HBD oriented Asian blogs seem to be popping up around the internet.  Personally, I am tickled.  This development is promising because American society is not as strict with Asians, as it is with whites, when it comes to the taboo against honest discussion about race.  If HBD becomes fashionable among Asians, this could provide a foothold for whites to also espouse such opinions.  It could be like sushi or Yoga.  One SWPL would say to another, “hey, did you hear about HBD?  It’s this cool new Asian philosophy!!”

There are far more Asians in the world than there are whites.  If a majority of Asians (even just East Asians) accept HBD, then those whites who continue to cling to their dusty and useless racial equalitarianist beliefs would find themselves increasingly isolated and marginalized.

Asian race-realism does not have the unfortunate baggage that white race-realism so often carries; from what I’ve seen so far, their outlook tends to be kinder and gentler.  The fact that they do not face minority status in their own lands certainly has much to do with this.  We would do well to try to emulate them in this regard – but without losing our sense of urgency and activism.

Some examples of Asian HBD proponents are Steve Hsu, whom I have already written about, Sagat Says and Oriental Right.  We should ally ourselves with them, contribute to their sites and befriend them.  Though there are Asian supremicists , who are enemies of all who are not Asian, we should be able to distinguish between them and our friends with ease.  It would be much more beneficial, for our movement, to ally ourselves with like-minded Asians than with whites who seem to share our goals – but who, in fact, are poisonous.

Some might say that Asians are drawn to HBD because, within the world of HBD, they are generally at the top of the I.Q. totem pole.  Perhaps there is some truth to this.  More likely, I think, they are drawn to HBD because they are intelligent enough to recognize its merits.  Ultimately, we should strive for a world where human differences are acknowledged and respected.  Where policy is based on truth rather than blind faith.  Where it is understood that each race and ethnicity has a right to its own lands and where peaceful commerce and intellectual intercourse are the norm.

It could be claimed that those Asians who live in America are part of the problem; by participating in the displacement of whites, from the nations whites created, their actions speak louder than words.  I do not believe this is a fair standard to hold them to.  If somebody disagrees, perhaps I’ll dedicate a separate post to explain why I feel this way.

In the meantime, I give Asian HBDers the official Hebrew blessing of “ken yirbu” – may they multiply!