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The Oregonian: Oregon SAT’s lose some ground

Under the (front page) headline, “Oregon SAT’s lost some ground”, the Oregonian (Sept. 15, 2011) tells us: Oregon’s high school seniors are testing increasingly lower on the annual SAT’s, based on results released Wednesday by the College Board. Average test … Continue reading

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One more post about The Ashkenazi Revolution

My initial intention was not to actually make money off the translation; only to offset the expenses I incurred in the process.  The point of this blog is not to be a business for me, or any other type of … Continue reading

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The Ashkenazi Revolution is done!

Well… not that there actually was an Ashkenazi Revolution; what I mean to say is that I’ve finally finished translating the book – and putting together the glossary, preface and a brief biography of the author.  It’s all available now!  … Continue reading

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The “Circle of Racism”

Somebody recently asked me to elaborate on the definition of “racism”.  Here is a graphic representation of how racial-egalitarian leftists define it (bearing in mind that this definition only applies to whites). It’s alright, according to them, to express a … Continue reading

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Please, no more “African-American” government officials

As long as black history is celebrated, racial “goals” are set, racial “social justice” is sought and blacks are considered de-facto victims – we have the right to demand that said “African-Americans” not be allowed to hold important government positions. … Continue reading

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Retards at work in Israel

I came across this video, and it makes me wonder if the featured Israelis have I.Q.’s beyond single digits.   If they care so much for black Africans, nobody is stopping them from going to Africa and helping them there. … Continue reading

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Why can’t white celebrities have as much conviction as Katt Williams?

According to The Daily News: Comedian Katt Williams isn’t really sorry for an anti-Mexican rant he made during a performance, he said on CNN on Saturday morning. In fact, despite an apology attributed to him released by his publicist earlier this week, Williams said he “meant … Continue reading

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A person? A painting?

I found this at  Strike the Root, and wanted to share it with the rest of y’all.  Truly amazing!  

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New York Daily News: Black men more likely to cheat

Amren recently linked to an article, in the New York Daily News, that bemoaned the plight of black women.  Lost in the discussion about black women was an important statement about black men: And if all this weren’t enough to … Continue reading

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Flyer distribution is catching on

An anonymous reader has contacted me and told me that, inspired by unamused and myself, he has been distributing his own flyer, which he calls  HATE CRIME ALERT DENVER.   I know of others who have also been distributing flyers … Continue reading

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