Futuristic movies

One sad byproduct of growing old is that one’s neurons are transformed into morons.  Luckily for me, most of my moron-converts deal with useless knowledge like sports trivia and pop-culture.  But sometimes that knowledge is useful, for example when I wish to write about it in this blog.

I saw a movie preview recently that takes place in Britain circa 2050.  An investigative reporter is hot on the trail of a mysterious fire in an apartment complex.  As he closes in on his query, the plug is pulled on his assignment; he was getting too close to revealing a corporate secret that the bigwigs did not want revealed.  I am certain that a reader will recognize the film and post a link.  But what struck me about the movie is that this futuristic Britain is depicted as being almost entirely white.  All the executives, sitting around their large corporate table, were white.  The poor people on the street were mostly white and the reporters were white.  The villains were white and so were the heroes.  I do not know when the movie was made, but it has been common knowledge for a long time that Britain is rapidly becoming a non-white country.  It is incomprehensible that anybody, in recent years, could imagine such a white Britain thirty years hence.

I was reminded of the movie Idiocracy.  Though it did show many non-whites, a majority of Americans were clearly white – especially the most idiotic of them.  I had viewed the movie with a relative and had commented to him that this is not what America will look like so far in the future.  Not that the movie was meant to be an accurate prediction but, as I’ve noted before, when it comes to race, nothing is by chance in the media.  Everything is carefully calculated.  So, when we see the movie industry showing the public a future that is largely white, we should ask, “why?”

In his book “Systematic Racism:  A History of Oppression“, Joe Feagin writes (pg. 239):

Many white political, economic, religious, and academic leaders, as well as many rank-and-file whites, strongly prefer a future United States that is overwhelmingly white.  This is even the case for the prominent science fiction writers and leading moviemakers who prepare widely circulated books and widely distributed movies for the general public.  In recent research, Victor Romano has analyzed contemporary science fiction movies – such as Gattaca, Minority Report, and A.I. – and found that a racist formula is typically employed in creating these futuristic movies:

“Whites play all major characters (a token black is OK, but no Latinos).  Whites compose the vast majority of the population, despite the fact that they will likely be the minority.  People of  color should not be cast in roles that would have great power.  Interracial dating/marriage has no place.  There is usually some new form of life that is feared or revered.”

In contrast, today some 30 percent of the U.S. population is currently made up of Americans of color, who will likely be the population majority by about the middle of the twenty-first century.  Yet today most white moviemakers seem to be dreaming of a mostly white future.

Feagin’s book was published in 2006 and it is essentially a long diatribe against whites.  But I do believe he is right about one thing: many whites actually do prefer a future United States that is overwhelmingly white.  Many Hispanics would prefer it to be overwhelmingly Hispanic.  But Feagin must be smoking some powerful ganja if he believes that Hollywood elites are pro-white.

In order to understand why the movie industry insists on portraying a white future, let us recall the words of one of their late beloved icons, Robert Kennedy:

First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same … Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset …

Kennedy was an evil, cunning man.  He was not a stupid man.  If he did not realize what his immigration bill would do to this country, surely he should have noticed the change after it had already been in process for decades – and yet he never apologized for his above promise, nor did he ever admit he was mistaken.  Kennedy’s promise is Hollywood’s promise.  They are of the same camp and they adhere to the same strategy: deception.

When futuristic movies depict a white future, it is just one more example of the manipulation of the mind of the masses.  A movie is simply another dimension of reality for most people.  Though they will not admit it, their perception of the world is largely shaped by the movies they view.  The higher up decision makers are sending white Americans a message.  The message is, “there is no need for fear.  No need for panic.  Everything will be as it’s always been and your place in the world is assured.  Pay no attention to the xenophobes; they are alarmists…”

But each movie, of this genre, strikes twice.  Firstly, it reassures whites that everything is okay, when it is not.  Secondly, it reaffirms the impression, among non-whites, that they are being left out and discriminated against.  Fools such as Feagin act as cheerleaders for the hostile elite that rules from the shadows.

Another question would be: what role do white fantasy movies (such as The Lord of the Rings) play?  Do they provide a false sense of comfort for whites by allowing them to escape the reality of their dispossession through make-believe worlds or do they inspire whites to alter the reality they live in.  I suppose it depends upon the viewer, but I am inclined to say the former is most common.  Like everything else, it is a numbers game.  The hostile elite do not mind bringing a few to their senses if many more are enthralled by their hypnosis.  We can look at such movies as a form of white-nationalist pornography.  Some may learn to be better lovers, but most will sink into their fantasy land and become irrelevant to the real world (in this arena at least).

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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7 Responses to Futuristic movies

  1. croc-tears says:

    I don’t think writers in the hbd-sphere should rush to panic. E-mails have circulated for years planting the seeds of discord that will ripen in years to come.
    Our job is to watch and wait (and send a few shekels to the BNP and Amren).
    A century from now the worlds pop will be much smaller and those dividing the resources will be of majority asian and european ancestry. Keep up the good work and remember to stay ahead of the curve.

  2. Konkvistador says:

    I’m delighted that you’ve brought up this topic, I’ve had similar toughts ever since seeing movies like the new Star Trek.

    I realized that while that occasional tokenism but the demographics weren’t too off from about the 1970 all the way to the early 1990s with perhaps blacks being under-represented slightly.

    But the late 90s and especially the 2000s showed a future that was basically whiter, sometimes notably so than reality. When the future isn’t White, its inhabited by beige people, who look reassuringly like whites with tans. Nowhere is it implied that its very unlikely that just because Whites are disappearing all the other races will disappear on similar time scales.

    I came to similar conclusions as yourself. But just wish to stress two more things:

    -Sometimes when humans are portrayed as bad they are also portrayed as nearly completley White. This is sometimes just because no one complains about White villains, but other times it seems to be there to usher in White guilt(Avatar- which seems to be one of the Whitest futures made since the 1950s, seriusly there isn’t even a token black and the lone latina fights for the “good guys” and could also pass for white).

    -The majority of science fiction fans who are willing to act as consumers of merchandising, books, games, movies, ect. are White (and perhaps increasingly Asian). Many do value token diversity, but non-threatening diversity.

    I think the trend that depicts a predominantly white future is hurtful. But fantasy is a different matter, depictions of all White fantasy medeival societies are a helpful reminder, just that unlike historical movies the grittier aspect of previous eras can be glossed over. Instead of the modern world being labeled as “progress”, it feels like a fall from a nobler more meaningful era. By association this is becomes true, on a subconscius level, of the racial composition as well.
    Only Stormfronters revel in the full Whitness of LOTR as a sort of substitute for reality, but they don’t seem to retreat into it no more than they retreat into deluded Naziesque or Turner Diar-like fantasies. To the average person or should I say geek, things like LOTR strengthen implicit witness, helping to make or even making it normative on a gut level. It even helps the basic idea that all white groups are ok in principal (its horrifying to think that we’ve come so far as to having to reassure and argue that all white organization/group of friends/school/country isn’t inherently evil)

    Majority or exclusively nonwhite settings in fantasy are also ok in my assessment . What I think is hurtful is the inclusion of a accepted other racial minorities (tokens) in a generally White society. This makes it seem that Whites have, even in their myths and fantasies always lived with nonWhites in meaningful numbers and that since Whites are still around there is no reason to fear or feel out of place!

  3. Beef says:

    An accurate observation. One exception: The Matrix series depicted a future that was much blacker than the present.

  4. countenance says:

    Not just science fiction — I think some TV shows lull whites into a false sense of security. A few seasons ago, ABC had an hour long weekly real life look into the affairs of CBP and ICE, called “Homeland Security.” It generated protests from the La Raza kooks, and supportive counter-protests from immigration control Patriots.

    After watching it, I thought to myself that the two protest factions were on the wrong side — The Raza kooks should have supported it while the Patriots should have been against it. The reason I say that is that HLS portrayed the border and ports as far more under control than they actually are. To watch HLS, you would think that virtually every bag of weed that someone tries to sneak in from Mexico gets confiscated, every illegal alien that wants to sneak in from Mexico is caught not far from the border if not actually at the border, and the scant few that make it far inland are quickly apprehended by ICE and physically deported.

    In other words, HLS’s purpose is to trick white people into thinking there’s no illegal immigration problem, or not much of one to justify political action on the issue from the right.

  5. Jake Prufrock says:

    Your quotation re: the 1965 immigration bill, then pending before the United States Senate, was actually from a young Ted Kennedy, then the junior senator from Massachusetts, who was in charge of ushering it through that chamber, at floor level– not from his older, ill-fated brother, Bob, then the junior senator from New York. F.Y.I.

  6. Harar Krishna! says:

    Could it be the illuminati wants an all-white future and is planning for the mass genocide of all non-white people? Maybe Bill Gates and his vaccine agenda (which he says will control the population) is the “gateway” to such a future.

    Even croc-tear above writes, “A century from now the worlds pop will be much smaller and those dividing the resources will be of majority asian and european ancestry. ”

    May she knows something we don’t?

    Get to India while you still can JAY! You’ll love it.

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