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“A Conversation about Race” sequel

I just finished watching “More of… A Conversation about Race” after having looked forward to it for quite some time.  On the back of the DVD case, we find this description: … Now, two years after production began on “A … Continue reading

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Color versus race

The ignorant masses love to refer to race as “color”.  This is one of their not-so-subtle ways of hinting that race is only skin deep.  When MLK said he dreamed of a day when people “will not be judged by … Continue reading

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The Economics And Politics Of Race Under Empire And Urbanization

Claude Fischer is a sociologist at UC Berkeley who published a piece entitled “Angry Old White Men” in which he categorizes the Tea Party movement as a rural movement of old white men. Mark Thoma, a left-leaning economist picked up … Continue reading

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Product placement

Leftists have a product to sell – and that product is “people of color”, especially blacks.  This is why, when a leftist photographer (or a photographer who works for leftists) wishes to photograph people doing positive things, one of his … Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts, gays and pedophiles

A Portland jury recently awarded Kerry Lewis $18.5 for sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a Boy Scout leader.  The Boy Scouts, as an organization, was apparently negligent in protecting its vulnerable members. It was not very long … Continue reading

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Home invasion in Troutdale, OR

I don’t watch T.V. but I happened to be passing by when somebody else was – and I heard the news anchor describe how a 12 year old Troutdale girl had called 911 while three home invaders/burglars were rummaging through … Continue reading

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The Hassidic underclass

My daughter works at a medical office in a heavily Hassidic area.  Her daily experiences reveal disturbing trends within a community that most Americans associate with solid values.  By and large, we Jews are known for our emphasis on education.  … Continue reading

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Diversity and the decline of formality

I am old enough to remember when one was expected to dress in a suit and tie in order to fly on an airplane.  I was told, by those older than me, “you are not required to do so – … Continue reading

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Libertarians and immigration

It has long been a source of consternation that the main position of the Libertarian Party is a pro-immigration one.  Typically we find open-border libertarians defending their position using arguments of principle.  For example, a libertarian blogger by the name … Continue reading

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Eric Holder’s hypocrisy

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard attorney general Eric Holder rush to judgment about Arizona’s new immigration law, SB1070.  He’s voiced concerns about its constitutionality.  Now we learn that Holder has not even read the law, which is only … Continue reading

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