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Holy money!

In my last post, I described some volumes of the Talmud that I have.  It turns out that one of my co-ethnics is selling the second edition of this (all 19 volumes) for the sum of $10,000, saying it is … Continue reading

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Hebrew printing in Germany 1946

I have a couple of Talmudic volumes printed in Munich, Germany 1946.  On the illustrated title page, shown below, it says (on top) “From servitude to redemption.  From darkness to great light.  Near the bottom it says “The work bungalows … Continue reading

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Turning treasure into trash

The erudite Prof. Armand Leroi is famous for his vocal concern over the Andaman islanders.  He writes: … in a catastrophe that cost more than 150,000 lives, why should the survival of a few hundred tribal people have any special … Continue reading

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