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Using leftist gods against leftists

A commenter by the name of “sg” posted this on I think Beck talks up MLK’s specific language the way he does to goad those who want to reframe MLK. If we assume MLK was somewhat socialist, but the … Continue reading

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The Hebrew blue book

Once upon a time, I used to deal in old Hebrew books.  I still have  few of them; I kept the ones that I found most interesting.  Some of those books were printed on blue paper and they hail from … Continue reading

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Is John Browne an anti-Semite?

The S.P.L.C. recently flung accusations against the owner of Tip of the Spear, John Browne.  According to the S.P.L.C., Mr. Browne is a “racist” and an “anti-Semite”. I had the privilege of meeting John Browne at the latest American Renaissance … Continue reading

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Proposed new immigration laws

In light of the recent confusion regarding illegal immigrants in the U.S., I’d like to propose some new federal immigration laws: 1)  Prospective immigrants must show that they can contribute to progress in the the U.S. 2)  They must show … Continue reading

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What did ancient Hebrew sound like?

When I say “Ancient Hebrew” here, I am referring to Hebrew as it was spoken about 2,000 years ago.  By then, various changes had taken place due to the Babylonian exile, the influence of Aramaic and Greek and natural linguistic … Continue reading

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PBS – lying to our children

It is sad when we find a professor – a person the public is taught to look up to – using straw man arguments in order to bolster the beliefs of racial orthodoxy. The article in question is designed for … Continue reading

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I support Arizona

The State of Arizona is an arbitrary territory on a map that is ruled by thieving, lying politicians.  But recently it has come to symbolize something more.  It now symbolizes Americans taking a stand against the swarming hordes of criminals … Continue reading

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