After I was attacked on Robert Linday’s blog, Gay State Girl came to my defense.  This is some of what she wrote:

If you delve deeper into JAY’s blog, you’ll find out that he is quite sympathetic to the Palestinians-and he reserves his biting rhetoric for Blacks and Latinos, (which is contradictory in itself as he also claims their behaviors are inate) my emphasis

Thank you Gay State Girl.  Now let me address the “contradiction” in my approach.

Yes, I believe genetics has a role in behavior, and that the responsible genes/alleles are not evenly distributed among human populations.  This much should not even be controversial.  It would take an act of God to see to it that humanity was uniform in this respect.  It also would not make any sense, given the huge variation in environments that humans have adapted to.

But I do not believe that humans are automatons with no free will, or that they lack responsibility for their own actions.  For example, my own genetics cause me to be attracted to that beautiful woman I see walking down the street.  Yet I do not pounce on her and have my way with her.  This is because I am intelligent enough to understand both morality and consequences.  Even if my I.Q. were 85, I would still be able to restrain myself.  This is why even the not-so-bright are punished for their crimes.  People who are truly mentally retarded are not held responsible for their crimes; they are held to the same moral standard as animals.

Most blacks and Hispanics are not mentally retarded.  They have the ability to make choices.  We understand that, since they tend to be less intelligent than whites and Asians, on average they will make poorer choices than the latter.  But this does not absolve individuals from responsibility. Our genes help define who we are.  They give us strengths and challenges.  It is up to each of us to make the best of our lot.  Therefore, we have the right to praise, or condemn, others based on their choices.

Furthermore, there are enough bright people within the black and Hispanic communities to serve as leaders.  These leaders should take the weaknesses of their respective groups into consideration.  A true leader understands his people and keeps their best interest in mind.  Black leaders should be encouraging blacks to pursue livelihoods that fit their skills and aptitudes.  Instead, they tell their flock that every single one of them is Ivy League material.

Hispanic leaders should be looking at what makes white societies so successful and such a pleasure to live in.  Then they should urge Hispanics to be more like whites in those respects.  Instead, they tell their flock that the U.S. should be a part of Mexico.  If Mexicans come here for “a better life”, then this is the exact opposite of what they should be advocating.

But our grievance is also against the powerful people who deny us the right to live among our own.  Even if nature has condemned black and Hispanic societies to be less desirable than white ones, whites would not end up suffering from them if not for the forced integration policies that have been put in place.  We need to place the blame, for these policies, where it belongs and work to change them.  So, when I direct my “biting rhetoric” at blacks and Hispanics, it’s not that I care about how they run their own societies.  It’s because I resent the fact that we are not allowed to separate from them and enjoy our own.