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Slow news day? No problem!

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen “Hispanic population rises quickly” as the front page headline in a newspaper.  Each time, it is written as if it is some sort of astounding revelation that the average citizen would have … Continue reading

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San Francisco may ban circumcision

San Franciscans may soon have the opportunity to ban circumcision in their city: Self-described “civil rights advocates” say that a ballot proposition to ban circumcision is on track for gathering signatures, meaning that San Franciscans may vote on the measure … Continue reading

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Violence against whites on YouTube

There have been many recent racial attacks, against whites, that have been posted to YouTube. Sagat linked to one a few days ago.  Hoosier Nation also posted a few examples.  A few have been featured, over the years, on Amren … Continue reading

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I was driving along a couple of days ago, listening to one of my Ramstein CD’s.  I hadn’t listened to this particular CD in at least a year.  I got to the song about “firefly” and thought to myself, “I … Continue reading

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Confession of a young race-realist

I’ve been a bit under the weather recently, and haven’t had much energy for writing.  So it was nice that a reader (who calls himself “E) sent me this post he found on a site called “grouphug”: Link: Text: I … Continue reading

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Videos from the shadow conference now up!

Matt Parrott has finished editing and uploading the shadow conference videos.  They can be found here. The latest interview, by Richard Spencer, with Jared Taylor, can be found here.  But the audio doesn’t seem to work (except for the commercial … Continue reading

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An Iranian, a Polynesian and a Jew…

An Iranian, a Polynesian and a Jew were at work one day.  The Polynesian and the Iranian were having a discussion about race.  It seems they were talking about white people.  The Iranian, seeing the Jew (yours truly) close by, … Continue reading

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Exceptional speech about race and discrimination

Destructure links to this video on his blog.  I highly recommend it.

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My involvement with Shas

These days, anybody who is familiar with Israeli politics, has probably heard of Shas, the Sephardic religious party.  It is typically believed that the former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef, was responsible for forming Shas.  Indeed, the wording … Continue reading

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HBD among the Asians

HBD oriented Asian blogs seem to be popping up around the internet.  Personally, I am tickled.  This development is promising because American society is not as strict with Asians, as it is with whites, when it comes to the taboo against honest … Continue reading

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