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Yemenite reading of the Torah

Somebody posted this link, on a Yahoo Hebrew group that I follow.  It’s a good example of (San’ani) Yemenite Hebrew.  Note that after each verse, another man reads the “Tarjum”, or Aramaic translation.  Traditionally, it is a child who reads … Continue reading

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The mulatto industry

Wherever there is a demand, enterprising individuals and companies come forth to fill that demand.  This is the basis of the free market.  People are willing to pay for goods and services.  But there are also artificial needs.   When government … Continue reading

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Another victim of multiculturalism

An 18 year old Oregon mother has been murdered by the black lowlife she had foolishly associated with.  Allyson Rachael Archibald was described as “always trying to be nice to people“.  Perhaps she was trying to be nice when she … Continue reading

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“Racist” posts in MSM comment sections

I just read about a pretty young woman who was murdered in Pennsylvania.  Presently, the prime suspect is her boyfriend.  This sort of thing happens all too often.  As long as there are young men who are jerks, there will … Continue reading

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Terrorism for the future…

… and how the T.S.A. might respond to new threats: 1)  The “eyeball bomber”.  This psycho cyclops’ prosthetic eye is actually a bomb.  T.S.A. requires that all passengers prove their eyeballs are real and, if not, remove them for inspection. … Continue reading

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“Science” at The Kellog School of Management

Sometimes I am left flabbergasted at what passes for “science” among leftists. The Kellog School of Management recently did a “study” that was intended to reveal which approach is best in educating children, a) a colorblind approach that de-emphasizes  racial differences … Continue reading

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Botswana persecutes its Bushmen

Botswana is often cited as one of the more civilized nations of Africa.   It now comes to light that the government of Botswana has been waging a campaign of brutality against the Bushmen, who have been living in the Kalahari … Continue reading

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Congress hat ban – silly, but not sexist

Florida rep. Frederica Wilson loves her hats, and she wants to wear them in Congress.  Unfortunately for her, there is a long-standing rule against wearing hats in Congress. “It’s sexist,” Wilson told the Miami Herald’s Lesley Clark. The chamber’s hat … Continue reading

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Why are teen pregnancy rates rising?

In The Statesman Journal, Ruth Liao writes: Teen pregnancy rates in the Mid-Valley are rising at an alarming rate, at a time when Oregon’s statewide average is declining. It’s difficult to determine why teen pregnancy rates are high (my emphasis). … Continue reading

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Airport screenings

As the upcoming American Renaissance conference approaches, my excitement grows.  But along with the excitement, a sense of foreboding increasingly clouds my soul.  Government assurances that their new x-ray machines are perfectly safe mean little to me.  They have no … Continue reading

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