Mississippi Republicans and miscegenation

Thanks to Human Stupidity for bringing this to my attention (I later found it on Amren and a couple other blogs).  According to a recent survey, a majority of Mississippi Republicans believe that interracial marriage should be illegal:


Within the usual questions about candidates and whether the respondent viewed them favourably or unfavourably, the survey then asked the simple question: ‘Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?’.
While 40 per cent of respondents said interracial marriage should be legal, 46 per cent said it should be illegal – and a further 15 per cent were undecided.
For generations in the South, the issue of interracial marriage – or even interracial relationships – has been a taboo subject.
Indeed, less than 45 years ago, marriage between blacks and whites was illegal – and serious trouble lay ahead for a black man seen in the company of a woman of any race, regardless of his intentions.
Despite today’s relative enlightenment, interracial marriage is still clearly frowned upon.
Tellingly, 68 per cent of the survey’s respondents were over the age of 46, and 32 per cent were over the age of 65 – putting them firmly into the era of intolerance towards racial integration.
Only 12 per cent of respondents were between the ages of 18 and 29.
Furthermore, 40 per cent of respondents referred to themselves as ‘very conservative’ , while a further 36 per cent said they were ‘somewhat conservative’.
When concentrating on politics, the survey found Republican Mike Huckabee was popular Mississippi choice for president in 2012.



Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was how a solid majority of Southern whites, who had racial and regional loyalty, have almost entirely lost their children and grandchildren to the anti-white agenda.  From what I gather, their children were taken from them (figuratively if not literally) by brute force.  The Federal government stepped in and forced them to send their kids to integrated schools.  Powers far greater than their own monopolized the air waves and television – then proceeded to bombard them with nonstop anti-white propaganda.  At the same time, massive population replacement took place in certain regions of the South and now Mexicans are being imported in their millions in order to dilute any vestige of regional Southern pride.  It is the calculated destruction of a people and I am reminded of my own people’s struggles during Roman rule.  At this rate, in a few short years, real white Southerners will be reduced to a pitiful remnant in nursing homes.  Do these aging Southerners not realize that now is the time to become vocal about their beliefs?  Surely they must know that each passing year diminishes any possibility of reclaiming their heritage for the future.
On another note, I’m leaving on my travels tomorrow so this will be my last post for a while – probably.  In case you’re wondering about my progress in translating The Ashkenazi Revolution, I’m at the tail end of chapter 7.


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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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12 Responses to Mississippi Republicans and miscegenation

  1. FrankBD says:

    The South shot itself in the foot when they created the doctrine of separate but equal, and then didn’t follow through on the latter. The most obvious example is education; many of today’s proposed remedies for achievement gaps revolve around re-segregating (charter schools, afro-centric education, HBCU’s) to direct resources at minority’s particular needs. But the former South had segregated primarily to direct resources AWAY from black schools.

    The obvious hypocracy in the application of the “separate but equal” formulation, led to the ideological view that any belief in racial differences translates into the right to discriminate against the minority. Which is the barrier HBD faces to this day.

  2. nonserviam says:

    Like Jared Taylor, I believe in complete freedom of association. I oppose both forcible segregation and forcible integration.

  3. nonserviam says:

    I also don’t believe that miscegenation itself is much of a problem, if at all. Racial differences between Blacks and Whites in America are deep enough to make that a marginal phenomenon. Interracial coupling of that sort usually involve “high-value” blacks and “low-value” whites — i.e. the area where the bell curves overlap.

  4. (un)concerned says:

    Don’t look to the South for any answers to what you see as the big racial questions. They (we) are bad examples. In addition to having a history of real exploitation of black people, albeit one that occurred before most of us were born, white Southerners are probably the most socially conscious people on the planet. What do “real” Southern whites care about the most – what other people think of them.

    For some reason, being a political thinker is a major liability if you want to be one of the good ole boys down here. You can’t be too serious about anything or you don’t get to hang out with all of the socially dominant beautiful people. It’s a sort of nerd-phobia on steroids.

    They mostly talk about sports, sex, drinking/drugs and of the good old days during which all of them were involved in those wonderful pursuits. It’s pathetic. Believe it or not, there are a lot of intelligent people here, but they’re outcasts as children until they start engaging in the southern version of “keeping it real,” regardless of their politics. I am still an untouchable, myself.

    I could go on for hours……

  5. Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

    I hope people noticed that 54% of the 18-29 demographic would support the ban! They are only beaten by the 65+ crowd (56%).

    In the 30-65 crowd only 39% would.

    Poor sampling. Or hope where there should be none?

    • (un)concerned says:

      I don’t think miscegenation should be illegal, and I’m more than a little concerned about our extinction. To outlaw inter-racial dating would be tyranny. I doubt the whites who stated that miscegenation should be legal are indifferent to the coming demise of their own people. They just don’t think the government should be telling people who they can and can’t have sex with.

      As far as the US no longer being a ninety percent white country is concerned, it’s water under the bridge by now. You can’t put that genie back.

      I’m more concerned about the prospect of our people being subjugated in the future. If we’re going to be a minority, we need to start thinking like a minority – and fast. Our time is coming. We need to learn to stand up for ourselves in a way that is conducive to living in peace with others. I don’t like the prospect of going to a forced labor camp when I’m an old man.

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        Oh I don’t think miscegenations should be outlawed either. But I termed this pattern “hope where there should be none” because how many of those people who support such legislation are PC? How many are selfhating? How many are likley to support unlimited immigration? How many of them are likley to marry outside their race?

  6. Dear Jay :

    I wish you an excellent trip to Madagascar.

    Please take a lot of pictures and post them when you get back.

    We’ll miss reading your regular and wonderful posts.


    – crimesofthetimes.com

  7. RS says:

    > To outlaw inter-racial dating would be tyranny.

    Cosmos also proves tyranical in the end, demanding that we trust in the grave, when we never consented to being born. What’s +/-2% tyranny in the grand scheme of things? You simply can’t be a race preservationist, in actual practice, while also being quite as tough on tyranny as that.

    There will be more or less complete amalgamation under your law, though it may take a while.

    Not that you shouldn’t draw the line somewhere. There are things I wouldn’t do for my goals. I just think you are drawing the line a little unreasonably, for my taste.

  8. Harpo Marx says:

    Most White Americans have Indian ancestors making inter-racial marriage a fact of life.

    I wonder if the polled Republicans north of the m/d line?

  9. Annoyed says:

    Well it’s nice to see at least some people have yet to completely submit.

    A problem which has been perhaps purposefully created is that most of the people who care are not in a position to do much.

    Colleges are dominated by anti-white liberals, the federal government has a clear anti-white liberal agenda along with the media, etc.

    As a university student I rarely even hint onto my political beliefs, doing so could cause a social firestorm and besides damaging me personally I doubt it would have any effect on racial issues.

    Thus many general education classes consist of me essentially being silently lectured to on how terrible it is people believe what I believe. I’m sure this brainwashes many impressionable college students and so another generateion of fools is created.

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