Circumventing the First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Fortunately, later courts have ruled that freedom of speech must be upheld by ALL levels of government, and not just by Congress. Even if the courts had not so ruled, many of us believe that this is a natural right, not to be infringed by any level of government.

This is why it irks me to read about two Virginia police officers being dismissed for merely being SUSPECTED of having views that are considered offensive in the eyes of the Establishment Left:

Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills, which said it was based in Richmond, Va., wrote online in February that Sergeant [Robert A. Stamm of the Virginia Division of Capitol Police] Stamm {snip} was linked to the Asatru Folk Assembly, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has described as an extremist group that invokes pre-Christian Nordic spirituality…

In the second case, Daniel Morley, a school resource officer with the Chesterfield County Police Department, was fired Thursday following an investigation into allegations that he was affiliated with the group Identity Evropa, also known as the American Identity Movement. Members of that group helped plan the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Antifa Seven Hills had identified Mr. Morley as a “pledge coordinator” for the group, which recruits on college campuses and elsewhere. {snip}

Mr. Morley was suspended in March while the department investigated the claims. Col. Jeffrey S. Katz, the police chief, wrote on social media on Thursday that investigators had authenticated the online postings and activities.

“The views espoused by and attributed to Mr. Morley violate county and departmental policy and our organizational values; his continued employment is antithetical to the expectations of our personnel and those we serve,” he wrote.

Is there any instance of “free speech” that cannot be infringed by invoking “organizational values?” What if the police department were located in the Bible Belt, and its “organizational values” required all officers to be Christian? What’s offensive to some may not be offensive to others. Considerations such as “community values” should only come into play, regarding government jobs, if their violation also happens to be a violation of the law. The law should be the only standard by which officers are judged – and if we are going to judge them based on whether we consider their views “moral” or not, then we need to devise a moral code that’s agreeable to everyone. The SPLC should not be the body that determines such things.

WR the Realist commented (at Amren) that

Identity Europa, now American Identity Movement, is one of the most moderate of the pro-white groups. You’ll be kicked out for having any sort of Nazi or fascist tattoos, insignia, or signs.

I think this is correct. I’m fairly certain that they do not allow Jews to join their organization (I did apply once), but this does not make them a “hate group.” The Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t allow whites to be members… not that I’m comparing the two organizations; I’m simply pointing out that even the Establishment Left recognizes freedom of association when it suits their purposes.

Similarly, the Federal government has been denying visas to people based purely on ideology. For example:

I had more to write on this topic, but family matters have left me with precious little time these days. I may edit this post later.

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What if his name is Muhammad?

I have a question regarding the tragic burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Suppose it’s concluded that the fire was an accident. Will the authorities release the names of the construction workers in question? Definitely not, and for obvious reasons. But I’d like to know what proportion of those workers are of Muslim background, and do average French citizens believe it wise to entrust priceless national treasures to people who do not value those treasures to the same extent that native French do.

What if it turns out that the worker, who caused the fire, is named Muhammad? Do we believe him that it was an accident? Would Muslims trust non-Muslims to work on their sacred architecture? If one of their priceless mosques were accidentally burned down by a Christian, wouldn’t there be riots?

So it turns out I had more than one question. I’d like some answers.






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Back from the dead

Hi dear readers,

Am I back from the dead? Well… actually, I wasn’t really “dead.” Rather, I was spending my (very NOT-copious) free time expressing my views on Quora. I felt that there was a much wider audience for my heresies there than here. Indeed, my comments/answers got a lot of views, and I like to think that they swayed some people toward the truth.

Not surprisingly, I got banned. Not a permanent ban; just a 2-week ban. It’s just as well; I needed a rest from that forum anyway. After a while, it starts to become like work. I’ve got enough actual work as it is! That’s right, I’m still not retired.

What got me banned was too many “Be Nice, Be Respectful (BNBR)” violations. Not that I was ACTUALLY not nice, or not respectful. But one can run afoul of this rule by:

  1. Answering questions about race and ethnicity honestly.
  2. Referring to whites as a “white community.”
  3. Linking to
  4. Citing FBI crime statistics.
  5. Berating white/non-Muslim people for not standing up for themselves in the face of blatant discrimination.

It’s the last one that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

When my 2 weeks is up, I do plan on continuing to post there, but I’ll be very careful what I write, and link to this blog to more honestly complete my thoughts. We’ll see how that goes.

Aside from that, I look forward to meeting some of y’all at the upcoming Amren conference!

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Please help persecuted South African Whites! – URGENT!

Europa Unitas Movement

Whites in South Africa are now having their farms and land stolen from them by the racist South African government without compensation. White South Africans of all ages are being horrifically massacred every day. Black South African politician Julius Malema brazenly says that they are not calling for the killing of all whites in South Africa “yet.” These crimes against White South Africans cannot be tolerated and we have a moral duty to speak out against them!

Please call or write to President Trump immediately about this matter. Fox News recently did a story about this. Trump made a non-committal tweet about the issue. That isn’t enough! The South African government must be SANCTIONED for its criminal, racist, and genocidal policies! Additionally, White South Africans must be allowed to come to the US as political refugees for their own safety! This is an emergency situation.

You can contact the president…

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Another gem from Quora

I’ll just be lazy and copy and paste:


This is our future, unless we can put a stop to the population-replacement policies now in place.

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Germany’s shameful concern about Jews

A recent article from The Atlantic asks: Can Germany Protect its Jews?

For understandable reasons, Europeans are much more comfortable condemning the familiar anti-Semitism of the far right than the sort expressed by migrants entering Europe as the victims of war and economic deprivation. Nowhere is this issue more fraught than in Germany.

To a degree unmatched by any other nation, Germany has confronted its horrific past with commendable honesty. After World War II, Germany assumed responsibility for its crimes and obliged itself both to protect Jewish life and to offer sanctuary to those escaping violent conflict and political persecution. But the recent intake of so many migrants from places where anti-Semitism is rife has produced an uncomfortable tension between these two commitments.

That tension was laid bare recently when a video shot on a Berlin street went viral. It depicted a young man wearing a kippa, or Jewish skullcap, being assaulted by a Syrian asylum-seeker. German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the incident as a “disgrace.” This week, thousands of Germans of different faith groups donned kippa in several cities and marched in solidarity with the Jewish community.  Some Muslim women wore kippotover their hijabs. It was an admirable display. But if Germany—the country leading the rest of Europe—is serious about addressing anti-Semitism, it will need to make the safety of its Jewish communities a higher priority when considering future migrant inflows.

For the plain fact is that most of the migrants who have come (and continue to come) to Europe hail from Muslim-majority countries that long ago expelled their once-vibrant Jewish populations, where anti-Semitism figures prominently in state propaganda, and where belief in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories is widespread. To take just one obvious incongruity between Germany and the migrants it is accepting: Holocaust denial, a crime punishable by prison in Germany, is pervasive across the Muslim and Arab Middle East.

Why is this shameful? Because there seems to be no concern, whatsoever, for non-Jewish Germans, who have suffered far worse than being hit by a belt.

Given the lack of concern, by the German government, for its own citizens, I would be ashamed if I were a German Jew. The concern shown for me would be akin to accepting a meal from a starving homeless person. Take care of yourself, and your own, first. Is it beneath Merkel’s dignity to describe the rape of German women, by savages, as a “disgrace?” The article goes on:

The conundrum facing Germany is no better represented than in the person of Merkel herself. The most pro-Israel chancellor in German history and the one most sensitive to Jewish concerns, Merkel’s attitude to Jewry is uncomplicated by the resentments and historical hang-ups possessed by some of her predecessors. In a 2008 speech to the Israeli Knesset, Merkel used unprecedented language to describe her country’s responsibility for Israeli security, stating that it constituted a German staatsraïson, or “reason of state.” Earlier this month, her government appointed a commissioner to fight anti-Semitism.

If only she showed half as much concern for her own people. As far as I’m concerned, she can take her pro-Israel sentiments and place them somewhere under her ugly fat flaps.

As the horror of what Merkel, and her allies, have wrought upon Europe becomes more evident, Native Europeans will increasingly despise her. European Jews should then be asking themselves, “is this the sort of ally we want?” If Merkel is sincerely concerned about neo-Nazis attacking Jews, then the worst thing she could do is embrace us while simultaneously demonstrating her utter disdain for Europe’s beleaguered natives.

I’d say a good 30%-40% of the negative feelings American whites have against blacks is due to the adoration lavished upon blacks by the same elites who would prefer that whites cease to exist entirely. A similar dynamic is probably at work in Europe regarding its hostile elites and the Jews. My enemy’s friend is also my enemy.

But this is secondary to me. What really disturbs me is the callous disregard for the welfare of non-Jewish Germans. It’s as if they’re not even worthy of mention.

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London coroner ordered to favor Jews/Muslims

From the Daily Mail:

High Court orders coroner to ditch ‘cab rank’ system for burials and give Muslims and Jews priority because of their ‘deeply held beliefs’

High Court judges have ordered a coroner to change her ‘unlawful’ cab-rank queuing system for handling burials.

Religious groups brought a legal challenge against a policy established by Mary Hassell, the senior coroner for inner north London, which means deaths in her jurisdiction are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

The policy stipulates that no death will be prioritised based on the religion of the deceased or their family by either the coroner or her officers.

But Lord Justice Singh said the policy was discriminatory and must be quashed…

Lawyers argued at a hearing last month that it ignores ‘deeply held beliefs’ of certain religious communities which require their dead to be buried as soon as possible.

They said Ms Hassell’s stance is unlawful and breaches the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.

Following the ruling, London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: ‘I welcome this decision by the High Court.’

It seems that most deaths are not referred to the coroner in London. Only in certain circumstances is this required. Either way, it seems that the bodies in her care are there because the law requires it.

If this were not the case, I would say that if Jews or Muslims aren’t satisfied with the way their bodies are treated, let them use a private service in accordance with their own beliefs. But if the law forces people to entrust their deceased loved ones with the coroner, then it should be required of the coroner to respect their sensibilities, and release the bodies as soon as possible.

The assumption here is that non-Jews and non-Muslims don’t care much either way. If they do care, then there’s no reason that their bodies should take a back seat to those of Jews and Muslims. Sensibilities are sensibilities, and religious feelings should not have precedence over those that are not religiously motivated.

But we’re talking about Not-So-Great-Britain, so I’m certain that a caste system for the dead has now been set in place – with Native Brits as the Untouchables. If Native Brits want their dead to be buried in a timely manner, they’ll now have to convert to Judaism or Islam first.

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