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“The Revolt of Asia” by Upton Close

I just finished reading “The Revolt of Asia” (1927), a copy of which I had picked up in Europe.  It provides an interesting between-the-wars perspective on the receding influence and power of the white man (AKA the fall of Western … Continue reading

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“Sexual Utopia in Power” by Roger Devlin

I just finished reading Roger Devlin’s essay “Don’t Marry“.  It is extremely well-written and I highly recommend it.

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Tit for tat

A Colorado woman is being charged with felony sexual abuse for groping the breast of a TSA agent.  According to Yahoo news: PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say a Colorado woman who allegedly groped a female Transportation Security Administration agent at … Continue reading

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Fast food and diversity

Sometimes it seems as if an entire generation of Americans is growing up without any knowledge of cooking.  Many young Americans would probably starve if all the fast food joints closed down.  They wouldn’t have a clue how to make … Continue reading

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Gay curriculum in California

It turns out that the gay curriculum law I blogged about recently has been signed into law (thanks to Mangan for the link): Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Thursday that makes California the first state in the nation to require … Continue reading

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We have the advantage in the streets

There is only so much that can be done in the blogosphere; each blog has its readers – and the occasional drifter – but even a million pro-white, conservative, blogs are not going to bring about meaningful change.  Those of … Continue reading

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The end of the world: Nibiru

The folks at anti-Jewish sites and forums have been demanding that I reveal the Jewish plan for world domination.  So I shall finally oblige them and reveal our evil plot. Using special Jewish Kabbalistic powers, we have been plotting to … Continue reading

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Practical tips for Mivtzoyim*

Yesterday I went door to door again distributing some flyers.  It was a two-sided flyer this time.  One side had my updated “Stop the Hatred” flyer while the other featured one of Unamusement Park’s recent creations.  Here’s the updated “Stop … Continue reading

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The Ainu – the “other” white people

It is almost indisputable that the Japanese were guilty of genocide against the Ainu inhabitants of the far North.  In enotes, under “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity”, we find: Japanese employed different discriminatory policies towards its ethnic minorities, who were … Continue reading

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What are they really trying to say?

Regular readers of this blog already know that there is no colorblindness within the mainstream media, just as there is no gender-blindness.  When a “person of color” is shown, it is because the producers specifically wanted a “person of color”. … Continue reading

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