Lost Jewish tribes

Every so often, we come across a “theory” that is so over the top that its only true merit is its entertainment value.  It seems there exists a group of black Americans who believe that only American blacks and Hispanics are true Jews…

The other group that calls itself the Jews, and are not, are the Ethiopian Falashan Jews.  The real Jews are not Ethiopian or any other kind of African.  The Negroes of the Americas are not Africans, they are the real Jews, and are a completely separate family of people than the Africans.  The only reason our people were on the West Coast of Africa during the slave trade is because they fled from our homeland Israel during the times of their persecution.

It seems that some folks so disdain their own heritage that they feel the need to try to steal that of others.  Especially disturbing, to me, are the so-called “black Hebrews” who have squatted near the town of Dimona in Israel.  No good can come of their presence; Africa is not very far from Israel.  That would be a better place for them to be.

But the “black Hebrews” are only the latest in a series of wannabe Jewish groups.  There are the Lembe of Zimbabwe, who some have claimed have “Jewish genes”, whatever those might be.  I hope they do not “discover” that Robert Mugabe is Jewish.  Some groups, such as the “Bene Israel” of India and the Falashas of Ethiopia show clear signs of having been in contact with Jews a long time ago.  I do not claim to know whether their ancestry is substantially Jewish or not.  There was some controversy when the State of Israel forced the Ethiopians to undergo conversion in order to be considered full Jews.

Some people claim that the British are descended from the ten lost tribes of Israel.  Needless to say, their claims are tenuous, but their belief is based, in part, on the word “BRIT-annia”, as in “B’nai BRIT” (“berith” means covenant in Hebrew).  Specifically, it is claimed that British royalty is descended from the House of David and, at one point, they even practiced circumcision.

More credible is the claim that the Pathans, of Pakistan and Afghanistan, have Jewish origins.  At least they are in the right part of the world (more or less) to be descended from the ten lost tribes.  If claims of their Jewish practices are accurate, then I would say that their story is more credible than that of the Falashas.  Does this mean most of the Taliban are actually Jewish?  Maybe they should move to Zimbabwe, a former British colony, so that they can reunite with their brethren the Lembe, and be ruled over by Robert Mugabe.  In deference to their kinsmen in America, let them put feathers in their heads as well.

Of course, through all this intricate web of genes, claims and traditions, it is difficult to discern truth from fiction.  Wishful thinking from legitimate history.  It appears that some of the more primitive groups, such as the “black Hebrews” are no more than cargo cults.  When natives of Melanesia encountered modern technology for the first time, during World War Two, they were awe-inspired.  They reasoned that the airplanes must be gods, or sent by the gods.  So they built mock airports in the hope of luring the gods back to them – along with their precious cargo.  Just as the Melanesians built mock airports, so too do the “black Hebrews” build mock Jewish pedigrees.  It is no different than another black claim: that they are descended from ancient Egyptians.  I wonder if the two groups ever fight (“your imaginary ancestors enslaved my imaginary ancestors!”).

Things would be so much simpler if people would just be happy with who they are.

About jewamongyou

I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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22 Responses to Lost Jewish tribes

  1. da says:

    I prefer the Black Israelites who hang out in New York. They preach on the street, and they have a chart for the 12 tribes of Israel. Black, Puerto Ricans , West Indians and other poor minorities.

  2. FrankBD says:

    Yeah, there are a lot of very stupid “Our Group”-Isrealism cults. One used to be called The Worldwide Church of God and distributed free magazines at subway stations and the like.

    What I find most bothersome about these is that they see themselves as reflected in prophesy. I would like someone to study the extent to which political support for US involvement in the Middle East is driven by religious superstition about the events in the region.

  3. Lucy, Rosa, and Flor, the three daughters of the Valderama family in Trujillo, Peru, are part of the Bnei Moshe community – former Catholics seeking a path to Judaism


  4. B.B. says:

    There are even fringe theories about Japanese being the descendants of Ancient Israelites that have been promoted by both Jewish and Japanese people.

  5. lowly says:

    Which tribe does Tim Wise belong to?

    • jewamongyou says:

      He’s one of the hateful dia-tribes.

      • Ryan says:

        Jewamongyou I think it would be great if you wrote a scathing review of Tim Wise’s rant about the downfall of white people. You being Jewish would be able to not only get away with much more, but I think it’s time more non-leftist Jews actually spoke up for themselves.

        You also have put out some excellently written articles before and I think you could write circles around him.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        What’s interesting is that Wise is only half Jewish, and his Jewish half comes from his father.

        In other words, his mother is not Jewish, so in the eyes of Jewish law and the state of Israel, he’s not a real Jew.

        And yet he frequently invokes his Jewish background in order to score rhetorical points.

        Methinks that the fact that he’s not a real Jew is the source of his disdain for white America. Bill Maher also comes to mind. They overcompensate by disparaging whites.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        In general, I think that Wise is an extremely dishonest person.

        He claims to have grown up poor in a crappy apartment, and yet, as various people can attest, he doesn’t have a clue how to reach out to working class whites.

        He frequently invokes his Jewishness, and yet he’s not a real Jew. Something tells me that he uses his Jewishness for the sake of diversity cred.

        He’s a hustler, and a dishonest one at that. He writes provocative/over the top articles, incites angry reactions, and then gets paid to appear on CNN.

        It’s all part of his game. He’ll play the white trash card, the Jewish card, the typical white person card, etc, if it means advancing his hustle.

        And as anyone can realize from his writings, he’s one of the most arrogant, elitist, self-indulgent pr*cks you’ll ever see.

        I don’t think that JAY should necessarily rebut Tim Wise. If he wants to, have at it. But other people do a good enough job in this regard.

        I just think that other white nationalists are missing the point by making Tim Wise’s rant about the Jewish Question.

        I admit, I too used to think of Wise as a Jew and get angry at him, see him as hating whites on account of his Jewishness, etc.

        But now, I recognize that he simply plays the Jewish card and will say ANYTHING to provoke others.

        The way I see it, we either find a way to tarnish his career or ignore him. By devoting so much attention to him, we only give him more power.

    • FrankBD says:

      The one that isn’t just lost, but is actually trying to disappear.

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Ryan’s suggestion that I write a review of Tim Wise’s diatribe. I really don’t think it is even worthy of comment. Its flaws are so obvious, even the author himself edited it. When it comes to “scathing reviews” I have my own little niche – I’m not good at reviewing extremely technical matters since I’m not a scientist. I am also not good at reviewing glaringly obvious hateful ramblings. I like my subjects to be somewhere in between.

    • Ryan says:

      Understandable if that’s how you feel about it. Yet I wasn’t thinking of you preaching to the choir, but most likely that would be all that would come from it since it’s not like this site or many non-leftist sites are flooded by leftists. Nor does the right get much attention unless you are well known within the media such as Rush Limbaugh or Pat Buchanan.

      However, I was thinking of the future, and of the greater political message of a Jew attacking a Jew over such an issue. Of course in this case being a Jew matters to all those PC zombie fools, and you can get away with things most could not.

  7. fred says:

    Most of what passes for religion is just fairy tales anyway. Except for the talking snakes. That part was for real.

  8. Bay Area Guy says:

    Hey JAY, I’m sure you also love those “black hebrews” who claim that they cannot be anti-Semitic because THEY are the REAL Semites, and that it is JEWS who are the REAL anti-Semites.

    You know, it’s ironic. Despite all their chest thumping about black pride, these black nationalist types have no pride in their real black African heritage.

    That’s why they seek to claim that they’re the real Hebrews, the ancient Egyptians were black, Cleopatra was black, etc.

    • fred says:


      This is a bit of a tangent but I can’t resist. Regardless of what the Egyptians were, Cleopatra wasn’t black. In fact, she wasn’t even Egyptian. She was Macedonian. When Alexander the Great conquered Eqypt he left General Ptolemy behind to rule it in his stead. The Ptolemy’s ruled for 300 years as the royal family of Egypt. Cleopatra was the last full blooded Macedonian ruler of Egypt.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I just think it’s funny.

      Blacks throw a hissy fit if a white woman plays Cleopatra, who was the product of several generations of Macedonian Greek inbreeding. They wonder why a black woman can’t play Cleopatra. Of course, they also hate it when a white person plays Jesus.

      And yet blacks frequently play roles in Shakespeare, and a black man is even going to play a Norse god in an upcoming film.

      Diversity really is a one-way street.

  9. Nasimal says:

    You both right and wrong in certain explainations but truth is culture that stays with Hebrew-Isrealites who scattered to the four corners of the earth , please read Genesis 22 :13-19 . Thank you and Yahaweh bless you both to understand the truth .

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