Anti-body-shaming or Sharia?

By now, you’ve probably all read about Islam’s new London mayor’s ban on “body-shaming” ads on public transport. Ostensibly, this ban is intended to protect women from being shamed.

Khan announced:

“As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end.

“Nobody should feel pressurised, while they travel on the Tube or bus, into unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and I want to send a clear message to the advertising industry about this.”

We are to believe that Khan’s religion has nothing to do with it. But if his intention is to introduce Sharia by stealth, what better way to start than by promoting issues with which Muslims and feminists share common ground?

Most corporate media outlets have ignored any possible Islamic motivation behind this law. But David Li, of the New York Post, writes:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a ban on body-shaming ads on public transit, a moved praised by gender equality groups — but blasted by some who said it’s the start of the “Islamification” of the city by its first Muslim mayor…

But some on social media said the decision was “as per Sharia law,” saying Khan was “using feminist talking points to enact Sharia policy” and “turning London into a Muslim city,” according to RT.

Added Sharene Kirchler to the BBC’s Facebook page:

“What happened to free speech? What happened to not being offended by everything. Why is it a matter of state to decide when something so subjective is to be allowed or not?”

According to Snopes, the initiative came as a response to “massive public outcry” and petition that garnered over 70,000 signatures. The main piece of evidence, cited by Snopes, is the statement (quoted above) by the mayor himself. They also point out that only a small fraction of London advertisements will be affected. Of course, Snopes has no way of ascertaining the true motivation behind Khan’s initiative. Khan could be lying, and the fact most of London’s advertisements aren’t (yet) affected means nothing; even stealth Sharia must start somewhere.

I don’t claim to know Khan’s true motivation, but I’m pretty good at spotting propaganda. The Miami Herald has a slide show about this new law. Here’s one of the slides:


Notice it uses the fact that “Germany recently banned ads in response to a rise in the number of sexual assault cases within the country.” Apparently, the Herald doesn’t expect its readers to actually click on the hyperlinks. The hyperlink for “Germany recently banned ads” clearly shows that the ban was in response to attacks by Muslim men.

Let’s rephrase that, just to show how perverse it really is:

Critics of the ban say that it forces Khan’s Muslim beliefs on everyone, but Germany recently did the same in response to attacks by Muslim men on its women.

As for France, Israel, Italy and Spain, they didn’t exactly “enact similar measures.” Rather, according to the New York Times, they “enacted policies aimed at preventing models with stick-thin bodies from working in the industry.” Obviously, the model in question is not “stick-thin,” nor do such policies amount to bans on “body-shaming” on public transport.

So shame on the New York Times for misleading its readers, and shame on the Miami Herald for taking such propaganda to even lower levels.

Personally, I agree with the spirit of the policies of France, Israel, Italy and Spain; anorexics should not be held up as the female ideal. However, it’s hard for me to sympathize with overweight people when I see their atrocious eating habits every day. Some people are overweight through no fault of their own, but too many are that way due to their own bad habits and lack of discipline. The Protein World model has a very healthy-looking body, and women should definitely be encouraged to try to emulate her. By the same token, men should be encouraged to emulate svelte male models too.

Incidentally, where’s the outcry over buff male models being shown in public?


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Hug a white man t-shirt

I don’t like posting photos of myself on this blog. Not because I’m afraid of SPLC persecution; it’s just that I’m not photogenic. In any event, I walked around Portland today in this t-shirt, and had my buddy snap this photo of me at an auspicious location:


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A review of Hive Mind – by Garett Jones

I got this from Counter-Currents:

Hive Mind

1,380 words

Garett Jones
Hive Mind: How Your Nation’s IQ Matters So Much More Than Your Own
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2016

In Hive Mind, economics professor Garrett Jones departs from the usual individualistic focus of libertarians like himself in that he makes the case, knowingly or not, for more ethnocentric policies. He does this in a normie-safe manner; the reader might at times suspect he is a secret shitlord, but is being careful not to offend orthodoxy too directly.

Jones writes in a simple accessible style which sometimes leaves the reader hoping for more details. This was a wise move, in that it encourages independent research, which may be more effective in red-pilling the reader. Luckily there are extensive endnotes, and six papers to which the author contributed are cited.

The book discusses the value of IQ for the success of groups. Jones believes that being part of a high-IQ group is far more valuable than having a high IQ as an individual, and discusses several reasons for this. Simply bringing this up contributes to red-pilling even without going into the details on race and IQ, in that it points out another area in which diversity is not a strength.

The functioning of groups is investigated here partly in terms of cooperation, and high-IQ groups are for several reasons more successful in this sense. Jones draws this conclusion from research investigating several different aspects of cooperation.

Firstly, high-IQ individuals are more patient. This means they tend to have higher rates of savings. Their patience is part of a higher general concern for the future, as Alt-Right readers may already know from looking at racial differences in time preference.

Second, they are more pleasant in dealing with others, at least initially. They will however be more willing to punish others when it turns out that others are not playing fair.

Third, they are more perceptive, that is, they are more able to accurately assess what others are thinking and feeling. In terms of group cohesion, this means less paranoia and pointless infighting.

As one might guess from all of the above, low IQ is a good predictor of corruption. High rates of corruption are exactly what one would expect when people have less concern for long-term consequences, less inclination to treat others fairly, and less understanding of whether others are trying to take advantage of them.

Read the rest of this review here.

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Muhammad Ali

Just like the rest of us, the late Muhammad Ali had good traits and bad traits. I think white people have a lot to learn from him. Here’s an interview with him I’ve posted in the past. I never grow tired of watching it:

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Those evil (white) gun-owners

US News has a nice collection of anti/pro gun rights political cartoons. It’s entertaining, if nothing else. Oh, did I say “nothing else?” Actually, there is somethings else: The anti-gun comics show a clear bias against white men.

If you go through the anti-gun comics, you’ll see that almost every evil gun-owner and gun-rights advocate is depicted as a white male.

When showing “smart guns,” however, one cartoonist made sure to include a “black gun.

I found ONE cartoon that showed a “mentally ill” shooter who might be non-white. and one non-white gunman among a crowd of whites.

Sometimes, they even spell it out for us.

Innocent children? There’s sure to be a black kid among them.

How does this depiction compare to reality? As it turns out, even leftists admit that most gun violence in America is perpetrated by young black males. Of course, they downplay this fact, instead focusing on the the black victims of black gun violence. The above article concludes:

Gun violence is part of a vicious cycle of race and inequality in the U.S., reflecting existing social inequalities, and also making it even more challenging for young black people, especially young black men, to escape poverty and violence.

It would be interesting to see how the corporate media would react to anti-gun cartoons that featured young black men as the villains. Actually, we all know what the reaction would be…

To the extent that their political cartoons reflect their attitudes, the corporate media doesn’t care about black violence; it only cares about white violence. The focus is strictly upon (high-profile) mass school shootings, which are, indeed, mostly committed by young whites. But the vast majority of gun-violence, which is committed by blacks and Hispanics, is ignored.

We’ve seen this pattern before: Regarding Muslim terrorist attacks. When jihadists strike, they tend to kill a lot of people in high-profile attacks. Here’s what the Huffington Post has to say about it:

Every time an act of terror or shooting occurs, Muslims closely watch the news with extreme trepidation praying that the suspect is not Muslim. This is not because these terrorists are likely to be Muslim but rather because in the instances where they happen to be, we see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unjustified hatred towards Muslims.

As a Muslim, I am tired of condemning terrorist attacks being carried out by inherently violent people who hijack my religion. I am tired of condemning these attacks to people who are calm and apathetic when Muslims are killed by these same radicalized terrorists.

I am tired of hearing the word “terrorist” not being used when the suspect in a terrorist attack is a non-Muslim. I am tired of the “mentally disabled” excuse being recycled when the suspect in a terrorist attack is a Caucasian. I am tired of seeing hundreds of terrorist attacks carried out by non-Muslims not get the same coverage of even a single terrorist attack where the suspect happens to be Muslim.

Let’s switch that around, shall we?

Every time a shooting occurs, whites closely watch the news with extreme trepidation praying that the suspect is not white. This is not because these shooters are likely to be white but rather because in the instances where they happen to be, we see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unjustified hatred towards whites.

As a white, I am tired of condemning mass shootings being carried out by inherently violent people…

I am tired of hearing the word “mass shooter” not being used when the suspect in a shooting is a non-white. I am tired of the “marginalized” excuse being recycled when the suspect in a terrorist attack is black. I am tired of seeing hundreds of shootings carried out by non-whites not get the same coverage of even a single shooting where the suspect happens to be white.

When it’s Muslims doing the killing, we’re constantly told that we must be careful to not judge all Muslims – even though Muslims commit terrorism wildly out of proportion to their numbers. But when whites commit mass-shootings, we’re told that white people are the problem – even though whites are far less violent than blacks or Hispanics.


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MSN calls Islam “a cult”

It’s always refreshing to witness the corporate media telling the truth, about controversial topics, to the masses. When this happens, it’s usually by accident.

MSN just featured a video, by Buzz60, which calls Islam “a cult.” It’s called “Why Humans Became Monogamous” and you can watch it here.

Of course, the makers of this video (and MSN) were targeting Mormons when they referred to “a cult.” But once they get enough negative feedback, reminding them that Islam also allows polygamy, they’ll probably pull the video. So don’t count on it being available for long.

While we’re on the topic of Islam, I’ll share a funny comic. Thanks to Jack Ryan, of Occidental Dissent, for posting it in a comment at Amren.


Okay. I couldn’t resist. Here are a couple more I found at Occidental Dissent:



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An overview of the 2016 Amren conference

In my experience, this was the most positive, and inspiring, American Renaissance conference to date. It’s my sixth one, if you count the “shadow conference” in Charlotte a few years ago and the mini-conference in Virginia (2010) before that.

I’m pretty sure that this conference had more attendees (close to 300) than any previous one. But it’s not the number of attendees that impressed me, rather it was the quality. In the past, our conferences would, inevitably, attract a few crazies. This time, I didn’t see any.

American Renaissance welcomes all who wish to attend, regardless of race or ideology. If you’re interested in attending, you pay the fee and show up. Nobody asks about your ethnicity, religion or ideology. Past conferences have always had a few non-whites, and this one was no exception. I saw a few south Asians and there was one black woman. They were treated just like everybody else. If anybody had a problem with it, they kept it to themselves.

There were also more women than in past conferences; it’s always a plus to have our conferences amid beautiful scenery.

While it takes a certain amount of courage to attend an Amren conference, it takes even more to actually speak at one – much more so if you come from a country where white lives are considered cheap, or where it’s illegal to express your opinion.

The first to speak, after Jared Taylor, was James Edwards of the Political Cesspool. He spoke of how he became involved in the pro-white movement. He’s a true patriot, and an inspiring man. I got to spend some time with him after the conference, when a few of us had lunch together in Dickson, and I enjoyed his company.


Edwards has no love for the mainstream media, having been burned by them countless times. He made this abundantly known, even as reporters were among the audience. After his talk, Sam Dixon pointed out that reporters are human beings just like us, with jobs to keep and imperfections. I was glad that Dixon said these things. I don’t like the media either, but there’s nothing to be gained by perpetuating the cycle of venom.

I have a lot of respect for Edwards, because the South has been trampled upon for too long. It’s refreshing to see somebody like him, unapologetically standing up for his country.

Next was Peter Brimelow, editor of the famous anti-immigration site Brimelow is originally from U.K. I had some trouble understanding him, and I wasn’t the only one. He spoke of the “Trump Tsunami” and the future of America. He enunciated what most of us already know: That Trump cannot be trusted. There’s no way to know what he’d do as president, and there’s a high probability that we’ll be disappointed. However, we do know what the other candidates would do, and it’s not good. He described the eruption of the Alt-Right as a potential volcano (he used the analogy of Mount Hood, which he confused with Mount St. Helens).


The third speaker, who apologized for his poor English, was Fernando Cortes from Mexico. His English turned out to be very good, and his message well-received. He claimed that mass immigration, from third-world countries into the North, is intentionally perpetuated by the wealthy elite (the one-percenters, if you will). This mass migration hurts average Mexicans, and only started happening after NAFTA was pushed through (by the Clintons). He said that Mexican nationalists and American white nationalists have a lot in common, and should be on the same side. He spoke of the absurdity of Mexicans rejecting their own European heritage – even as they dress in Western clothing, speak a European language, follow a Western religion and possess European genes.

I’m not sure if he mentioned it, but my take on this last point is that it’s politically expedient for Mexicans to focus on their Native American heritage, because this gives them (in their eyes) the right to claim portions of the US as their own. Regarding La Raza’s goal to reconquer the southwest United States, Cortes said only a small fringe element of Mexicans ascribe to this idea. He said it’s like Cinco de Mayo, celebrated in the US, but largely ignored in Mexico itself.


Some of my photos are poor quality. This is because, in contrast to previous conferences, this time I had a nice cell-phone. But it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t do very well in low-light conditions unless you’re right next to the subject. If you attend a conference, and want decent photos, bring a real camera! Fortunately, I did also bring a real camera; I used both.

Next up was Filip Dewinter, who has spoken at previous conferences. He’s from Belgium, and a member of Vlaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party. He spoke of the Islamization of Europe. Among other things, he spoke of “no-go zones.” I’ve seen leftists criticize the concept of “no-go zones” by showing themselves sitting at a cafe’ happily enjoying lunch. They say, “how can you call this a ‘no-go zone’ when I visit it whenever I want?” So I asked Dewinter to expound upon this. I was hoping that he would specify that it’s not that non-Muslims can’t visit these places, it’s just that you can’t depend on the police to protect you while you’re there. I don’t think he was very clear about this.

Both Dewinter, and his female colleage Anke Van dermeersch (who also spoke), are very courageous people. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people in Belgium who would kill them given the chance. Not only that, but the government of Belgium, and the EU, scrutinize everything they do, and every word they speak. For any perceived thought-crime, they could face arrest, yet they continue to fearlessly fight for their people.



Up next was Jared Taylor on “Why They Lie.” It was a very entertaining speech, abundant with illustrations of blatant lies by the Left. He recounted the lies told by scientists , lies told by the media and lies told by politicians – either by omission blatantly.  We were reminded of the lies told by the Black Lives Matter movement.

When Taylor quoted the verbiage used by the Left, (describing the truth as “incindiary” or “controversial” or in their attempts to justify their dishonesty, Taylor made it obvious that the powers that be fear the truth.

The most shocking part of Taylor’s speech was, and I’ll quote, when…

He said he began thinking about this after the police in Cologne, Germany, covered up the New Year’s Eve attacks by Middle-Easterners on German women for fear that they would reflect badly on Angela Merkel’s policy of welcoming illegal immigrants.

When the truth came out, Germans posted angry comments about Arabs on the Internet. The German interior minister then said that the comments were “at least as awful” as the attacks themselves. “I cannot imagine a non-white person saying anything so degenerate,” said Mr. Taylor, who likened the cover-ups to the unwillingness of the British police to prosecute Pakistani men who groom young white girls for sex. Police were afraid of accusations of “racism” when the predators all turned out to be immigrants, and did not want to reveal crimes that would encourage “racists” to oppose non-white immigration.

Toward the end, as he reflected on the sacrifices of our people, Taylor was on the verge of tears.

From South Africa, we had Dan Roodt. He spoke of the struggles of South Africa, and how it’s linked to the rest of the world. He described the remaining countries with large white populations as dominoes. Once one falls, the others fall in succession. This is why it’s so important to protect the interests of white South Africans, specifically the Afrikaners.


When I met Ruuben Kaalep, the previous night, I told him he can’t use the name “Ruuben” because it’s cultural appropriation (of course, I was kidding). He’s Estonian, and I guess that’s how they spell Reuben in Estonia – which is a “small white country.” And that was the name of his talk: “A Call to Action from a Small White Country.”

Mr. Kaalep didn’t show us statistics, studies or maps. His talk was a poetic message from the heart, about how his ancient people is intimately connected to its ancestral lands. He spoke of the atrocities and indignities inflicted upon Estonia by the Soviet Union and how his small people has persevered over the ages. He showed us slides illustrating how his movement had grown over the years, and how Estonian nationalists worked together with Polish nationalist (there had been historic friction between the two groups).

Mr. Kaalep is a member of the youth group of the Estonian nationalist party. The consensus was that his speech was a very moving one.


After that we had our banquet in the dining hall. The food was excellent. Better than previous conference banquets by far. I was sitting next to an expert on steaks, and he proclaimed it to be “good steak.” The Texan on my other side agreed.

The banquet speaker was RamZPaul, and it was a great speech even for him. He combined powerful messages with humor, and he incorporated two videos into his talk. The first one was a video of himself, made last year:

That video earned a loud round of applause. Here’s the video he showed us at the end:


We had two presentations on Sunday. The first was by Anke Van Dermeersch, the first woman ever to speak at an Amren conference. At 6’2″ or so, she’s imposing. At least one of the male attendees thought she was very attractive. Her talk was titled “Neither Whore nor Slave – Women Against Islam.”

She spoke of the special dangers facing women from Islam, and from Muslims. She spoke of the horrible things many Muslims do to women (even though they’re not actually part of Islam), such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), “honor-killings” and strict dress codes. Van Dermeersch is native Flemish, yet she cannot walk the streets of some Belgian cities safely without covering herself up like a Muslim. She has been fighting mightily for womens’ rights, against the onslaught of Islam, for years. She had a great set of slides to show us. I thought she went through them a bit too quickly.


As usual, Sam Dixon concluded the conference. This time, his talk was titled “A Benediction for Heretics.” He told us some of his own life-story, and asked who would be allowed to live in “white nation.” Though Dixon is a forgiving man, willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the likes of reporters, conservative Christians and libertarians (all of whom he has differences with), he said that Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel would not be allowed to live there. He said “Clinton has gone a bridge too far” and Merkel is the worst traitor since Ephialtes. He spoke of the price many of us, including himself, have had to pay for their patriotism. He said that though he won’t live to see a white homeland, he hoped that the younger generation in the audience would live to see the promised land.

I hope that Dixon is in good health, and that we can enjoy his presence for many years into the future.

After the conference, a few of us drove to Dickson (no connection to Sam Dixon) for lunch. As usual, we ate at the Front Porch restaurant, which serves traditional Southern cuisine. Being a Sunday, the place was busy with the church crowds, that had just finished their services. I got there a bit early, so I wandered about downtown Dickson.


Here’s Front Porch:


I shared a table with James Edwards, Richard Spencer and a man from Seattle. It was interesting listening to their conversations.

Incidentally, here’s Mr. Spencer getting interviewed by the media during one of our breaks:


Here’s Mr. Taylor getting interviewed:


You may be wondering about protesters. Apparently, they’ve been too busy with Trump rallies, for only three or four showed up. There was no drum-beating, horn-blowing or wild displays of insanity. Also missing were swastikas; apparently, they’d figured out we’re not neo-Nazis. Better late than never.


There were more reporters interviewing the protesters than there were protesters. One of the attendees claimed he saw a female protester try to stick Sanders stickers on some of the cars parked outside. When I heard that, I asked for security to watch the area, and they showed up quickly. I didn’t see any Sanders stickers on the cars.

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