The David Duke paradox

David Duke wrote “My Awakening” and this book has made a huge difference in the lives of many people – a positive difference.  He also publicly promotes the group rights of whites and this is commendable.  Furthermore, at least one of his daughters follows in his racialist footsteps and honors him greatly.  I think this is a beautiful thing.

On the flip side, Duke is alleged to have engaged in questionable behavior and I am in no position to judge whether he did these deeds or not.  Some of my friends, themselves race-realists, think the man is an abomination.  Perhaps – and perhaps the white nationalist movements, varied as they are, should pick their spokesmen more carefully.

The white nationalist movements are, unfortunately, plagued by men of dubious character: Nick Griffin, David Lane, Robert Matthews and Harold Covington for example.  But to those who are quick to judge white nationalism on this basis, I would ask: are “mainstream” politicians any better?  If anything, I would say they are far worse.  Also, in a sense, white nationalism is de facto illegal.  This makes it much like alcohol during prohibition; just as it was mainly criminal types who were attracted to commerce in illegal alcohol, so too it is mainly criminal types who are attracted to leadership in white nationalism.  Once white nationalism becomes permissible for public discourse, its leaders will tend to be more savory.  Furthermore, black nationalist leaders and Jewish nationalist leaders are far from perfect and yet the media is quite forgiving toward them.

I think mature people need to get in the habit of separating the man from the message.  Not that we should lower ourselves to the level of other races, who have no moral standards for their leaders.  But if we demand that our leaders be flawless, who then shall we look up to?  As much as I admire Jared Taylor, I am certain that he is not without sin.

In conclusion, if I felt that the book “My Awakening” could help somebody reach the truth and awaken him from his slumber, I would not hesitate to lend the book to him.  At the same time, I might include a disclaimer about its author.  We need every effective tool we can get our hands on for our intellectual arsenal.   “My Awakening” might be an effective tool.  I’ve read that John Browne gives away free copies of it.  That is a great deal.  As a Jew, I find it difficult to pass up a good deal so I might just take him up on it.


About jewamongyou

I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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27 Responses to The David Duke paradox

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m really not sure how Nick Griffin is a dubious character.

    He’s invited to buckingham palace here, and I doubt if he was a shady person as you place him that he would be invited to such a prestigious event.

    • countenance says:

      There have always been rumors that Elizabeth sympathizes with the BNP and likes Nick Griffin on a personal level.

      There are now two different and rival BNP Twitter streams from two different factions, and that started after the BNP’s webmaster quit a few days before the elections in May. I bet a lot of the “stories” about NickG’s “moral turpitude” is agitprop from the other side.

      • countenance says:

        I should add one more thing: The first Queen Elizabeth signed a royal decree expelling blacks from her “empire,” though it wasn’t really an empire in her day.

      • jewamongyou says:

        It could be that “dubious” was not the best word, but I meant it as in:

        doubtful; marked by or occasioning doubt: a dubious reply.

        … not that they are all shady characters for sure. But Griffin was associated with the National Front, which was a fascist organization. Being libertarian myself, you can see how I might have some reservations about such people.

  2. Ryan says:

    If thats the case then anyone with a name would be of a dubious character because someone would always have a problem with their point of view.

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  3. countenance says:


    Griffin is stepping down as party leader sometime in 2013, (presumably) before the next election. I think the BNP will be at a really precarious point then — They might find The Great White Hope, who can come off as mainstream and has few internal enemies, or they might end up with Tyndall 2.0. My fear is that they’ll get another NickG, marketable at the current time, but with a “questionable” past, and with too many internal enemies.

  4. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    Kevin Alfred Strom and Edgar Steele are bad pro-White leaders that come to mind as well even if you do not believe the charges and accusations against them by various levels of government.

  5. Bay Area Guy says:

    I do think that pro-white leadership needs to change. No more KKK, neo-nazi, scientific racist nonsense. No more David Duke, Phillipe Rushton, etc.

    James Edwards of The Political Cesspool embodies some of the best qualities of the pro-white movement. He’s younger and has a better sense of humor than those Amren types (though I disagree with some of his views), and his analysis of politics is often accurate. While he and his show are not perfect and have flaws, Edwards is a step in the right direction.

    Jared Taylor, in spite of his flaws (mainly his scientific racism, including his embrace of that loon Phillipe Rushton), is also a good leader.

    Though, I hate to say it, I’m not exactly a huge fan of Amren.

    1. They need to dump that loon Phillipe Rushton. He’s an embarrassment to any serious pro-white movement.

    2. They need to develop a sense of humor. Most of Amren is middle aged and comes across as dry. I would very much like to see more humor and young people involved in pro-white movements. If your movement is humorless and is comprised of middle aged men, you won’t exactly win over too many followers.

    3. They need to dump the scientific racism nonsense. I know people here don’t want to hear me say this, but you’re not going to rebuild the early 20th century eugenics movement. Madison Grant and his acolytes aren’t coming back from the dead.

    When you espouse scientific racism, you evoke memories of Hitler and the Nazis. Even if most whites are growing increasingly frustrated and might perhaps embrace a pro-white movement, they’re going to be turned off by pseudo-science resembling the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    While Amren and other pro-white organizations are at least a step in the right direction in the sense that they are pro-white and racially conscious (something most whites aren’t), they have much work to do.

    Harsh, but true.

    • Kanon says:

      What do you mean by scientific racism?

      The k vs r selection theory by Rushton for example is not vital.

      [As neat as they may be in a way in explaining the constant Black, White, East Asian distribution we see on all stats, there are many valid criticisms of the theory.]

      The same may be said of any eugenic concerns or even talking about differences between the sexes and their role in low birth rates.

      But if for example you are asking people to ignore the likely genetic factors behind lets say the IQ gap and the crime stats you are asking people to give away quite a lot.

      What other explanation than racism, environmental pollution or the legacy of slavery is then left for the underperformance of for example Blacks in our societies?
      What kind of a bastard would for example work against affirmative action when its justified?

      What about genetics and ethnicity? Should one also give up mentioning how in Saliers words race is an slightly inbreed extended family?

      • jewamongyou says:

        Kanon,I went through and fixed some of the typos in your post; I hope you don’t mind and please let me know if any of my corrections are incorrect.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Amren has plenty of humor; I don’t know where you got the idea that it’s dry, humorless organization. Have you been to any of the conferences?

      As for “scientific racism”, there can be no long-term pro-white movement without recognizing innate racial differences. As Kanon wrote, we are confronted with consistent racial differences at all levels and in all places. They must be explained somehow and, if the races are all equal, the implication would be that pervasive racism by whites is causing them.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Amren has plenty of humor; I don’t know where you got the idea that it’s dry, humorless organization. Have you been to any of the conferences?

        I confess I haven’t been to any conferences. But based on their website, they do come across as humorless.

        A joke or cartoon strip would be excellent.

        As for “scientific racism”, there can be no long-term pro-white movement without recognizing innate racial differences.

        Not true. We can be pro-white because we are white. We don’t need biology to justify our sentiments. We’re simply fighting for our tribe, because we are members of our tribe.

        Besides, Rushton is a loon. Asserting that there’s a relationship between penis size and IQ is absurd. A 13 year old neo-Nazi could have come up with that drunk.

  6. Kanon says:

    I don’t think you get the problem Bay Area Guy. Most people aren’t inspired by “lets grab ourselves more than we deserve”. Your strategy could get whites affirmative action in the NBA but it wouldn’t change.

    If there are no IQ differences, if there are no differences in real criminality African Americans are being treated massivley unfairly and institutional racism is prevalent.

    Sure being White in a way one dosen’t need the excuse for being in favor of dropping policies that push the White man down, just like I don’t need an excuse to be against policy that keeps my child down. But Whites just don’t think that way any more, and even when they did we needed to window dress it by talking about saving people’s souls or civilizing the savage for his own good or whatnot.

    I think more good is done if we push for a meritocracy and admiting some group differences. It will rid us of White guilt as well as the massive tax and saftey burden that basically makes having and raising raising children more expensive (just think of college) for us than for other races in our own countries (East Asians I think don’t get prefered treatment in universities so they may be in the same boat as we).

    You think its easier to convince Whites that fairness matters less than doing whats right for your group (which is true of any ethnocentric group on the planet).

    I think its easier to convince them that the current system is unfari for us (which it is I hope you agree).

  7. Charles says:

    Bay Area Guy,

    You have offered a lot of criticism of Dr. Rushton however I don’t feel you have offered any arguments to suggest that he is mistaken in his views. Do you have any?

    You also object to “scientific racism” if we have scientific studies which show that whites are more intelligent or less criminal than other races (such as blacks) why not use it? What you call “nonsense” I call vitally important scientific research. Research which provides an important foundation for our policy positions. Eugenics is a legitimate science which we need to reconsider.

    The public equates any form of white racial awareness with “racism” and “nazism”. I don’t think soft peddling the issue will get us anywhere. If whites ever wake up, they will do so because they are being murdered across the land and can no longer continue to lie to themselves.

  8. FrankBD says:

    This post has generated a lot of good discussion, as it should, because this needs to be the #1 goal — getting honest discussion into the mainstream. Whether there’s a problem or not with Amren or Rushton being perceived as loons, there’s still the barrier that MSM won’t touch the subject at all.

    But there’s no way to drop the scientific racism angle, like Kanon pointed out. If there’s no genetic component to behavioral differences, then observed socio-economic disparities become prima facie evidence of oppression or its legacy. Even trying to claim it’s a cultural difference just sets us back one step to “the culture comes from the legacy of oppression.”

  9. Californian says:

    David Duke suffers from the same problem of too much of the movement insofar as he is obsessed with anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is a non-starter in real world politics in the USA. AmRen at least tries to hoe a more rational course.

  10. The Mighty Tig says:

    Bay Area Guy is right to criticize the AmRen crowd, but his criticism might be off the mark. I’ve visited their website (and posted on it) for many months now…when they let me.

    “Scientific racism” doesn’t seem to be their problem. Rather, it’s their obsession with Nordicism; the belief that nothing of any historical significance was done except by either Nords or people with Nordic ancestry. The posts of AmReners are fairly permeated with this nonsense! A recent thread had people claiming (without any facts to back up their assertions) that people like Cleopatra and Alexander the Great were Nordish.

    I follow the rules of the moderators over at AmRen regarding my posts. My posts are carefully thought out and often include links to sites backing up my assertions. In spite of this, many of my posts are censored. Why?

    Because you can’t say anything critical (no matter how true) of “the master race” (i.e. Nordics). I’ve read numerous posts denigrating Jews, Sicilians, Greeks, etc. for things real or imagined but for the life of me I can’t remember one pointing out any of the ‘imperfections’ of Northern Europeans such as their disturbingly high rates of alcoholism, opiate addiction, divorce, etc.

    Jewamongyou, you may like Jared Taylor, but I consider his organization ‘Stormfront Light’ and any Southern European or Jewish racialist would be right in distrusting both.

    I actually met David Duke years ago. I was even a member of his NAAWP (before his conviction for tax evasion and mail fraud).

    I know: he was framed. If you don’t believe me, just ask him, he’ll tell you! David Duke only believes in one thing: David Duke. This is the same man, who, when running for public office LIED about being a “born-again Christian” in order dupe Louisiana Whites into voting for him.

    I am not a Christian (I’m agnostic) but his history seriously calls into question his character. I would give any budding White racialist anything other than materials written by David Duke or Jared Taylor. For a person with a college background, this is a good book.

    The late Dr. Baker was able to write a masterful tome on racial differences devoid of the Nordicist and antisemitic garbage you see with Jared Taylor and David Duke.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You should read this post:

      I do intend on reading the book “Race” in the near future, thanks.

    • Teddy says:

      It is true ! It seems that the “Nordic-Type” or so called Aryan is portrayed as the perfect pure white person. These are the WASPS like the British, Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians. However, these groups can also be quite ugly, and have negative stereotypes that are rarely exploited in America, They can have big heads and high ugly foreheads, pasty white and pale or ugly pinkish; (SPAM) colored skin, huge pickle noses,fly away and BAD hair that has no body, is often yellowish and falls out on the men by 30 ! While there are good looking and not so good looking in all nationalities and races, these “perfect” Nordic ones are far from all beautiful and the model of pure ideal human perfection, as often portrayed. This in my observance and opinion.

  11. Who would you like running the West, White Nationalists or the current crop of ruling elites we have like Obama, Bush, Blair etc.

    1.2 million Iraqi’s have died violently since we invaded Iraq, what’s the worst ‘crime’ Nick Griffin or Duke have committed.

    Our countries are ruled by deranged mass murdering psycho’s and we complain because White nationalists might have voiced opinions.

    • The Mighty Tig says:

      Actually, neither. Nick Griffin and David Duke haven’t committed any serious crimes because both are cognizant of the fact to do so would guarantee their incarceration. Of course, that hasn’t stopped other White Nationalists.

      To be sure, the crimes of White Nationalists in recent decades pales besides the crimes of blacks as a group. However, I must point out your analogy of our invasion of Iraq with Nick Griffin and David Duke is a specious one. After all, neither gentleman is the ruler of a country.

      You also seem to forget White Nationalists have a checkered past, or don’t you remember Nazi Germany, a White Nationalist country, invaded Poland (without provocation) on September 1st, 1939? In spite of this, I can’t for the life of me remember a time when I met a White Nationalist (i.e. a Nordicist) who didn’t (at least privately) express admiration for Adolf Hitler. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Kiwiguy says:

    ***Besides, Rushton is a loon. ***

    Bay Area Guy,

    You seem to have swallowed the SPLC propaganda. Have you read any of Rushton’s papers?

  13. Teddy says:

    This is basically ARYAN and NORDIC propaganda, and trash talk with an agenda, trying to portray Northern Europeans, Germanics and Anglo-Saxons as this totally “Pure” race and the paradigm of beauty for the white race. There is more “non-white” blood in peoples from Sweden and Norway by Mongols and indigenous Inuit’s or Eskimo type peoples from Lapland than there is “black” or African blood in any Southern Europeans ! Just what are these racists aspiring to, anyhow ? Northern Europeans have many undesirable racial characteristics, like: pale and alibinoish skin tones,or worse; just like the color of cannned SPAM lunch-meat, bad-hair; and I mean thin, lifeless, yellow and the men are bald by 30 !Gawky and often hunch-back and clumsy bodies, high ugly foreheads, huge pickle noses….and so on ! So, do not believe this garbage and that all Nordic types are so beautiful, while Italians are a race of mulattoes. There is nothing wrong with being bi-racial or of mixed race, however, that is simply not the stuff of facts when talking about Italians, Portuguese, Spaniard or even Turks !In my opinion, and I am neither Italian or of Northern European ancestry, Mediterranean peoples of Southern European are far better looking (on average) than their Northern counterparts.

  14. Madge Merman says:

    One commenter really said it truly, why are the “Nordics” or Northern Europeans never criticized or their less than “perfect” traits focused negatively in ? Many Northern Europeans are hard-core alcoholics, have the highest suicide rates in Europe,…and are God awful ugly ! That’s right ! Many Scandinavians, Eastern Europeans and Germanic, Anglo-Saxon tribes have racial traits and characteristics that I would not want in my gene-pool ! OH YES….the worst hair; thin, wispy, body-less and their men are all bald by 30….BAD HAIR ! Skin tones that look like canned pinkish SPAM lunch meat to very pale and pasty white; (sickly and anemic-albino looking !) Big,ugly pickle noses, square heads and high,ugly foreheads, too ! Tall yes, as a rule, but often to the point of being very clumsy and awkward looking. In particular, the women ! Often the people become hunch-backed by 60 and have back and skeletal problems from the life-long over-load. The men also as a rule look too effeminate and are not attractive in a “manly” sense. There,….it had to be said ! The ultra “White-Supremists” readily criticize Southern Europeans, the Italians, Greeks, French, Portuguese and Spaniards. To them, you must be Nordic and an Anglo-German type to be revered as pure white….this is trash talk ! In fact, Southern Europeans, as a rule, are far better looking. When you mix the two….you really get a beautiful white person. That is what an American essentially is. All the European nationalities have emigrated here and mixed with one another for generations ! I am not saying Nordics are all hideous-not at all ! It’s just the bias and prejudices seem to never focus on their bad traits at all. Let’s be fair here….there is attractive and less so in all peoples.

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