For Congolese, a low threshold for being “smart”

When a screaming, raving, knife-wielding lunatic forced his way into the basketball court this past Saturday, player Christian Ayenga ran away.  According to Yahoo sports:

Police say the man did not have a ticket to the game, but rather used the threat of his knife to make his way through the employee entrance and into the stadium. The intruder ran onto the court, where Cleveland Cavaliers rookie forward Christian Eyenga(notes) was out practicing shooting drills before the road contest. The Congolese native quickly ran back into the locker room, which pleased bemused Cavs coach Byron Scott.

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

“Smart man,” Scott said of the young player who is still learning to speak English. “He understands knife, I guess. I think that goes all the way to Congo. Knife means get the hell out. So he did the right thing.”

After the standoff resulted in the subduing of the possible assailant with the rubber and bean bag bullets, senior vice president and general manager of the Staples Center and Nokia Theater L.A. Live Lee Zeidmanbriefed the media on what little he knew about the arena’s unwelcome guest:

“He was talking a lot of gibberish, making a lot of threats and nobody could understand him,” Zeidman said. “There was a lot of vulgarity, a lot of statements that didn’t make any sense. We, quite frankly, don’t understand why he tried to do this. There were no specific demands.”

Wow.  Those Congolese sure are smart.  Most people would just keep on shooting hoops if that happened to them.

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10 Responses to For Congolese, a low threshold for being “smart”

  1. countenance says:

    How could this intruder keep getting past one layer of security after another after another with just the threat of wielding a KNIFE?

  2. For Gawd’s sakes would somebody PLEASE tell me where is?


  3. Davey says:

    speaking of idiots, this one is pretty funny:

    • jewamongyou says:

      The press will typically look for the least coherent person to interview when covering any pro-white/pro-European movement. Instead of making fun of one person who can barely speak, why not ask yourself if the English Defence League has any reason for being? I think you’ll find that the answer is “yes”.

      • Davey says:

        There’s no such group as the British Defense League. It’s the ENGLISH DefenCe League. At least you got one word right. Perhaps that means the press will interview you. Only joking.

        The EDL are a bunch swastika-tattooed sieg-heiling skinheads… so no, I don’t think they have a ‘reason for being’ – do you?

    • countenance says:

      Late last year, a bunch of EDLers were waving around Israeli flags at one of their rallies. Kinda odd behavior for “Nazis.”

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Okay thanks Davey. Fixed. “Defense” is the American spelling of British “Defence”.

  5. Californian says:

    For Gawd’s sakes would somebody PLEASE tell me where is?

    Looks like it’s gone, for now. You might check with the Irish Savant. There has been the occasional update.

    South Africa Sucks was always the lively center for things. And those photoshopped pictures…!!!

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