Four murdered in crime spree

David Pederson and Holly Grisby are not the type of people most of us admire; they went on a crime spree that claimed the lives of four people.  Pederson started by murdering his own father.  The couple was already wanted in connection with the death of Pederson’s stepmother and 19 year old Cody Myers.

But it so happens that one of the four victims is “African-American”, so The Oregonian tells us:

 Investigators think Clark, who is African American, met the two randomly, O’Neill said. Although both Grigsby and Pedersen have past ties to white supremacist groups, O’Neill said Clark’s death has not been categorized as a hate crime.

“However, we obviously aren’t going to rule out any motives,” he said.

White murderers beware!  If even one out of four of your victims happen to be black, you will be suspected of a hate-crime (assuming you have “past ties to a white supremacist group”).  This is just one more example of how the hostile elite, and the media, inject race into any situation if it helps them portray non-whites as victims.  meanwhile, it seems to me that the “mainstream media” has taken notice of the growing racial awareness on the internet and they are more careful than ever to omit racial details if they portray “people of color” (particularly blacks) negatively.

The odds are fairly high that at least one of the two U.S. soldiers, accused of recent rapes in Korea, is black.  So far, their identities are a closely guarded secret.  A recent Oregonian article, about Oregon school test scores, had no mention of race whatsoever – in contrast to its historical habit of mentioning “the gap” in such articles.  In short, I believe that the “mainstream media” reaction to increased racial consciousness will be increased censorship.  I also predict that the Federal government will cease keeping track of race in crime statistics.  Spokesmen for the FBI, for example, will announce that our nation “needs to move beyond race” – or something to that effect.  The real intention will be to hide the inordinate amount of black on white, and black on Asian, crime.


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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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7 Responses to Four murdered in crime spree

  1. Annoyed says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I read that.

    How the media spins everything is really bothersome.

    Really though it’s kind funny when you think about it, blacks commit far more murders then whites – so often that it’s considered normal. But when a white person does it, it’s so shocking.

    The same goes for everything blacks do, there really is a double standard and the little secret no one says is that they either consciously or subconsciously expect blacks to be this way.

    Anyway apparently to the media the most important fact about those two is that they are “white supremacists”. Like it makes any difference what so ever…

  2. a random user name says:

    Note that I don’t know what the beliefs of this murderer are. They may indeed be supremacist. And I don’t know what his motivations were for committing those crimes, or their validity. The following comment is a comment on the media and society in general.

    I love how there is no such thing as “White Nationalism” in the MSM. This is probably just the MSM taking their cue from the ADL, who can’t raise money without finding Nazis under the bed somewhere.

    Unfortunately what that means is that valid concerns get censored – there is no middle ground (i.e. peacefully advocating for your own rights) between laying back and enjoying the shafting of PC, versus the Hollywood version of a supremacist/Neo-Nazi.

    There is no safety valve.

    One of the goals of PC has been to weaken the justice system as part of weakening defence mechanisms of white society in general. In most of the Western world now, there is very little justice. Criminals are protected. The focus is on reducing the false positives of the justice system to the point where a moderately intelligent criminal will literally get away with murder, time and time again. Ditto the smart child molester and the smart rapist.

    In an attempt to save that “one innocent man” (see countless Hollywood movies from 12 Angry Men through to The Green Mile, The Life of David Gale, The Lincoln Lawyer), our justice systems are systematically condemning orders of magnitude times that number of innocent men, women and children to vicious crimes that are far more cruel and unusual than what the justice system metes out. The unintended consequence of this unrealistic standard is anything but just.

    Another goal of PC – reducing the care of (white) children to an afterthought that you should be embarrassed about (why not place the children of irresponsible Ethiopians ahead of your own – how dare you think otherwise!). So when your own children are not important, they can be considered as assets you can do with what you please.

    While it is not my way of dealing with that sort of situation, I can certainly imagine the emotion that comes with receiving years of sexual abuse. And when the system is constructed to favor the criminal, the lazy, the dishonest, the calculating – is it any wonder when people adopt the methods of the criminal in response? Often there appears to be no other way to achieve justice.

    It is not solely PC to blame. For example, the emphasis on quantitative accountability and revenue raising has forced police to under-report crime, while going after soft targets to raise revenue (speeding tickets). However, it has a lot to do with the situation.

    • seedofjapheth says:

      Jewamongyou’s blog seems like a reasonable middle ground where reasonable white ethnic advocates can speak up about their concerns. So maybe at this point we don’t have a situation in the MSM where we have reasonable white ethnic advocacy but God created the blogosphere for a reason so we have that reasonable middle ground here.

  3. destructure says:

    This is just one more example of how the hostile elite, and the media, inject race into any situation if it helps them portray non-whites as victims.

    I think the injection of race into this story may have been more of an opportunity to link pro-white sentiments with a bad smell (in this case murder) than to portray blacks as victims. Although that certainly may have been a secondary consideration. It’s just that I’ve noticed that whenever there is even the slightest connection to pro-white sentiment to something ugly then its mentioned. No doubt these two were some really bad characters — most murderers are. But the story didn’t indicate any racial connection. They just kind of stuck it in there with a *wink*.


    I also agree with “a random user” that the justice system is so determined not to convict a single innocent person that they’re letting the guilty go free. Or at least letting people off with a few years when they should have been dancing on a leash. I’m sure that innocent people go to prison. And I’m sure there have been innocent people who’ve paid the ultimate price. And that’s tragic. But I also think it’s necessary and serves a purpose.

    People should be scared of committing crime. And an innocent person getting the death penalty scares criminals just as bad as a guilty person getting the death penalty. Because there are only two people who really know of the person’s innocence. As far as the other criminals know, justice was served and that’s a powerful message.

    Besides, the “innocent” person who takes a fall usually has quite a rap sheet for other crimes. So it’s hardly a loss to society. I look at it this way, if someone commits enough heinous crime their name gets entered into the death penalty “lottery”. Maybe they actually committed the murder and maybe they didn’t. *shrugs*

  4. Annoyed says:

    So in the event either of you two are wrongfully convicted of a crime, I suppose you will happily serve your sentences knowing that regardless of if you did it or not, you going to prison or being executed is protecting society by scaring criminals?

    The answer is of course no.

    Frankly both your comments are wholly absurd and are soviet thinking in its purest form.

    • destructure says:


      Don’t be a dick. I never said innocent people should go to prison. I think reasonable means should be taken to ensure that innocent people are never even tried. And indeed reasonable means are taken. Not only do prosecutors have discretion but the guilty are provided a jury trial. It’s very difficult for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Indeed, innocent people rarely even see the inside of a courtroom. If you think otherwise then you’ve been watching too much Perry Mason. I believe this whole “wrongly convicted” garbage is exploited by people who are soft on crime.

      Not that there isn’t an occasional “wrong conviction”. But it’s interesting how many of these people who were “wrongly convicted” actually have previous arrests for some pretty heinous crimes. When investigators are confronted with a murder and one of the suspects has a long rap sheet he’s going to get the finger. Too f’ing bad. Maybe he should have thought about that before he committed so many crimes. Now, I expect him to whine and bitch. I would, too. But it’s not likely to happen to me because I’ve never committed a serious crime.

      Do you know what the moral of the story is?

  5. Californian says:

    Also might note how the media trumpeted Anders Breivik (the Norwegian shooter) was blond-blue-eyed-white. I wonder if the media is not really afraid of some third world or Islamic insurgency breaking out in Europe/North America that they are deluding themselves by concentrating on white violence? A lot of liberal motivation comes down to rationalizing away real threats which they can deal with, such as black-on-white violence. Instead, they give a convenient scapegoat in a small number of far right/WN perpetrators who can be contained.

    For now.

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