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White genocide

I had a difficult day at work so I’m in the mood for a fight.  On second thought, I’ll settle for a debate and today’s victim will be Robert Lindsay.  Last month he published a post called “More Nonsense About … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Half Sigma recently told us, concerning the name “Brooklyn” for a girl, that… When I think of Brooklyn, I think of graffiti and traffic and guidos with low-class accents and neighborhoods of black people. This is not something I would … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

None of the following merit their own post, so I’m throwing them together. On miscegenation in Europe.  I noticed a few white male/ black female couples.  They were almost all older.  My impression is that many middle-aged white men in … Continue reading

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Rembrandt and Escher: Masters of transition

I was in Amsterdam for a while and, while there, I visited the rijksmuseum.  What I saw there left a powerful impression upon me.  In the Rijksmuseum one can see, in all their glory, some of the more famous works … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Europe’s graffiti

Travelling around Europe, I saw a lot of graffiti.  Other than what I’ve already written, that this is one sign of Europe’s decline, I wanted to share a few thoughts about this. Firstly I wanted to give credit where credit … Continue reading

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Racism: seek and ye shall find it

I once again had the misfortune of stumbling upon an abomination from the Oregonian.  So I thought I’d share it with the rest of y’all.  Misery loves company.  This one is from Thursday, May22 and is titled, “A rental market … Continue reading

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“He who controls the past…”

George Orwell  wrote, in 1984, “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”  Our rulers, and their media lapdogs, understand this well.  What is considered “history”, by the hostile elite, tells us … Continue reading

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Madagascar, an “African” island part II

Robert Lindsay has taken issue with my post about black Africans not being capable of reaching Madagascar even though it is so close to the African coast.  Here are his objections: 1)  There may have been pre-Austronesian people in Madagascar … Continue reading

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The tragedy of Madagascar and of Europe

My travel adventures have come to an end and it is time to start posting, in earnest, my reflections on what I have seen.  Also, now that I am home, I can start posting some of the many photos I … Continue reading

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Europe is doomed

As some of you may have gathered, I’ve been in Europe the last few days.  I’ve been hopping around with a Europass and staying at cheap hotels and hostels.  I’ve seen many wondrous things here.  Cathedrals, castles, museums and statues.  … Continue reading

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