Sometimes I question the assessment of Jews as an “intelligent people”.  If we are so smart, why are those who supposedly represent our people so oblivious to the obvious?  “Kulak”, commenting on a post at The Irish Savant, linked to an article highlighting the alliance between Jews and Muslims in Europe to combat the rise of “extreme right parties”.

The article reads, in part:

PARIS (EJP)—Prominent Muslim and Jewish leaders from across Europe pledged to stand together against the rise of extreme-right xenophobic and racist parties that represent an escalating peril to ethnic and religious minorities across Europe, including Jews and Muslims…

The leaders expressed deep concern about the emergence into the political mainstream of extremist parties in many  European countries and declared that it was “totally unacceptable” that several of these parties had been accepted by governing coalitions as tacit partners where they are allowed to help shape the agenda…

Citing studies which show that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are both growing rapidly in countries across Europe, the communal leaders affirmed that “Jews and Muslims are equal stakeholders in Europe, not expendable guests, and must therefore enjoy the same rights as everybody else. Appeasing those that sow the seeds of hatred and division is not only morally wrong, but will have disastrous consequences for Europe if allowed to continue.”

If anti-Semitism is “growing rapidly” across Europe, perhaps idiots like Rabbi Schneier should consider their own role in causing it.  After all, it is the likes of him who give Jews a bad name.  He might as well sacrifice Christian children for their blood.  How can you dwell in somebody else’s land, promote policies that will surely transform the natives into minorities – and then wonder why people do not like you?  I wonder if Rabbi Schneier also promotes massive Arab immigration into Israel.  Would he accept scores of Africans into his own home and grant them “equal rights”?

I wonder if during the conference, described in the article, anybody even asked basic questions such as “is there any justification for anti-immigration sentiments among Europeans?” or “might high crime rates among immigrants, and the targeted rape of native European women, have anything to do with the rise of such movements?”

People such as Rabbi Schneier, who believe that Jews would be better off in a Muslim/African Europe, should not be in “prestigious” conferences.  They should not be wearing suits and ties.  Instead, they belong in group homes for the mentally defective, dressed in dirty hospital gowns covered with their own drool.