The severe shortage of women in China has prompted many Chinese men to seek love elsewhere.  China already gets oil, copper and other natural resources from the Dark Continent – why not women as well?  There is, of course, a natural barrier to Chinese men marrying black African women:  The Attraction Gap.  East Asian men are among the least sought after males in the world and black African women among the least sought after females in the world – but not in the sense that they would tend to attract each other.   It would normally take extraordinary circumstances to bring them together.  But there is a solution:  Ethiopians. Ethiopians are heavily Caucasian/Semitic in origin.  This makes them more palatable to Chinese men.  A post on the blog Evo and proud reports:

In this, China is in the worst situation. On the one hand, it has the most unbalanced sex ratio in East Asia. On the other, its bachelors are poorly positioned in the international marriage market, since they earn much less money than do bachelors in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Where can they go to find wives?

The most likely place seems to be sub-Saharan Africa, with Ethiopia being especially likely. With their relatively light skin and fine features, Ethiopian women seem to be the most attractive candidates. Chinese entrepreneurs are also well established in that country. This topic came up on an online thread about Chinese-Ethiopian marriages.  One Chinese commenter wrote:

In China the Ethiopian women is revered as a Holy God. Every day we say prayer that God will send us an Ethiopian woman for marriage so that our children are smart, beautiful, and clever like Ethiopia.

Indeed, the Caucasian element within Ethiopians gives some of their women a specific type of beauty that is entirely Ethiopian (but reminiscent of Indians in my opinion).

Ethiopians seem to be well aware of this element in their ancestry.  It is also reflected in their traditional art, for example:

Unfortunately, their 40% Eurasian ancestry doesn’t do much to bring up their average I.Q.; the higher I.Q.’s of Caucasians apparently evolved much later than the back-migration into Africa.  How would a racially conscious Chinese man deal with this fact?

Bojing:  I think I’m falling for you Makeda; you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met!

Makeda: I am so lucky to have met you Bojing.  You are so handsome!  Kiss me Bojing!!

Bojing: Here.  I brought you some flowers.

Makeda:  That is so sweet!  Bojing, please marry me and take me back with you to China!

Bojing:  There is this little matter of regression to the mean…

Realistically, he would be thinking of her other assets at that point – such as her cooking abilities.

Note: Having just visited Ethiopia myself, I made some changes to this post. I did not see any Chinese men with Ethiopian women while there. But I did shoot some photos of lovely Ethiopian women. Be sure to check out that post, and the others related to Ethiopia!