Associated Press: “Final Solution” sought for white males

It is as if the MSM is testing the waters to see just how blatant they can be, in their anti-white diatribes and headlines, without triggering an outright revolt against them.  Though we are all accustomed to anti-white bias in the media, it seems that there is an ongoing effort to escalate the intensity of their campaign.  Typically, they bash whites in a roundabout way, by promoting non-whites.  In this way, it is understood that whites are the “bad guys” without actually coming out and saying it.  But now and then the attacks are more brazen.  For example, the recent A.P./Yahoo headline that states:

“Report says too many whites, men leading military”

By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Pauline Jelinek, Associated Press Mon Mar 7, 7:50 pm ET

WASHINGTON – The U.S. military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies and lift its ban on women in combat, an independent report for Congress said Monday.

Seventy-seven percent of senior officers in the active-duty military are white, while only 8 percent are black, 5 percent are Hispanic and 16 percent are women, the report by an independent panel said, quoting data from September 2008.

One barrier that keeps women from the highest ranks is their inability to serve in combat units. Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials.

The report ordered by Congress in 2009 calls for greater diversity in the military’s leadership so it will better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix in the armed forces and in American society.

Efforts over the years to develop a more equal opportunity military have increased the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities in the ranks of leadership. But, the report said, “despite undeniable successes … the armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve.”

“This problem will only become more acute as the racial, ethnic and cultural makeup of the United States continues to change,” said the report from the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, whose more than two dozen members included current and former military personnel as well as businessmen and other civilians.

Having military brass that better mirrors the nation can inspire future recruits and help create trust among the general population, the commission said…

Stretching the definition of diversity, the report also said the military must harness people with a greater range of skills and backgrounds in, for instance, cyber systems, languages and cultural knowledge to be able to operate in an era of new threats and to collaborate with international partners and others.

The boundless stupidity of this article, and the tax-payer study that spawned it, speak for themselves.  A glance at the comments gives a small degree of hope that many are getting fed up with the naked hatred displayed toward whites by the media.  I fear, however, that many of the comments are from the same small group of motivated online activists who are always on the lookout for this kind of garbage.

I do think it is interesting that Jelinek will barely even recognize the one form of diversity that matters in an organization, diversity of skills and backgrounds, as “diversity”.  To her, it is “stretching the definition of diversity”.  In other words, the “diversity that really counts”, in her view, is the advancement of her own favorite races and gender.  All other diversity is just along for the ride.  The last time I attended “diversity training”, I asked the instructor, “if diversity is all around us, why do we need to push it so much?”  Her answer was that some forms of diversity are “more important” than others.

What I want to know is what actually motivates these people.  Are they really so full of hatred that they cannot refrain from spewing their venom for more than a few days?  Is this all part of a campaign to desensitize the public to anti-white propaganda and, at the same time, demonize whites to the point where they will gladly march off to extermination camps “for the greater benefit of society”?  Or perhaps it is a scheme designed to push the issue so far in one direction that it will generate a backlash.  Be it as it may, the “two-minutes hate“, directed against Emmanuel Goldstein, never seemed to have any positive outcome in Orwell’s novel 1984.  Ironically, the protagonist’s girlfriend, Julia, was the most hysterical of all the haters in her group.  This was her way of both having fun with an absurd situation she had no control over and of deflecting suspicion from herself.  I wonder how many “Julia’s” silently lurk among reporters.


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9 Responses to Associated Press: “Final Solution” sought for white males

  1. Ryan says:

    The title says it all, it is a racial attack. If we race doesn’t matter then why bring it up? The author is therefore racist and should have 50 left wing radical students storm her home or her work place and rough her up, then get it all on camera and put it on youtube.

    Wait, the person is talking about whites . . . ok call off the goons.

  2. Bantu Education says:

    If 8% of officers are black, not that far below their % in the US population then, given their much lower IQ, AA is already rife in the US military.

    And if diversity is such a good thing why dont they have the usual quota of handicapped people? Or maybe they do.

    And I’m sure Al Qaeda would love to see more muslims in the US forces.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    ***Her answer was that some forms of diversity are “more important” than others.***

    Just reading about this at this newish hbd blog:

    “If Muhammad al-Dogma from Algeria and Ahmed ibn-Clitoridectomy from Morocco enrich an environment culturally and ethnically, why do Ulla Eriksson of Sweden and Patrick McCormick of Ireland constitute homogeneity? Where do we draw the line between being homogeneous and being diverse?

    For example, if a Finn and an Slovene are both European, does having Finns and Slovenes at, say, a college campus fall under limiting diversity or broadening it? Where does the multiculturalist’s deranged definition of diversity begin, and when does it compliment/ detract from multiculturalism?…

    Or does multiculturalism begin, as the name eludes, with cultural variants? Talk about a murky mudslide of contradictions. If European culture–whatever that is–is not worthy of the prestigious multicultural award, then multiculturalism fails to live up to its own expectations. I challenge the multiculturalist to encapsulate Romanian culture and compare it to Scottish culture. Talk about variation. If we define multiculturalism as acceptance between varying cultures, I say the European Union has just about got much of the world beaten–there you have peaceful and working interactions between different maintained cultures. But of course this is not good enough for multiculturalists, for the question inevitably and tacitly comes down to, “Where are all the dark people at?”

  4. latte island says:

    The point of affirmative action and diversity in the military is to create an officer class that’s more loyal to the Democrats than to the American people. The only thing that can save this country is the same type of activist military that used to preserve Turkey’s Western values. Once the white men are out of the military, there’s no hope for that, or rather the activism will be the wrong type.

  5. Harpo Marx says:

    This only applies to White males.

    Imagine someone suggesting there needs to be more White and Hispanic NBA players to reflect our emerging multicultural society.

  6. Harpo Marx says:

    re: Black females in authority?

    An Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Deputy [black female] has been arrested and charged with pulling her service weapon … on her own son.

    And police say it happened on a school bus with at least one other student on board.,0,142570.story

  7. Chuck says:

    “What I want to know is what actually motivates these people”

    These ideas are a function of an evolving moral-normative system.

    Westerns are the pagans of Multiculturaldom. (Religious universalism versus ethnic universalism).

  8. Annoyed says:

    This all gives me a headache, whats bizarre is that its self induced.

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