Amren recently linked to an article, in the New York Daily News, that bemoaned the plight of black women.  Lost in the discussion about black women was an important statement about black men:

And if all this weren’t enough to leave black women on the wrong side of happy, unmarried black women have to contend with black men who, according to social science data, are more likely than any other group of men to maintain relationships with multiple women.

The mainstream media has a tendency to couch valid criticism of non-whites in terms that make it sound like the perpetrators are actually victims.  Thus we find statements such as black women “suffer from being overweight” or “rising tide of violence impacting historically African American neighborhoods “.  Here too, it is only permissible for them to make a negative statement about black men because it is framed in such a way that blacks (female blacks) are victims.

Now that the Daily News has admitted that black men are less faithful, will some of those foolish mudsharks take heed?