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“No longer colorblind”

Did you hear the latest?  President Obama has announced he will “no longer be thrifty with tax money”.  Kind of reminds me of when the Nazis announced, late in 1944, that they would “no longer coddle the Jews”, or when … Continue reading

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Autistic child trapped in her own body

Latte Island recently posted an extraordinary video about an autistic girl who had been unable to communicate, until one day she started typing on a computer keyboard.  I tried to post a comment there but, for some reason, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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A libertarian defense for the War on Some Drugs

I’m about to do something I loath.  I find it very distasteful to cite the Oregonian without attacking it.  But one can find valuable things even in puddles of bile and vomitus.  From the article: Horrific murder no surprise in … Continue reading

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Liberal Douche Garofalo

Eugenicist is on a posting hiatus, but she still gives me good ideas for this blog now and then.  Here are some nice memes, of a genre called “liberal douche Garofalo”.  Enjoy! There are many more where those came from – … Continue reading

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“MAX attack not so simple”

We recently saw news reports of blacks attacking a white on the Portland MAX (train).  According to the Oregonian, and the powers that be, this attack wasn’t racially motivated.  Therefore, hate-crime charges will not be pursued.  We are told: Police have … Continue reading

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Why do they always blame the Jews?

Julie Kroll, of The Wrap, asks a fairly good question:  “Why do they always blame the Jews?” Have you noticed how celebrities who seem to reach a crisis moment in their lives lately bring up the Holocaust or engage in … Continue reading

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Queen Beatrix of Netherlands wears headscarf on state visit to U.A.E.

Hat tip to Human Stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) for bringing this to my attention.  Should the figurehead monarch of a historically Christian nation honor Islam by covering her head while visiting mosques in Muslim countries?  Many … Continue reading

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day

Human stupidity brought a positive turn of events to my attention.  The government of Ireland is now allowing homeowners to protect themselves with lethal force.  In the past, the law required them to retreat in the face of an intruder.  … Continue reading

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Why does the “mainstream media” hate Ron Paul?

It seems to me that the “mainstream media” hates Ron Paul mainly because it is simply an organ of the entrenched establishment and status quo.  We live in a big-government, anti-freedom, anti-white, sports-oriented world – and the powers that be … Continue reading

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Cesar in Merida

One of the things I love about travel is the opportunity it offers to meet interesting people.  It is not uncommon for seemingly unfortunate circumstances to present possibilities for new friendships.  Unpleasant situations often turn out to be among the … Continue reading

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