College Avenue can do better

I just got back from a visit to Colorado. While there, I visited a university campus, and picked up a copy of “College Avenue.”

One of the first articles is called “College Avenue can do better.”

Dear readers,

Within the first weeks of the school year, we’ve already witnessed an incident involving four White students in blackface. A week later, a swastika was found next to a community coordinator’s door in Aggie Village. These recent incidents have certainly shocked the campus community, but it is ultimately just the latest iteration of discriminatory behavior persistent within the past three years at Colorado State University. The fact that such incidents have been a mainstay on campus for the past four years is irrevocably heartbreaking.

An incident of racism has been a highlight of every semester since 2016. Since then, Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation – College Avenue’s parent company – has reported over 20 incidents related to bigotry; from a noose found hanging outside a Black resident assistant’s dorm room in 2017 to clashes between White nationalists and anti-fascist protesters in 2018. Intentional or otherwise, these incidents perpetuate racist and racially ignorant beliefs, none of which have any place on our campus…

So, this year, we’re making a stronger commitment to sharing the stories of underrepresented groups on campus. To do that we intend to schedule and attend meetings with the Student Diversity Programs and Services to have honest, thorough discussions about making College Avenue an inclusive platform for underrepresented voices.

Let’s look at the blackface incident. According to The Root:

One of several white Colorado State University students who were pictured wearing blackface striking a pose from Marvel’s billion-dollar-plus blockbuster Black Panther said her actions were stupid but not racist…

A picture posted on social media depicts four students in blackface as two of them cross their arms in front of their chests in a “Wakanda Forever” salute, a reference to Ryan Coogler’s groundbreaking superhero movie. The photo was captioned “Wakanda forevaa.”

This is one of the many reasons Black Panther is significant. What seems like just another entry in an endless parade of super­hero movies is actually something much bigger. It hasn’t even hit theaters yet and its cultural footprint is already enormous. It’s a movie about what it means to be black in both America and Africa—and, more broadly, in the world. Rather than dodge complicated themes about race and identity, the film grapples head-on with the issues affecting modern-day black life.

David Betancourt, of the Washington Post, has this to say about it:

At the heart of the story is Africa, and specifically Wakanda, the fictional Marvel Comics-created land, and its relationship with the world. Wakanda and the Black Panther/King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) must take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if keeping their existence a secret has kept the world safer (it keeps the nation’s technological advancements out of the hands of those who would use them for harm), or if they are guilty of ignoring the black suffering that has been endured across the planet by those who descend from the African motherland.

In other words, the very policies that the of the above article wants to expand (“focusing on underrepresented voices”) are the policies that cause young white people to want to BE those minorities. Also, “minority voices” are anything but “underrepresented,” as is evident by articles such as the one in question.

As for the swastika incident, it was probably done by an “anti-racist,” if history is any indication. Until, and unless, we learn otherwise, it means little to nothing.

Another article, in the same magazine, laments that:

Students also feel discriminated against because of the lack of diversity on campus. Minority groups make up a small portion of the students on campus, meaning they make up less of the money coming in for the University… almost 70% of the 24,600 undergraduates identified as white as of fall 2019.

The article includes a chart showing the ethnic breakdown of the university. According to the chart, 68.8% of the students are white. As for Colorado, as a whole, 84.2% of its population is white, according to the latest statistics. In other words, whites are underrepresented at Colorado State University. What is being done to address this?

What is being done is condemnation white students. Consider the following statements, from the latter article in this publication (titled “When will enough be enough at CSU?”):

Many want the University to start educating students, mainly those from privileged and white backgrounds – meaning those who have systemic advantages or those who are not subjected to racism – on how their actions impact others.

“I think that there are two types of distinct ignorance that make up the white population,” said Huddah… “It is ignorance towards not understanding students of color due to lack of exposure, lack of education, lack of community versus ignorance being racism, and prejudice because of personal bias towards people of color.”

“CSU is scared to reprimand their white students because all of the biased incidents, from what I know, has been a white student.”… If all of their students who are white feel like as if they’re finally going to be held accountable and they can’t be themselves in a sense, I guess, then why have them come here?

Accompanying the article is a graph showing all the the “Racial Events” at CSU. It includes anything that the Establishment Left finds offensive. For example, “First Free Speech Wall on Plaza by Trump supporters” is a “Racial Event.” “It’s Okay to be White 4Chan signs posted on campus” is counted as a “Racial Event.” “Candance (sic) Owens comes to campus” is a “Racial Event.”

But back to the last quote. Could you, dear reader, even imagine a campus magazine publishing the following statement?

“CSU is scared to reprimand their black students because all of the violent incidents, from what I know, has been a black student.”… If all of their students who are black feel like as if they’re finally going to be held accountable and they can’t be themselves in a sense, I guess, then why have them come here?

No. Such a statement would never get published, and if it did, heads would roll. And that leads us to ask: If you can openly criticize white students, as a group, but you cannot openly criticize non-whites, then who is being marginalized?




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Hand in hand with progressives

It wasn’t long ago that we learned of Amazon‘s decision to remove all of Jared Taylor’s books from their platform. It was at that point that I decided to boycott Amazon to the best of my ability.

It turns out that we’re not the only ones who are upset with Amazon; Social Justice Books is also calling for such a boycott:

Amazon is a destructive force in the world of bookselling. Their business practices undermine the ability of independent bookstores—and therefore access to independent, progressive, and multicultural literature—to survive. Additionally, Amazon is harmful to local economies, labor, and the publishing world.

Back when Apple donated a million dollars to the SPLC, and to the ADL, many of us felt vindicated in not purchasing their products; we were already aware of Apple’s “progressive” policies.

But when I meet leftists, in my day to day life, I can’t present these as reasons to boycott Apple products. Instead, I point out that Apple has been harassing small businesses that dare to repair Apple products using after market parts. On top of that, Apple has been treating low-paid Chinese workers unfairly. Who, in Portland, is going to argue with Vice or with the Washington Post? Few people sympathize with a trillion-dollar corporation that abuses the most vulnerable people.

Starbucks has been a supporter of “progressive” policies for a long time. That, and the fact that they’re overpriced, is enough reason for enlightened people to avoid them.

When speaking to leftists, especially wealthy ones, these are not valid reasons to avoid Starbucks. Instead, point out to them that Starbucks is RACIST. They charge extra for non-dairy creamers, and this disproportionately affects non-whites. Along with their sordid history of calling the cops on blacks, we have a smoking gun. Apologies and Diversity Training are feeble attempts at hiding the obvious: Starbucks is owned by the KKK!*

Rideshare company, Lyft, has also long been a champion of “progressive” policies, having partnered with the SPLC, and donating to it. The public image Lyft seeks to portray is a pro-gay, progressive, pink do-gooder.

Not that Uber is much better; if you examine Uber’s published materials, you’ll notice that it rarely, if ever, uses young white men. The only white men you’ll see on Uber literature is old ones. However, Uber is not as obviously leftist as is Lyft.

You cannot use this fact to sway leftists to prefer Uber over Lyft. But you can point out that Uber is more fair to its drivers while Lyft has been angering its drivers:

Ben and Jerry’s made waves when it announced a new flavor of ice cream called “Resist.” It was a political statement against President Trump. Many of us on the right lost any inclination, we might once have had, to buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

This reasoning won’t go far in convincing our leftist friends and relatives to use alternative brands of ice cream. But we can bring attention to how Ben and Jerry’s has treated the migrant workers who slave away at the dairy farms it sources its milk from:

Despite its hippie origins, the famous ice-cream company was sold in 2000 to the multinational food conglomerate Unilever. Executives insisted that the company’s corporate responsibility code protected workers well enough. Balcázar disagreed.

Migrant Justice activists protested outside Ben & Jerry’s stores in 16 cities. On International Workers’ Day 2015, speakers at a rally outside Ben & Jerry’s Vermont headquarters described working conditions in the company’s supply chain.

One worker, Víctor Díaz, told of injuries he’d received when glass milk bottles exploded and chlorine (used to disinfect milking rooms) sprayed his eyes. Others spoke of sleep deprivation, because of midnight milking. Twelve-to-14-hour shifts, without a day off, are common. And workers have been housed in barns and unheated trailers through long, frigid Vermont winters.

The list goes on and on. The truth of the matter is that none of us are free of sin. If an individual can never achieve perfection, how much more so a large corporation. The larger the organization, the more dirt we can find on it.

When a powerful organization, such as Apple or Starbucks, arouses our anger, use your voice, and your pen, to discourage people from giving their business to those organizations. When speaking to strangers, or those you know to be leftists, use leftist reasoning for that end; it’s never hard to find.

*It should be obvious that this is satire.



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Diversity can solve the homeless problem

It’s hard to fathom how I missed this benefit of Diversity all these years. It turns out that Diversity can provide a solution to the homeless problem:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York police have charged a man with murder for using a metal pipe to beat four fellow homeless men to death as they slept in the city’s Chinatown district, authorities said on Sunday.

Randy Santos, 24, was charged with four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of unlawful possession of marijuana, said New York City Police Department spokesman Martin Brown…

The suspect’s mother, Fioraliza Rodriguez, told the New York Daily News that she had kicked her son out of her house three years ago because he was addicted to drugs, assaulted her and his grandfather and stole from the family.

Yes, immigrants (and their kids) are doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

The reality is that the vast majority of violent crime, in New York, is perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics.

Meanwhile, old white men are still a thorn in the side of civilized society, as my friend Diversity Chronicle reports:

It happened at Super Groceries Organic and Vegan Market, in Tulsa Oklahoma, last Sunday. An elderly white male, one George Thompson-Ehrlichman, age 83, collapsed in the juice aisle of the grocery store. This occurred while several mothers, who have the most difficult job in the world, were shopping for juice for their infant children. Suffering a massive heart attack, the man lay on the floor for what seemed like an eternity, inconveniencing several female shoppers, who were forced to carefully maneuver their shopping carts around him. One witness shared the following account. “The man just lay down on the floor, his legs far apart, he was practically covering the entire aisle. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get around him, only by very carefully maneuvering the cart was I able to do so. It was very traumatic for me really. I had to take the next day off from work as a mental health day.”

Of course, the usual White racists, and the manosphere, have already sprung to George’s defense. They are offering up every absurd excuse they can for him…


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Gold-diggers complain: Not enough sugar-daddies

Thanks to my friend Diversity Chronicle for sending me this gem from The New York Post:

Broke men are hurting American women’s marriage prospects

There’s a devastating shortage of men who have their act together, according to a new study that may not be so surprising to all the single ladies out there.

Research now suggests that the reason for recent years’ decline in the marriage rate could have something to do with the lack of “economically attractive” male spouses who can bring home the bacon, according to the paper published Wednesday in the Journal of Family and Marriage.

“Most American women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men — men with a stable job and a good income — make this increasingly difficult,” says lead author Daniel Lichter in a press release

Cry me a river! Looks like we need to restore the (non-existent) wage gap. You can’t have it both ways; you can’t suppress the earning power of men for decades, and then complain that there aren’t enough wealthy men for the gold-diggers.

The article concludes that some women are starting to (gasp) date down. Oh, and let’s not forget that…

… there’s the whole “love” factor in a marriage. But, in the end, “it also is fundamentally an economic transaction,” says Lichter.

Of course. Women bring their bodies, and men bring their money. At least there’s some honesty in this article.

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Propaganda from the Right

When it comes to selective reporting, and lying by omission, the Left dominates. But I’ve noticed that people on the right, even pro-white voices, have been guilty of this.

For example, RamzPaul just tweeted:

Which proves ‘anti-racism’ just means ‘anti-White.’

He cited a Voice of Europe article, which stated:

The Edinburgh University has been accused of supporting ‘blatant racism’ for having hosted a supposed ‘anti-racism’ conference which banned white people from speaking…

However, 42-year-old Jane McColl, an anti-racism campaigner from Glasgow, described the event as ‘blatantly racist’, adding: “It sets back the battle to achieve equality and fairness by decades, all because of the actions of a tiny group of extremists, whose perverse sense of logic has led them to belittle white people, not by who they are as individuals, by merely because of their skin color…

A spokesperson for the university has stated that the tackling racism was of great importance for the institution while adding that it placed ‘great value on issues around equality and voice’.

It’s a bit of a hyperbole, on RamzPaul’s part, since it was “anti-racism” campaigner, Jane McColl, who criticized this policy, and called it out as “racism.” Obviously, for McColl, “anti-racism” does not mean “anti-white.”

But what about the Voice of Europe article itself?

It claimed that the University forbade white people from “speaking,” but if we follow the link to the original article, we find this:

The University of Edinburgh has been criticised for hosting an “anti-racism” event in which white people were due to be banned from asking questions.

At face value, there’s a difference between “speaking” and “asking questions,” though it may be that there was no actual practical difference in this case. We don’t know, but why change the verbiage from the original article?

Furthermore, the Voice of Europe article ends with the last paragraph I quoted above. In contrast, the original article goes on to say:

He said: “Consequently the university has met with the event organisers to ensure the event is compliant with our values.

“We have expressed our concerns to them about certain aspects of the format of the event and they are revising their ‘safe space’ policy for the conference as a result.”

Those details are too important to omit. The university, apparently, acknowledged the complaint, and made changes to the program. It’s not clear how far it went to rectify the situation. It’s irresponsible for the Voice of Europe to leave out this detail.

It’s also unclear, from any of the above articles, if the event actually took place in the past, as planned, or if the changes were implemented before the event took place. The Voice of Europe headline reads:

UK: ‘Anti-racism’ conference banned white people from speaking

The implication is that they went ahead with the original plans. But the Telegraph article implies otherwise.

Propaganda is a powerful tool, and millions of people are leftists because of it. We should definitely use this tool to our advantage – but not in a way that leaves us vulnerable to accusations of “not being reliable sources of news.” Unlike our enemies on the left, we have enough reality on the ground to report accurately, and still support our positions. Unlike CNN or Newsweek, there is no need for us to twist the news, or lie by omission, in order to get our point across.

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The Northwest Forum in Seattle

I had the privilege of attending the 14th Northwest Forum in Seattle yesterday. It was the first white-advocacy conference I’ve been able to attend without flying across the country.

The conference was well-attended, with a good generational mix and a healthy representation of the fairer sex. Unlike the American Renaissance conferences, these are not open to the public; only vetted people were allowed to attend. There were no protesters, and no disruptions. Not surprisingly, it was a very friendly, and positive, event. From the moment I set foot in the door, I felt welcome, and I thank the organizers for all their hard work and great attitude.

There were three speakers. First was Jared Taylor. The title of his talk was “The Cornerstones of Lefty Foolishness.” Essentially, it was a recap of black/white differences in IQ, and how they manifest themselves historically and in our contemporary world.

The core message of Mr. Taylor’s talk is indisputable: Racial differences in average IQ exist, and their ramifications, are obvious for all to see. As usual, Mr. Taylor delivered this message with eloquence and humor.

I must take issue with one often repeated claim, however. It’s the claim that “Sub-Saharan Africans never invented writing, multi-story buildings, the wheel or the domestication of animals.”

Historic Ethiopia (Abyssinia) did have a writing system since ancient times. They also had multi-story buildings (churches). Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The earliest inscriptions of Semitic languages in Eritrea and Ethiopia date to the 9th century BC in Epigraphic South Arabian (ESA), an abjad shared with contemporary kingdoms in South Arabia. After the 7th and 6th centuries BC, however, variants of the script arose, evolving in the direction of the Geʽez abugida (a writing system that is also called an alphasyllabary). This evolution can be seen most clearly in evidence from inscriptions (mainly graffiti on rocks and caves) in Tigray region in northern Ethiopia and the former province of Akkele Guzay in Eritrea.[4] By the first centuries AD, what is called “Old Ethiopic” or the “Old Geʽez alphabet”

It’s true that this writing system came from the Middle East – but so did the European writing systems; they were derived from Phoenician. The Greeks and Romans didn’t come up with it themselves. The origin of the Runes is still a mystery. It’s possible that they do, indeed, represent an indigenous European form of writing, though it’s likely it was derived from Etruscan, whose roots were also in the Middle East via Greek.

In any event, average IQs in the horn of Africa are among the lowest in the world. Clearly, a low average IQ is a hurdle to the spread of a writing system into a society. But, given the right circumstance, this hurdle can be overcome. In the case of Abyssinia, the early introduction of Christianity might have provided the right circumstances. There are reports of ancient inscriptions in Somalia as well, and I heard that they used to use a Ge’ez-based writing system. I need to do more research on this.

The second speaker was Patrick Casey. The title of his talk was “The War on Dissent.” Mr. Casey elaborated on the various available tools our enemies use against us, and how we can defend ourselves. He pointed out that while we still, in theory, have freedom of speech, there are grey areas where the government (along with corporations/banks and media) can infringe upon this right. Doxing is one such tool. Taking away tax exempt status might be another. Depriving white-advocacy groups from any means of accepting payment is yet another.

I found it refreshing that Mr. Casey brought up “The Jewish Question.” My opinion is that it needs to be openly discussed – without the hate and vitriol we find on forums such as The Daily Stormer, but in an honest manner. Mr. Casey pointed out that Israeli Jews are not the same, politically, as American Jews.

This is a good time to point out that the organizers of this event knew, in advance, that I am Jewish. The Northwest Forum is not an anti-Jewish group.

The last speaker was Stephen McNallen. The title of his talk was “Meditations on the Peaks Workshop.” Mr. McNallen is an older gentleman, and he’s seen a lot in his life. That much was evident from his talk. His talk essentially covered the growth of Asatru, in which he was instrumental. He wears a large Thor’s Hammer around his neck, and it has served as a good conversation piece over the years.

Mr. McNallen is very passionate about his faith, and I think this sort of specifically white form of spirituality is important. In recent times, the Abrahamic religions have not served the interests of white people. Europeans should look back to their roots for inner strength and growth. This is exactly what Mr. McNallen encourages.

At the end of his talk, he spoke of “Permanence,” and I think he took this concept a bit too far. He said white people need to colonize the cosmos in order to gain racial immortality. with all due respect, if humanity ever manages to colonize far off solar systems, in short order, we’ll diverge into separate species. It will not, by a long shot, be possible to maintain any sort of unified human species, let alone a specific race. And why would our distant, far-flung, descendants even WANT to? Common sense dictates that they’ll adapt to whatever planets they find themselves on. That a group of idealists, 20,000 years ago, held the white race to be the ultimate expression of beauty would hold little currency in those distant times and places. There will be new species, and new races.

On this topic, I’m with the Buddhists: Nothing lasts forever. Nevertheless, I commend the fighting spirit of those who seek eternity for their people. The struggle for survival must go on, even if we all lose in the end.

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Not all illegal immigrants are dangerous drivers…

… but it would seem that too many of them are. This is from a local crime report:

September 6 – On Friday, July 12, 2019, deputies responded to an injury crash near the intersection of SW Farmington Road and SW 153rd Avenue involving a 2012 Chrysler 300 and a 2013 Ford Fusion. Deputies learned the drivers of the Chrysler and a 2005 Subaru Impreza were racing at a high rate of speed eastbound on SW Farmington Road before the crash.
As the vehicles approached the intersection of SW 153rd Avenue, the Ford began turning onto SW Farmington Road. The Chrysler then crashed into the Ford causing significant damage to both vehicles. The Subaru continued traveling eastbound but was stopped shortly after by a Beaverton Police Officer near Hwy 217 on SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

The driver of the Ford, Patrick Ator, was taken to a local hospital with severe injuries and his wife, Janace Ator, who was in the front passenger seat, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The driver of the Chrysler, 20-year-old Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez, was released from a local hospital and arrested on July 12 for manslaughter in the second degree, assault three and reckless driving. He was later released on August 8 after posting bail.
On August 27, investigators learned that Mr. Maldonado-Hernandez fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution, with the assistance of three people. Ernesto Garcia, 20, Alicia Scardina, 21, and Luis Maldonado-Hernandez, 28, were arrested on August 28 for hindering prosecution.
On September 6, a grand jury indicted the driver of the Subaru, 20-year-old Bailey M. Reeves, who was booked into the Washington County Jail on the following charges: Manslaughter in the first degree; assault in the second degree; injury hit-and-run (two counts); and reckless driving.

I hope that Maldonado-Hernandez is extradited from Mexico, and punished for his crimes. Either way, this is yet another example of how the Mexican migration has “enriched” our community. We have enough native criminals as it is. We don’t need even more from Mexico.

Since the article doesn’t specifically state that Mr. Hernandez is an illegal immigrant, I’m assuming he is. Actually, it doesn’t matter much.

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