Shop right, buy white pt. II

Here is a letter I just received from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:


You posted something awhile ago about “shop right, buy white.” I think this is a great idea and I would like to start, or see started, a website along those lines (last I checked, is still available).  However, I don’t know many people in the white advocate/white nationalist community (my focus is more on eugenics) so you might be more knowledgeable (or know someone who is) who can help with this.

It would be good to have a website which focused on white advocacy in terms of media and consumer goods. You mentioned the movement needs more women. Well, women make most of the purchases for any household, if they “buy white” in large numbers Madison Ave. will sit up and pay attention. Plus, political activism is not for everyone; this is a way for a larger number of people to directly participate in a white advocate movement and a way for it to get more exposure.

“Shop right, buy white” is catchy and it sticks in people’s minds. Like “Dresden recovered, Detroit did not.” People may rage all they want, but once that idea’s in their brain it won’t get out again. Also, many people in liberal areas––doctors, police officers, public defenders, Newark survivors––who are racially realist, and very, very lonely. I know so many surface-liberals who are actually race realists trying to keep the peace at work. If these sayings got around a bit, and if people started googling “buy white” or “Dresden recovered,” it wouldn’t be hard for a moderately competent group of white nationalists to google bomb the results and present a well-documented case for why whites should act in their own self-interest. Once liberal whites stop fearing the disapproval of other whites, many of them will start to be more overt––or more aggressively covert––about helping other whites.

If you want to post this idea on your blog, or anywhere else, feel free to do so. However, I’d prefer you not mention who wrote it; if anyone in my life finds my tumblog, I’m already screwed once over for writing a eugenics blog, let alone commenting on a white nationalist website without spluttering disapproval. If they find out that I proposed this to you, it could be all over before it began. (I’m 23)

I’ve included a copy of a letter I sent to NBC about the tv show “Community.” I tried to watch it b/c I like Joel McHale, but the supporting cast (and background extras) were too much for me. Not sure if it’ll interest you, but it outlines the kind of approach “Shop Right, Buy White” campaigns could take.



Letter Copy –

Dear NBC Studios,

I was very disappointed with one of your latest shows, “Community.” You may be trying to reflect the changing demographics of the nation in your show’s cast. However, many of your viewers have to deal with diversity day in and day out; when they come home, they would like to see a show with a more homogeneous cast, whether homogeneously black, white, asian or something else.

Diversity weakens community, and “Community.” Ethnically diverse schools, neighborhoods and nations have more strife, less engagement and less happiness than homogeneous ones. On top of that, diversity makes neighbors less friendly and less trusting, and more likely to stay with their own kind.

The chirpy, sassy banter of mixed-race tv show ensembles almost never occurs in real life. More often than not, different groups tolerate each other, form surface connections and ignore the tension until it becomes beneficial not to. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but I doubt any exist in any community college tutor group, anywhere in the United States. What do you think?

I understand and appreciate the hard work of NBC’s staff and of the cast. However, it pains me that such a good show as “Community” takes the approach that it does. If you are trying to portray a fantasy, why not fulfill your viewer’s fantasies more completely, and show an overwhelmingly white (or black, or asian, or jewish, or ____) cast? And if you are trying to portray reality, why on earth would you do so in a situation comedy?

Of course, you won’t change the series, even if you receive ten thousand similar letters. As is your right, which I don’t begrudge you. I hope you know that you are losing potential viewers, young viewers even, because of your casting choices, and are not doing this out of ignorance and the misguided belief that people enjoy diversity. Perhaps you are right––people do enjoy theoretical diversity, as shown on your show. Too bad that doesn’t exist.

Yours sincerely,


About jewamongyou

I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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3 Responses to Shop right, buy white pt. II

  1. jewamongyou says:

    It is considered perfectly acceptable (and even meritorious) for blacks to “shop black”. However, their intention is to patronize black-owned businesses while ours is to patronize white-friendly businesses, regardless of who owns them. In other words, the “buy black” movement focuses on the race of the owner (which would be considered “racist” if done by whites), but a “buy white” movement would focus on the behavior of the owner, which I think is more fair. After all, a white-owned business has no chance with “buy black” customers but a black-owned business could easily win over “buy white” customers:,2933,519965,00.html

  2. FrankBD says:

    I don’t know if this particular slogan is the way to go, but some kind of boycott against employers of illegals could gain traction for that issue.

    I personally use a home maintenance contractor that’s an American family and doesn’t employ illegals. Considering how many of them are employed in that industry, I’m proud of that. It’s a little harder to shop around for 100% legal restaurant meals, though.

    If you live in a community with an HOA, bring up at the next board meeting whether you want to hire a maintainance company with an American workforce. Don’t let their foreman tell you they all failed the drug test; that’s a canard for “they won’t work without health insurance.”

  3. eugenicist says:

    Wow, that letter is really quite “anonymous”! (~_^)

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