the store and in your face and the parents let them do it without so much as a word of rebuke.

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African “protesters” ransack hospital

The video originally appeared on Reuters, but seems to have been removed. Yahoo still has the video and article – at least for now:

Protesters tore down a makeshift COVID-19 hospital in Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan on Sunday (April 6) night.

To the banging of pots and pans, and cries of “we don’t want it”, the angry residents of Yopougon dismantled the partially built structure.

The person filming the scene is saying they are opposed to the facility, for treating those with the new coronavirus, being built quote “right in the middle of the Ivorian population”.

Market stalls on a road leading to the structure were also set ablaze.

This goes hand in hand with my previous post. Watching the video, I don’t see civic responsibility, or concern for others. Law enforcement is nowhere to be seen. It’s only irrational fear that motivates these people. Some of them will fall ill with the CCPVirus. At that point, will they regret having burnt down the hospital?

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Racial disparities in Covid-19 deaths

A Propublica article points out that, based on the data now available, blacks have been dying from the CCPVirus disproportionately.

As of Friday morning, African Americans made up almost half of Milwaukee County’s 945 cases and 81% of its 27 deaths in a county whose population is 26% black. Milwaukee is one of the few places in the United States that is tracking the racial breakdown of people who have been infected by the novel coronavirus, offering a glimpse at the disproportionate destruction it is inflicting on black communities nationwide.

In Michigan, where the state’s population is 14% black, African Americans made up 35% of cases and 40% of deaths as of Friday morning. Detroit, where a majority of residents are black, has emerged as a hot spot with a high death toll. As has New Orleans. Louisiana has not published case breakdowns by race, but 40% of the state’s deaths have happened in Orleans Parish, where the majority of residents are black.

Illinois and North Carolina are two of the few areas publishing statistics on COVID-19 cases by race, and their data shows a disproportionate number of African Americans were infected.

Naturally, the article blames this on the racism:

Then, when the shelter-in-place order came, there was a natural pushback among those who recalled other painful government restrictions — including segregation and mass incarceration — on where black people could walk and gather…

Environmental, economic and political factors have compounded for generations, putting black people at higher risk of chronic conditions that leave lungs weak and immune systems vulnerable: asthma, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. In Milwaukee, simply being black means your life expectancy is 14 years shorter, on average, than someone white.

The way I see it, there are three things that would motivate people to obey social-distancing guidelines: A sense of civil responsibility (IE. concern about others), fear of contracting the disease oneself, and  fear of punishment by the government.

Readers of this blog, and astute citizens of multi-racial societies, are well aware that black crime rates are consistently higher than that of whites – and that white crime rates are higher than that of Asians.

What prevents people from committing crimes? Concern about others, fear of being beaten/shot by the victim, and fear of being caught and punished by the government.

It should come as no surprise that more crime-prone populations are also less likely to conform to social-distancing guidelines. The main motivation would be fear of contracting the disease themselves, or perhaps of passing it on to loved ones.

Should the CCPVirus linger among blacks, after it has been mostly eradicated among other races, we can look forward to charges of “racism” when we keep our distance from blacks – just as there were cries of “racism” when people were wary of Asians.

So far, it appears that the majority of Coronattacks against Asians have been perpetrated by blacks. Here’s a link for the latest (known) Coronattack. So far, no major news outlet has pointed out that such perpetrators are usually black. But if whites were to attack blacks (in the scenario I described above), those same news outlets will put the race of the perpetrators at the top of the articles.

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Quartz: Africans are good for UK

Writing for Quartz, Olu Alake mourns the death of African doctors in the UK:

The significance of three African NHS doctors being among first to die in UK’s coronavirus battle

There was a tragic inevitability the ongoing Covid19 pandemic would sooner than later begin to ravage the medical staff of UK’s revered National Health Service (NHS), but there was added poignancy about the identities of the first three frontline doctors who lost their lives.

Dr Adil El Tayar (64) and Dr Amged el-Hawrani (55 years old) are Sudanese, while Dr Alfa Saadu (68) is Nigerian. The three of them had accumulated over 100 years of dedicated service to the NHS: two of them, El Tayar and Saadu had retired but recently voluntarily returned to assist the NHS and the country through the pandemic.

All three African-born doctors were Muslims, a fourth NHS doctor to die, Habib Zaidi, 76, of Pakistani origin was also a Muslim. As much as one might pray, there is a strong likelihood more NHS staff of all types of backgrounds and levels will become infected with the virus, the hope is for few or no more deaths.

In a nutshell, Alake seems to be saying that Africans and Muslims are good for the UK. A quick glance at Alake’s contributions to Quarz shows that he is fixated on blacks and Africans. One would think that such a proud black man, obsessed as he is with Africa and blacks, would actually LIVE in Africa. But no. He lives in London. I don’t know if he’s Muslim, but he clearly admires Islam. On Alake’s Linkedin profile, we find:

Specialities: Strategic management of Projects and Programmes; Social Justice, especially regarding Culture (arts & heritage), Children & Young People…

The Pakistani grooming scandal would be right up his alley, considering it involves “young people” and “social justice.” What does he have to say about this issue? As far as I can tell, he is silent about it. What about black crime in the UK? The Guardian has this to say about it:

Although the majority of black boys in London achieve well in school and thereafter, a few things cannot be denied: black boys in London are massively over-represented in stabbings; black-on-black violence is significantly gang-related; gangs in London are crime-focused; the age of recruitment and grooming of young people for gang activity is dropping to primary school levels. Poverty and deprivation (of life chances and opportunity) can drive boys and young men into violent criminal activity. When male role models for these boys are neighbourhood gang elders (often replacing absent fathers) and a “gangsta” culture prevails, the boys stand little chance of escaping.

Does Alake, or Quartz, even acknowledge the high black (and Muslim) crime-rates in the UK? Perhaps, but I couldn’t find it. Mr. Alake, if you’re reading this, feel free to comment; I don’t claim to be aware of everything you’ve ever written – but surely you’ll agree that violent crime, among blacks, is also “significant.”

3 African doctors died from the CCPVirus (Chinese Communist Party virus). I didn’t know them personally. Let’s assume they were fine, selfless, people who gave their lives to protect others. I’m all for acknowledging their sacrifice. Give credit where credit is due.

But if we’re going to do so based on their racial/religious demographics, then it behooves us to look at the whole picture. Just today, a Sudanese man went on a stabbing spree in Southern France, killing 2 and injuring several others.

Needless to say, the MSN headline does not say “Sudanese man stabs several people.” No, instead, he’s described simply as a “knifeman.”


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Lokteff and Malkin building bridges

As the depressing trio of Corona, the Stock Market and gloomy weather continues to eat away at our sanity here in the Pacific Northwest, I was delighted to learn (from my friend Diversity Chronicle) that Lana Lokteff, of Red Ice TV, has interviewed Michelle Malkin. Watch it here.

I learned a lot from the interview. For example, I never realized that her husband is Jewish. Malkin is a Yiddish form of the Hebrew word Malka, which means “queen.”

This family name is a matronymic (derived from a female ancestor’s personal name). Malke is a Yiddish form of the Hebrew term Malka, a frequent Jewish female personal name, which means “queen”. The suffix “-in” is common in Jewish family names from Lithuania, and means “man of” (indicating either “son” or “husband” of). The meaning of the Jewish surnames in this group is “Malka’s son”.

Many conservatives are close to white-advocacy, though few will admit it. With any luck, Malkin’s courageous interview will encourage others to come out of the closet. This is a gift that our enemies have granted us; by expelling the more thoughtful, and brave, thinkers from their midst, they nudge those influential people toward us. Thank you, Conservatism Inc!

As I watched the interview, it occurred to me that Anne Coulter should join them.

That way, we’d have a trio of brilliant, beautiful, and courageous women to help spearhead our movement to ultimate victory. It would also ease our depression from the other, aforementioned trio.

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AOC: Let us not neglect potential immigrants!

Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is outraged that 150 million would-be immigrants, mostly in Africa and Latin America, are being denied their rightful share of the recently-passed stimulus package.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is very upset that potential immigrants won’t be receiving $1,200 checks in the $2 trillion emergency relief bill unanimously passed by the Senate Wednesday night.

According to 2018 Gallup polls, approximately 750 million people worldwide, would migrate to a different country if they could. Of these, about one fifth, or 150 million, would migrate to the US.

The only reason they’re unable to do so is poverty, and cruel border policies – which are a legacy of colonialism and white-supremacy.

Miss Ocasio-Cortez has a point. In much of Central America and Africa, roving gangs of violent criminals prey upon the local population. The US is large enough to accommodate the entire population of Central America and Africa, and still have room to spare.

For example, we could clear out these useless trees to make room for apartment complexes:


It’s a shame that all this empty space is not being used for factories to help support our burgeoning immigrant population:


If only we had the political will, there’s no reason we can’t bulldoze these ugly, and uneven, rocks and build shopping malls:


As you can see, we have plenty of space that is not being utilized for the advancement of diversity. I would even say that such waste is a crime against humanity.

In a supposedly advanced, and progressive, society such as our own, it’s mind-boggling that we would limit this 2 trillion dollar windfall to those who were able to make the dangerous voyage to our shores – while neglecting the 150 million people who, through no fault of their own, were unable to do so.

Please join me in supporting Miss Ocasio-Cortez in her noble fight to share the wealth worldwide.

*All images from Bing images.


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Do we need a mensch in the White House?

Mensch: A Yiddish word that means (roughly) “gentleman.”

I got this from a relative recently:

Rabbi Michael Beals:

“The story I’m about to share with you about Joe Biden is special — in fact, I’m fairly certain I’m the only living person left who actually witnessed it firsthand.
It was about 16 years ago, and I was a young rabbi, brand-new to Delaware, on my way to lead a shiva minyan — a worship service following the death of a Jewish person. I was from California. Back then I didn’t know Claymont, Delaware from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A quick bit of background: When someone passes away in the Jewish faith, we observe seven days of mourning, called shiva. We gather a group of ten Jewish adults together — a minyan — to say the Mourners’ Kaddish. It usually happens in a person’s home — somewhere intimate.

In this case, the deceased individual — her name was Mrs. Greenhouse, of blessed memory — had not been a person of means. She had lived in rent-controlled senior housing in a tall high-rise building off Namaans Road. Her apartment had been too small to fit everyone into, so we conducted our worship service in the building’s communal laundry room, in the basement of the high-rise.

We assembled the ten elders together, and it was in this most humble of places that I began to lead the kaddish. Toward the end of the service, a door at the back of the laundry room opened, and who walks in but Senator Joe Biden, his head lowered, all by himself.

I nearly dropped my prayer book in shock. Senator Biden stood quietly in the back of the room for the duration of the service. At the close of the kaddish, I walked over to him and asked the same question that must have been on everyone else’s mind : “Senator, what are you doing here?”

And he said to me: “Listen, back in 1972, when I first ran for Senate, Mrs. Greenhouse gave $18 to my first campaign. Because that’s what she could afford. And every six years, when I’d run for re-election, she’d give another $18. She did it her whole life. I’m here to show my respect and gratitude.”

Now, the number 18 is significant in the Jewish faith — its numbers spell out the Hebrew word chai, as in “to life, to life, l’chayim!” But it’s also a humble amount. Joe Biden knew that. And he respected that.

There were no news outlets at our service that day — no Jewish reporters or important dignitaries. Just a few elderly mourners in a basement laundry room.
Joe Biden didn’t come to that service for political gain. He came to that service because he has character. He came to that service because he’s a mensch.
And if we need anything right now when it comes to the leadership of our country — we need a mensch — I know this is such a simple, small story. But I tell it to as many people as will listen to me.

Because I think that, in their heart of hearts, when people are trying to think about the decision they’ll make next year — this is the kind of story that matters.
Joe Biden is a mensch. We need a mensch.”

I’m something of an expert on menschlichkeit (the practice of being a “mensch”). I’ve been a mensch most of my life, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been single for decades.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not bitter about being single. Long ago, I made the decision that I’d rather remain loyal to what I am than sacrifice my true character for the vain hope of acquiring a significant other. Doing so would be tantamount to suicide.

As feminism continues to ravage what’s left of Western Civilization, brute force and violence gain more and more traction as the primary method of communication. Feminists have been at war with themselves for decades, fighting any aspect of femininity that they discover within themselves. Feminism opposes femininity.

Many feminists hate the old “gender-roles.” They associate them with oppression, so they’ll latch onto traditionally male traits, rejoicing when men do the same with traditionally female traits.

Except that deep in their hearts, they still want men who act like men. That’s what many of them are still attracted to. This internal conflict can’t be healthy. It’s certainly not healthy for society.

Insofar as feminists wield power, this conflict translates into superficial obeisance to feminine values, but more meaningful deference to what is perceived as male values.

For example, by opposing the right to bear arms, people are actually granting the ultimate authority to whoever is physically stronger. In the past, rioters would be met with water cannons or worse. These days, rioters are “given room to destroy” and their demands are more likely to be met.

It’s possible that by yielding to brute strength, through public policy, some feminists are appeasing their inner woman. They might actually enjoy some sort of sexual gratification by doing so.

In the past, when men clearly had the upper hand, being a mensch was a good thing. It’s admirable when strong men protect the weak, and show chivalry.

But today, at least in Western society, men do not have the upper hand. Wealthy men are in a class of their own; most of us do not belong in that category – and the fact that there are wealthy and powerful men does not benefit working-class men one bit. Wealthy men are powerful by virtue of their wealth, not by virtue of their gender.

In such a society, being a mensch is not necessarily a virtue – and it might even be a deficit, especially if you’re the Leader of the Free World.

No Rabbi Beals, we don’t need a mensch in the White House. What we need is a MAN in the White House. We need somebody who can fight for us. We need somebody who can play dirty, who can manipulate the Media, play politics with the Chinese Communist Party and say “NO!” to special interests. We need somebody who is willing to piss people off, who is boastful, arrogant and fear-inspiring.

If the United States can’t have such a leader, China and Russia certainly can – and a mensch in the White House will be duly taken advantage of.

I want to make it clear that I’m not disparaging Mr. Biden for his kind gesture to the old Jewish woman; that was a fine thing to do. Good for him, but it doesn’t make him presidential material.


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