Many race realists are also libertarians.  There are several reasons for this:

1]  Both doctrines require thinking outside the box and an ability to resist pervasive propaganda.  In any society, only a minority of people have these capabilities and amongst them, only a minority are willing to openly espouse such views.  A person who has reached the conclusion that he has been fed lies, when it comes to the role of government, may also ask himself, “what others matters have they been lying to me about?”

2]  The concept of liberal democracy was built upon Western (read “white”) culture.  Like so many other inventions, the Asians never originated it for themselves in any  meaningful way – but they borrowed it from the Europeans.  Asians seem perfectly capable of maintaining Western-style societies just as they are capable of adopting Western technology and building upon it.  As for Negro, Melanesian and mestizo populations – it does not appear that building such societies is in their nature, at least not on a large scale.  Western governments have been aggressively importing “people of color” into traditionally white lands.  This causes increases in crime, especially violent crime.  Such crime then serves as an excuse to increase government power.  Actual crime is only one of several byproducts of “diversity” that is used to justify government power grabs.  Other byproducts include conduct that is not truly criminal  but is considered criminal by government.  These are “hate-speech”, ethnic intimidation, housing discrimination, employment discrimination and lack of “sensitivity” in education.  These are some of the issues that give greater meaning to libertarianism in the eyes of a race realist.

3]  Many, in Western lands, confuse prosperity with liberty.  They see clean streets, manicured lawns, well-staffed law enforcement, well-equipped hospitals etc. and they are happy.  They enjoy their new cars, large homes, exotic vacations, fancy cloths and electronic gadgets and they are happy.  Since they are happy, they reason, they must also be free.  A person can maintain such illusions for his entire life.  However, when a large influx of “diversity” makes its way to his own neighborhood, he is confronted with a new reality.  Suddenly, his streets are not so clean anymore.  Graffiti, drug use, prostitution, gangs, loud music and threatening stares infest his once civilized society and he finds it more difficult to convince himself that he is free.  He continues to pay his taxes and yet government is not there to clean up the mess.  He may ask himself, “are not the taxes I pay the fruits of my own labor?  Am I not paying them in vain?  If government is taking my labor, but giving me nothing in return, does this not make me a slave?”  He pays property taxes each month and they are used primarily for public schools – yet his own children are not safe in those public schools.  He has no means of withholding those taxes.  There is no impartial court that will hear him plead that, since he cannot safely send his own children to public schools, he should not have to pay those property taxes.  There is no recourse – because he is a slave.  He is a slave both to government and to the diversity that it has forced upon him.

4]  Not only is the concept of liberal democracy a Western one, but the concept of the primacy of individual liberty is also a Western one.  The ranks of libertarian thinkers, authors and leaders are inhabited almost exclusively by whites.  Of course there are isolated exceptions, but this trend is hard to escape noticing.  Hence, one who is heavily involved in libertarian thought might notice this and start asking himself why this is so.  From such an observation, it is not much of a leap to race realism.

Are there other doctrines that should go hand in hand with libertarianism and race realism?  Most certainly there are.  If you can think of any, feel free to share them with the rest of us!