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Dual loyalties

One of the built-in problems with any multi-ethnic society is that of dual loyalties.  People have a natural loyalty to their own ethnicity and yet they are expected to put the nation, under whose flag they live, first. As a … Continue reading

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Rhetoric and poetry

Here is a brief history of rhetoric: The sophists Since Homer in the 8th century BC, wisdom (‘sophos’) and skill were prized. The Sophists were originally itinerant poets and teachers who spread learning and culture wherever they found those ready … Continue reading

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Polygamy and the two-headed girls

Though Western culture is often called “Judeo-Christian” culture, Judaism’s traditional tolerance toward polygamy seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way.  In the U.S. it is legal to cheat on your wife, to have as many girlfriends as you … Continue reading

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Professional sports and Islam

All my adult life, I’ve had an aversion to the popular professional sports.  It’s not that there is something innately evil about them.  On the contrary, if people enjoy participating, and watching, such activities then all the power to them.  … Continue reading

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Holy money!

In my last post, I described some volumes of the Talmud that I have.  It turns out that one of my co-ethnics is selling the second edition of this (all 19 volumes) for the sum of $10,000, saying it is … Continue reading

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Hebrew printing in Germany 1946

I have a couple of Talmudic volumes printed in Munich, Germany 1946.  On the illustrated title page, shown below, it says (on top) “From servitude to redemption.  From darkness to great light.  Near the bottom it says “The work bungalows … Continue reading

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Turning treasure into trash

The erudite Prof. Armand Leroi is famous for his vocal concern over the Andaman islanders.  He writes: … in a catastrophe that cost more than 150,000 lives, why should the survival of a few hundred tribal people have any special … Continue reading

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The demise of the white schoolyard

I’ve already written about my experiences in ghetto schools.  But I also have memories from my formative years in white schools.  Those memories portray a world that, though not perfect, was generally peaceful, wholesome and nurturing. The hostile elite (and … Continue reading

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Illegal immigration and Hispanics

According to a Zogby poll, 52% of Hispanics would rather the U.S. enforce immigration laws than allow illegals already here a path to citizenship.  If this is the case, we should wonder why, over the last month, Hispanics have been … Continue reading

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Racism in our daily lives 4

This incident was related to me by a co-worker: In 2008, he was a senior high school student in Hillsboro, Oregon.  At his school they had a Spanish club, which was composed exclusively of Hispanics (almost all of them Mexican).  … Continue reading

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