A black answer to black-on-white rape statistics

Thanks to Destructure for pointing me to the Afro-centric blog called “Abagond“. In response to one of my replies there, I was directed to the following post:

reading while white: black rape statistics

Wed 23 Nov 2011 by abagond

Some white people have trouble reading American rape statistics.

White commenters will say stuff like this:

Fact – blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women.

or this:

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

They back this up with the infamous Table 40 or 42 of the US Department of Justice’s yearly “Criminal Victimization in the United States, Statistical Tables”.

Here are the latest numbers for black-and-white rapes from Table 42:

Table 42. Personal crimes of violence, 2008:

Percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, by type of crime, race of victim, and perceived race of offender

Rape/sexual assault (a), Race of victim:

  • White only 117,640: perceived race of offender: 74.9% white, 16.4%* black
  • Black only 46,580: perceived race of offender: 0.0%* white, 74.8%* black

The star means “Estimate is based on 10 or fewer sample cases.”

So if you take 16.4% of the 117,640 white women raped in 2008 that gives you 19,286 white women raped by black men! That means that even if as many as ten white men raped  black women that year, the highest number allowed by the table, blacks rape white women 1,927 (yes 1,927) times more than whites rape black women.

So our commenters seem to be pretty much right.

Well, no:

Misreading #1: The numbers are not about “rape” but “rape and sexual assault (a)”. Sexual assault means any kind of unwanted sexual touching, like groping or kissing. And the “(a)” means “Includes verbal threats of rape and threats of sexual assault”. So it is way more than just rape. Rape is probably just a small part of it.

Misreading #2: Notice that the star meaning “ten or fewer” applies not just to white-on-black “rape and sexual assault (a)” but to black-on-white cases too! So if we claim that ten or fewer black women were raped by white men then we should also say that ten or fewer white women were raped by black men!

Misreading #3: The star means “Estimate is based on 10 or fewer sample cases”, the key word here being “sample”. They did not ask everyone in the country but a sample of 77,852 people, about one in 4,000. So there could have been as many as 40,000 black women raped by white men that year!

Misreading #4: The reason for the star is because ten or fewer sample cases are way too few to draw any firm statistical conclusions. Mere chance could throw the numbers way off.

As it turns out, of the 77,852 people surveyed, only 56 people reported “rape and sexual assault (a)”. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) only 7.5% of sexual assaults are rapes and of those only 6.7% are between whites and blacks. So out of the 56 sample cases, maybe only 4 were rape and of those probably none were interracial.

So this is a case of white people seeing what they want to see, of misreading facts to fit racist stereotypes.

Destructure says that Abagond is an intelligent man. This may be so; plenty of white liberals are intelligent too – and, as Jared Taylor has pointed out, this is how they manage to perform the mental gymnastics they do.

Most of the comments on that thread seem to be based on the belief that government statistics are skewed in favor of whites, and that the powers that be wish to show blacks in a bad light. If this were the case, then why would the government count Hispanics as “white” when they are perpetrators, but as “Hispanic” when they are victims? Clearly, they are trying to make whites look worse.

I won’t waste time debunking Abagond’s claims above. It’s enough to point out his claim that a sample size of over 77,000 is not enough. That every single case would have to be analyzed in order to achieve reliable statistics. The flaws in his argument are obvious, and what we have here is bitterness, not objectivity.

There was one comment, by a woman called Stacy, that caught my eye:

one thing i will say is that bw may be a little too street smart to be raped by wm. i remember as young girl growing up from about nine to seventeen, while walking to the store, white men always summoning me to get into their car. of course, we black girls already knew that wm were perverts and we would never even dream about getting into a car with one of them.

Would a rapist summon his victims into his car like that? More likely the white men in question were looking for prostitutes and they figured, correctly or not, that black girls would be more likely to accommodate them. Commercial sex was probably what they were after, not rape. I also wonder if Stacy never had black men summoning her to get in their cars. Perhaps this was so common she didn’t even take notice; it was the white ones who stuck out in her mind. Since she had no interest in them, they would have been “perverts” in her eyes. It seems to be the rule among women that the advances of an attractive man are “flattering”, while the advances of an unattractive man are “perverse”.

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I am a paleolibertarian Jew who is also a race-realist. My opinions are often out of the mainstream and often considered "odd" but are they incorrect? Feel free to set me right if you believe so!
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  1. destructure says:

    Destructure says that Abagond is an intelligent man.

    Intelligent? Yes. Brilliant? No.

    Regardless, intelligence doesn’t preclude prejudice. And most views and opinions are based on prejudice not reason. That’s true for everyone. It takes a tremendous amount of emotional maturity to subordinate one’s prejudices to reason. Unfortunately, many of his readers appear to be willfully prejudiced. They won’t acknowledge any fault in blacks or any goodness in whites. Even when the facts turn out to be indisputably against them a typical response would be, “One could see how we could have thought that because whites are so bad.”

    • Brandon says:

      Do you even understand the new study that “proves” this? If so can you or someone explain it to me better in a simpler way because I must be misunderstanding it if that were true that would mean every race decided or were made to move and spread around the world and find their “own” land while blacks decided to stay. Do you remember colonizing America and only Indians were found here.? I however would like a real explanation not a a lot of random things that don’t really prove anything. I mean all these people from different races just decided to spread out from Africa and make their own land with seemingly no exceptions? No, a multi-regional theory is much more believable.

  2. Aussie Lady says:

    I have only one answer for blacks whining about whites. If you don’t like us then f&%^& off back to Africa!!!

    • donwreford says:

      You may yourself return to Africa, any intelligent person knows we all originate from African ancestry.

      • Good point.

        But in the case of US Blacks, they came from Africa less then 200 years ago, while Whites had much longer then 50 000 years (how much really?) to evolve and change after moving out of Africa. The lily white skin of Nordic blondes is improper for life in Africa without sun screen.

        Add to this some Blacks in Europe that just arrived a few years ago and just engage in the worst riots London and Paris has seen in decades.

      • AL Dzefchenzellester says:

        If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that there has been 5 iterations of human on this world, and only 2 started in Africa proper. There is no way a human can evolve from a slime-mold, and no way a Scandinavian human “evolved” from a black African human. Newton was more or less correct, and Darwin was more or less incorrect.

      • donwreford says:

        I am not sure what barrow you are pushing dzefchenzellester, you have what I would call a weird name that is not that enlightening to me as one looks up your profile, as to regard to slime I mention Jacob Bronowski, a scientist of distinction who did a TV. series in and around the 1990s, on anthropology of note, the final graphic of this series is a graphic image of him raising in his hand something resembling mud, I mention this as he is a intelligent person whom most who would be writing on this blog are less intelligent, as for the Scandinavian countries quote of them being a different strand to the general evolution of mankind is possible, what is salient is they are from the same species of life at some point.
        What you seem to be on about is a superior human matrix, I have no problem with you on this, my point with this idea is the assumption as to who is the most advanced branch of humans? my opinion for what it is worth is the present controlling elite are not the most intelligent people on this planet, what is more the most highly intelligent or conscious are unknown, this is because they are not in part of the system that recognizes these people, and also the personnel making up this elite do not desire to be known, as this would be a futile exercise of the corrupt and deranged persecuting these humans.
        If we get back to the blacks and rape, may be right as stats go, although the stats would have to be gone into as to what is going on, from my point of view, I have little desire to continue this conversation as I am not interested in winning, so what ever your views are or others on this subject, just go for it with those who have a commitment to this idea. Thanks for the enlightening comment.

      • mutationsRcool says:

        actually human2stupidity, you have it backwards
        white people had to evolve a special gene to be able to live in Europe
        now with supplements, black people can take vitamin d and live in Europe just fine, but people with too much melanin in their skin can’t get enough vitamin d from the sunlight in Europe, which means the melanin causes huge vitamin d deficiencies without it, and you can start showing signs of jaundice without it, and then the large amounts of bilirubin that go with it, into the brain, can be fatal if not taken care of. also, in the northern states, where there is often more darkness than light, blue eyes are incredibly useful. people with blue and green eyes can pick up on dimmer light, and see color at night too.

        white people could pack their shit and go move to Africa. they did, and they still can, and they did so before sunblock. they were just fine, because the only disease you have to worry about from the blazing sun is melanoma, which shit, even the ancient Egyptians were able to surgically remove skin cancer. (also, if it wasn’t for modern medicine, our very presence as white people would kill off a lot of people, because living so much longer than most other populations with cattle, and having huge population drops from the black death, Europeans have a ridiculously robust immune system. that same gene is also what let’s some small percentage of Germanic people to be exposed to HIV without contracting it.)

        if you wanted to diss the genes of white people, you should’ve gone with the Tibetan plateau, but then again, we’d all die if we had to try to survive in the plateau, because we don’t have the gene to reduce hemoglobin, which is why they can do laborious activities at an elevation that would kill most people.

        groups of people who have genes that the rest of us don’t share, because of population isolation, the differences really are benign and rather irrelevant, especially when two people from different populations reproduce, now that child as evolutionary advantages from both sides. or like in Jamaica, their population is smaller than Los Angeles, which let a really really unique gene develop. The knees of most children in Jamaica are perfectly symmetrical, not something seen anywhere else in the world. You can see it when Usain Bolt runs, he runs differently than most of his opponents. He almost has a leaned back position, while his knees come up very high, like his legs are just pulling him along. There’s a lot of sport science doctors who think this might be one of the big contributing factors to his utter domination of the highest levels of track and field.

      • Alex says:

        And truly intelligent people recognize that there is a different between ones ancestors leaving Africa 100,000 years ago; and one personally leaving Africa 6 months ago.

      • Chiddex13 says:

        A response to human2stupidity: what you said is a sign of how our culture treats crime. There are a lot of African immigrants that assimilate very well to society.

    • Gemma says:

      I’m pretty sure white people don’t originate in Australia either!

    • Carol says:

      White people whine just as much and if you don’t like what is going on then you and your people should go back to England or wherever the hell your ancestors came from!

      Can’t stand Australians so damn hateful! Absolute worst!

      • jewamongyou says:

        Have you BEEN to England lately? It’s rapidly becoming majority non-white, and it’s been ruled by anti-whites for decades now. Even some on the Left are now admitting that they’ve gone too far.

    • Donna williams says:

      Well the white men brought blacks here for them to b slaves. So why should they go back. They have been here serving the white man. Maybe the white man needs to go to africa. Js.

      • donwreford says:

        The Blacks were from inception a underclass, this useful division and assisted by easy recognition by color as opposed to the say British class system which if the individual were the under class could in time become amalgamated with the above class through university training and other disciplines such as acting, would become difficult to detect as to where any one came from? in contrast the blacks could be identified as a sub group and although they could bleach skin and so on would find the road difficult and for most impossible, the frustration of the blacks would be released as a temporary alleviation and a sort of revenge on wrong doing of past crimes of white oppression.
        The lack of opportunity for the blacks and the constant struggle for recognition as a equal to whites would exasperate the black psyche, instead of being a more diverse possibility of being involved with opportunities would substantiate a greater drive and sex ambition, some whites such as I believe Princess Margaret would enjoy the robust activity of amorous blacks, I would say many whites would enjoy being with blacks the inhibition of whites on blacks is in part having to deal with a class difference of class and money, the crimes of blacks are complex and need a lot more research than what is possible in these blogs such as prison populations of blacks incarcerated in greater numbers in terms of ratio than whites endorsing a resentment against white supremacy and creating a danger to the white population as seen with the crime of rape

      • mutationsRcool says:

        don’t blame Europe, blame the Moroccans, Mauritanians, Swahili, and the Abyssinians for creating the trade in the first place. the Europeans bought into it.

      • DAVID says:

        White men didn’t bring them here! White “JEWISH PEOPLE” did! Look up the history and check out the story about Jewish Ben Affleck’s grandfather was a slave holder under “find my roots”.

      • He’s in Africa – looting the natural resources.

    • Douglas Gonce says:

      Perhaps you should return to Europe. According to the same groups of statistics that this information comes from there is a large percentage of white on white homicide done by women. So that makes you a potential murderer just as much as any black man you meet. Stats are not perfect.

    • Kelly Witherspoon says:

      I never understood Why we tell black people to go back to Africa when they were brought over here against there free will? This land doesn’t belong to us either. Our people stole it from the Indians. What sickens me is that rape is rape. And some of you are race bating. I was raped, and it wasn’t a black man. The truth is, White males commit more rape on college campuses than any other race. I have been going to a support group for women who are victims of rape for eight years, and not one white women in our group was raped by a black man. And as a matter of fact, the black girl that was in our group was drugged and gang raped at her college, and it was all white boy’s. The colleges pay big money to keep these secrets out of the media. They also pay the victims to stay quiet, to keep their ivy league schools looking squeaky clean. So many rapes are committed against us at the hands of our own race, but aren’t being reported. So they make it seem like blacks are committing most of these crimes. I have been an activist for the last five years for rape victims, we all have been fed a lie. I travel and educate people about the lies about the statistics they give to the public. I have had death threats by my own race because they don’t want this truth out. I recently met a young lady who was raped by her cousin, and the family told her to tell the police it was a black man, and this happens in our white community more than the public is told. Now I’m really starting to see who the real super predictors are. We have to stop feeding into what the media is portraying about every other race, and look at ourselves as well.

      • jewamongyou says:

        What do you mean “our people” stole the land from the Indians? There were many different Native American tribes, and they frequently stole land from each other. But it’s only a problem when Europeans do it? Not that I’m okay with displacing native peoples; that’s why I’m against mass immigration into Europe today.

        Also, I notice you refer to “our people” when speaking of a negative act/a crime. Do you also refer to “our people” when speaking of positive things? Do you take pride in “your people” whens speaking of advances in medicine, astronomy, physics, architecture etc.?

        It could be that white males commit more rape on campuses than other races – but isn’t it true that there are far more white males than other males? So this would be expected, even if black males commit rape out of proportion to their numbers. We’d have to see an actual study comparing rape by race PER CAPITA – but this won’t happen because the powers that be don’t want the truth to be known. On this we can agree.

        A large proportion of rape is male on male, and it’s committed in prisons. Much of this, if not most, is done by black inmates.

        The media is extremely biased in favor of blacks. A few glances at headlines should make this obvious. This is why I take their reporting, on white crime, with a grain of salt.

        I take it you live in Australia, where there are relatively few blacks to begin with, so your own experiences might differ from what we have in the US.

    • We’ll go back to Africa and you’ll go back to Europe. Fair deal.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Most blacks, even African blacks, do not want to live in Africa. As for whites going back to Europe, it’s being destroyed, so that there won’t be any Europe to go back to.

  3. Lif says:

    Lets do some calculations:

    111,490 white victims of sexual assault
    36,620 black victims of sexual assault

    But only 56 people surveyed reported sexaul assault.

    So that is 36620/(36620+111490) = 14 black victims and 56-14 = 42 white victims

    The table says that 100% of black victims said that black men were the perps so all 14 black women were victimized by black men.

    The qualifier “Estimate is based on about 10 or fewer sample cases” is confusing to some people.

    10 or fewer black women reported white perps and because they all reported black perps we must conclude that the number of white perps is zero.

    56 cases is a small figure and we cannot infer the real amount of rapes committed by white men on black women.

    But lets say for argument’s sake that one of those 14 black women reported a white perp.

    Then (1/14)*36620 = 2615 black victims of white rapists

    And 33.6% * 111490 = 37 460 white victims of black rapists

    So blacks are (37460/2615) = 14.3 times more likely to rape white women than white men are to rape black women in our hypothetical scenario.

    RAINN reports that only 7.5% of sexual assaults are actual rapes but that doesn’t affect the ratio that we computed. Only the absolute number of victims.

    So Abagond is making a legitimate point in saying that it is incorrect to deduce from the stats that 10 or fewer white men raped black women and that the ratio is 1927 to 1.

    As my example illustrates the ratio is at the very least maybe 14 to 1 and in all likelyhood much higher. I see that blacks are 27.5 times more likely to rob whites than the other way around so this figure might be closest to the truth for rapes.

    ( source of data: http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv10.pdf )

    • Douglas Gonce says:

      One problem with all of this is that most or a very large number of rapes in the United States or for that matter anywhere go unreported. Other cases are statutory as well as falsely accused. Statistics are very difficult to keep for this area of crime.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Granted. But when our own experiences parallels such statistics, and we see black men pursuing white women far more commonly than the other way around, then the statistics are probably painting an accurate picture of reality.

  4. Californian says:

    I’d use the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report stats. And get the number of arrests for rape, and the number of reports of rape. Victimization surveys can be inaccurate; arrests and reports of crimes are closer to the reality, though obviously not all crime is reported, nor is an arrest made.

    The term “rape and sexual assault” skews things. This has especially been so in recent years as feminists, for various reasons, have inflated rape statistics by conflating them with sexual assault.

    See http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/ucr

  5. If the arrest data or victimization data is inaccurate, it could easily be inaccurate by undercounting white victimization or black criminality. The reverse is no more likely. I doubt that most of the between 12,000 and 140,000 annual prison rapes make it into the data (and under some state laws, almost none of them would qualify as rape).

  6. Unamused says:

    I’ve been meaning to write about this garbage, probably as part of my “Laws of black crime according to black people” series. It is obscene to make excuses and lie for the benefit of violent criminals simply because they belong to your race. However, it appears to be fairly typical black behavior.

    Take this article, by the race-baiting, demagogic freak Van Jones: “ARE Blacks A Criminal Race? Surprising Statistics” (Huffington Post). It would take hours to explain exactly how, and how badly, every one of his claims is wrong. I hereby sentence him to death for abuse of statistics.

    “I won’t waste time debunking Abagond’s claims above.”

    Good. Don’t. But I probably will, later.

    Also, denying the existence of the field of statistics is a fairly common tactic.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      Well, that’s because everyone* knows that statistics, logic, and science were invented by white men to oppress blacks and women.

      *Afrocentrists and Feminists

      • moby says:

        Can only speak from personal experience of living amoungst the black population for 10 years. It was 93% black & 7% white. All, I repeat ALL of the rapes during these 10 years were black on white, and in most cases the blacks screamed racial hatred at the victim while the rape was occuring.All of the robberies were black on white & again black power was used as the excuse…Yes, this was in prison, however the black guards who were NOT incarcerated often helped and/or participated in all of the above acts against the 7% white minority…As for me, I carried a knife & let it be felt to show I would die befor being abused, but after living amoung thousands of blacks in/and out of prison I know how they REALLY feel, and I know they will roll together 100% of the time against white in EVERY situation, even abuse…I am a cracker now, black man taught me to hate, not the white man or his inventions.I know where I stand & I try to educate white kids of the truth & hatred inside every black person…I know the truth & feel free to label me a racist.. Moby

      • Funny that Blacks and Women still like to use the products of white repressive science, like cars, iPhones, birth control, knives and guns.

        Moby: great point, I wish you said more about this and commented on Human-Stupidity.com, I do have an article about prison rape.

        At issue is not just lower criminality of Whites, but the simple fact that one singele White on Black rape would cause bigger riots and reprisals then George Zimmermann’s self defense killing.

    • Steven D says:

      All I know is that in my town, which is 90% white, all four murders and all 27 rapes have been committed by blacks or hispanics. It’s a fact. I’m not saying one race is better than another, but to imply – in town – that rapes and murders are committed by all races equally, is just disingenuous.

      • Chris says:

        So how many Blacks and Hispanics actually live in your town? Hispanics are lumped in with White crime rates in case you didn’t know that. Its a good way to hide their numbers in the vast White numbers.

  7. Lif says:

    From “The Color of Crime 2005”:

    “There were an average of 15,400 black-on-white rapes every year during
    this period (2001-2003). By contrast, there were only 900 “white”-on-black rapes every year.”


    “Unfortunately, although it has clear racial categories for victims,
    NCVS classifications for perpetrators are vague. Therefore, for the purposes of interracial crime only, we must refer to a “white” (with quotation marks)
    perpetrator category that includes some but not all Hispanics.”

    Source: http://www.colorofcrime.com/colorofcrime2005.pdf

  8. Lioness says:

    (edited out by JAY) go back to Europe. Your in Indian territory, or don’t you know your history. 

    There are just as many cases of bw being raped by wm as there are bm to wm. But moreover why are we turning rape statistics into race wars. Women are being abused and violated and regardless of race that is not something anyone should be supportive of; sadly it sounds here to me that people are looking for statistics to be higher to contend with their personal opinions about said groups, and that goes for both parties. At this time I feel very sad for the possibility of a solution to decreasing the number of annual rapes commited against women of all ethnicities. That is very disturbing and people really do have the wrong idea about this topic. Race should not distract from a solution or interest in, but that is obviously the case for you people. 

    In honesty as a gay black man I have had more advances and experienced possessiveness from white men than Black men, where they (white males) thought I’d put out because my being black in their eyes makes me sexually promiscuous. Im a twenty year old virgin. As I do not respond to these advances I often do become uncomfortable at the possibility of being attacked or forced upon because I haven’t properly fitted these people’s social mold that they (thanks to powerful stereotypes) believe in strongly. Im sure black women and other people of color have felt the same. And I have indeed been verbally attacked.

    Furthermore the most at risk people for any type of sexually abuse are domestic workers i.e. maids, who tend to be minorities, particularly Latina but including that other racial group; Black. This is exactly why films like The Help are absolutely no help to improving those women’s conditions because it does not accurately depict their environment, experiences, or in any way expose the struggles involving sexual abuse that they meet from their typically white clients. A dialogue on thus subject could have fosteted improvement on the situation had the film done right as if people had the right mi dset in this discussion. Id’ like to end by saying historically domestic servants en el Estados Unidos han sido mujeres negras.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I sense a little bitterness – and a lot of ignorance of the facts. Where do you get your information from?

    • tigress tiger tiger says:

      a gay black man named lioness who claims that “There are just as many cases of bw being raped by wm as there are bm to wm.” and backs it up by being a gay black man named lioness.

    • ummmmm the first whites were murdered by the illegal invading clovis indians. Several different tribes record that the whites where here first, and where then completely genocided by the indians as they moved south and east.

      Get your facts straight, gay black guy

  9. Destiny says:

    This is stupid…if everyone would just shut up, keep their hands to themselves, nothing would have happened we’d have more peace in this useless thing we call a world.. your fighting over how many girls got raped by men, what their races are? really?…in my opinion it doesn’t mater what race they are in the end..people got raped. The thing is WHITE people rape and BLACK people rape. Every race commits crimes. its stupid to fight over a color, its like your all little kids fighting over a crayon box. Stop it, cause in the end they are all little sticks of wax. We are all skeletons and bones. Maybe some people live back in the day, and are still mad they were used as slaves.. people get over it whats done is done. and the other race, you are no better than us, if you were you wouldn’t be in this crapped up world. So i’m not saying this article is wrong, i don’t know. I’m not saying its stupid, the person was expressing his feelings. I am a black person, but i would be the same if i was white, because half the time i forget i’m even a color. And i have loads of white friends and we hang all the time. My godmother is white, my mom black,. and my dad is black and Indian.

    • tigress tiger tiger says:

      Do you understand how meaningless and stupid everything you just said was. Next time just say Im going out to play ok?

      • Leslie says:

        I will not get in to statistics here, because I know the truth and that truth is that every rape is not reported, so how can anyone know the true numbers of wb rape or bw rape? I live here in America so I don’t study rapes around the world. All men have this testestorone that makes them go nuts around women. Women are raped for so many different reasons. It could be incest which has been reported in every race. It doesn’t matter the number or percentage of how many men rape women who share the same DNA as they do. I could be ignorant and say that Only hilbilly whites and rednecks rape their sisters and daughters, but in reality every race have reported incestual rapes. Then we have rapes where slaves whether they were Hebrew slaves from biblical times or African Slaves during the black holocaust. Date rape is rape and common sense tells me that white men
        date black women and black men date white women. These men oviously cannot take no for an answer when a woman refuses to have sex with them and they could end up raped by a man who just does not know how to control himself or perhaps he is raping a woman just to have that control over her.

        … (edited out by JAY for long-winded rambling about slavery and such. Keep it shorter and to the point.)

        We all are not 100% black or white. and as for rape… rape happens and if you don’t teach your sons how to resepct women of other races
        as well as respect their own… they will always be a woman being raped regardless of what color the rapist is… does it really matters.
        I don’t want to be raped by any man. How do you feel about white on white rape… is it more acceptable?

    • It is quite relevant which race commits crimes, such as rape

      The police chief of Oslo, Norway declared that ALL rapes in the last few years were committed by immigrant Blacks and Muslim.

      Such information is very relevant to immigration policy. This is why it is so vehemently repressed.

      It is very relevant to “racial profiling”, a police tactic to check those who are most likely to have committed a crime, to busing (taking decent middle class kids into crime infested low achieving black inner city schools), etc

      And to teaching your kids to stay out of danger zones (google “the talk” by John Derbishire)

  10. Kenzo Breazeale says:

    I believe armed conflict is the only way to settle this problem once and for all. It can’t be negotiated or voted away. It is a plague and must be eradicated from our civilization by force. An anti-biotic does not negotiate with a bacteria. Negros are NOT happy in White society, but refuse to move to a majority Black ruled country to live out their dream. We all know why, of course! This, unfortunately, leaves us with only one choice. Negros rape between 30,000 and 40,000 White women per year. The Jewish media refuses to report it. Negros are 50 times more likely to commit a violent crimes against Whites than a White against a Black. Our prisons are bursting at the seems with Negro criminals. The only thing Negros contribute to our societies (not just the USA!) are high percentage dependency rates, violent crime, Low I/Q., running fast and jumping high. Everyone should read “RACE CRIME, BLACK AGAINST WHITE”, by Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald. You can read it online. Google it. This was written many years ago and the situation is far worse now. What are Whites going to do about it? There will be NO future for White children if this situation is ignored.

    • Be logical and unbiased or don't bother. says:

      Return to Europe then, this society was taken from Native Americans. It was taken ruthlessly and maliciously, by white criminals; white criminality is such a serious issue because you view yourself and your ancestors as blameless. The fact that white criminals felt the need to ship other white criminals to an island for their heinous and lawless acts speaks wonders to your criminal nature. If being obvious white criminals was not enough, the shipped off criminals decimated the Aboriginal populations because the desire for destruction and innocent blood is too hard to avoid.

      • jewamongyou says:

        So this is how you justify rape? If somebody is the same race of others, in the past, who committed crimes, then she deserves to be raped? You need to do some soul searching.

        Furthermore, Europe is also becoming increasingly dangerous for whites, as they rapidly become minorities in their own countries.

  11. them messagge says:

    I’ve worked at a rape crisis center for 22 years. I’ve never seen a case where a black woman was raped by a white man. Seen hundreds of white women who were raped by blacks.

    • Goop says:

      Really? Well, allow me to enlighten you a little.

      ^^^^^Here’s a story of a white man who RAPED & IMPREGNATED his 12 year old black stepdaughter, and then kidnapped her to evade authorities. Or is this invalid, because it involved a little black GIRL instead of a fully grown black woman?

      • jewamongyou says:

        Anybody can cite weird, unusual, cases. This proves nothing. Them messagge was speaking from personal experience.

      • McNutty says:

        Why would a White guy want to rape a Black woman? They are ugly, smell badly, more likely to have HIV/AIDS.

      • This is the problem with people who have no deep knowledge and appreciation for math and statistics. Who don’t understand about research methods (one anecdotal example does not prove anything), etc.

        Intelligence and sound schooling are important. Plus, of course, absence of PC indoctrination that often teaches the intelligent elite to set aside their critical thinking.

      • Sohn von Odin says:

        Your example is a man who married a coal-burner and then adopted her black children. Nothing about that situation is statistically relevant. I’d bet that he had previous interracial relationships.

  12. Gambino says:

    I heard blacks rape white babies often.

  13. Lou Diamond says:

    Blacks rape its what they do. We can thank the 5% of super rich whites who owned slaves in America 200 years ago for our current albatross.

    • A black girl who has been raped says:

      And that is why you get raped .

      • Alan Dudley says:

        Raped,robbed,murdered,disrespected by a race that’s little more than monkeys in their pure form. Unfortunately the government is using my race to breed them out. light skined “so called” blacks are much easier to domesticate because their slightly more intelligent. Its not like we can just kill 8.8million blacks just because they hate us. Instead we have over one million of the worst behind bars while our government maintains the ongoing propaganda war to breed the American “niggers” out.

  14. Blunt Truth says:

    White girls call it ‘rape’ when they get caught having consensual sex with Black men, they don’t want their Husbands/families to know that they did it out of curiosity or sheer desire. They can’t be trusted.

    • That is true. False rape accusations are very frequent. If the girl is ashamed of what she did it is even more likely.

      But I know of no evidence that false rape accusations are more frequent in certain racial configurations

    • Sohn von Odin says:

      Entirely baseless nonsense, not “blunt truth.” Evidence shows that white women overwhelmingly stick to their own kind, and those that engage in coal-burning typically come from families that encourage “diversity.”

      Look at Africa. Look at prison. Blacks will rape just about anyone, but we all know that white women are prized among blacks.

  15. Mike says:

    The U.S. sided on the wrong side of WWII….

  16. Will Jonas says:

    These facts should be all over the evening news and womens groups marching on Washington to stop this injustice but they are silent as well as the main stream media and Matt Lauer.

  17. Goop says:

    “Sixty percent of the men exonerated(with DNA evidence) by the Innocence Project are blacks wrongly convicted of raping white women.”

    Fact: Only 13% of reported rapes are interracial, and of those that are, the majority involve white men raping black women.

    “According to the FBI, about 95,000 forcible rapes were reported in 2004. Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year. These men are disproportionately AFRICAN-AMERICAN.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      That first link is blatantly misleading. If a woman is raped and identifies the wrong black man who raped her, this makes no difference to the overall incidence of black-on-white rape. Or are you suggesting that white women, in their thousands, are accusing random black men of having raped them when, in fact, it was white men who committed the rapes? This makes no sense; it assumes that those victims do not want the actual perp to be punished. It’s fairly common for people of one race to have trouble identifying individuals of another.

      The second link you provided is propaganda, not fact. It cites no sources whatsoever.

      As for your third statement, since black men are more likely to rape, they would also be more likely to be falsely accused of rape. The fact (if it is, indeed, fact) that a group is more likely to be falsely accused of something does not mean the group is not more likely to be guilty. For example, if men are more likely to be falsely accused of rape, would you argue that this is evidence that men are not more likely to rape?

      • City says:

        Black women also don’t work in capacities that allow them to be raped by White men as much as the other way around. Black women are not in the roles of coming into White homes professionally. Stop acting as though rape is a crime committed by Black men. Most rapes are committed by someone known to the attacker and of the same race. Thatdoesn’t include the highly underreported “date rape”.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Sounds like you’re both making excuses for the disproportionate amount of rape committed by blacks and, at the same time, denying this is the case.

      • Moon says:

        Black Men have been falsely accused of rape every since they arrived in this country. The only difference is that when a black women is raped by a white men they don’t go gather their buddies and bare arms to burn down every white community like they did to the blacks in Rosewood, Tulsa and many other cities through out America. They learned how to deal with it. In the past most women do not report their rapes to anyone, some women took that secret to their graves because that made them feel weak or tarnished.

      • jewamongyou says:

        You’re living in the past (a largely fabricated past). Give us an example of whites rioting against blacks, in the US, in the past 50 years.During that time, there have been many instances of blacks rioting against whites and Asians.

    • Drr6 says:

      It’s amazing that the blatantly wrong pdf referenced here is used as some sort of educational tool by the PC idiots in charge. What a delusional cult!

      Fact: Only 13% of reported rapes are interracial, and of those that are, the majority involve white men raping black women.

      • Drr6 says:

        Meaning that the quoted “Fact:Only 13%… ” brochure is complete BS. Yet it is “taught” to our students.

      • Budd Smith says:

        FBI counts Hispanics as White when Hispanics commit crimes, and count Hispanics as Hispanic when they are crime victims.

        So you’re saying that black neighborhoods are really much safer than white neighborhoods. Funny, seems like there are hundreds of shootings a year in black Detroit, but almost none in the white suburbs. In the 70s, when Detroit was murder capital of the US, 100% white Sterling Heights located a few miles north was in the top 5 safest cities in the US. There are lots of nice grocery stores in the white suburbs, but not one national chain grocery store inside Detroit. This is because customer and employee theft, combined with gang violence in and around the stores, drove them all out of business.

      • Budd Smith says:

        oops, looked like you were presenting the pdf as legit.

    • Budd Smith says:

      First, what is the source of the pdf data? Any idiot can pull numbers out of his butt and make a pdf. That seems to be the case here.
      Next, the FBI counts Hispanics as White when Hispanics commit crimes, and count Hispanics as Hispanic when they are crime victims.

      You’re implying that black neighborhoods are really much safer than white neighborhoods. Funny, seems like there are hundreds of shootings a year in black Detroit, but almost none in the white suburbs. In the 70s, when Detroit was murder capital of the US, 100% white Sterling Heights located a few miles north was in the top 5 safest cities in the US. There are lots of nice grocery stores in the white suburbs, but not one national chain grocery store inside Detroit. This is because customer and employee theft, combined with gang violence in and around the stores, drove them all out of business.

  18. Goop says:

    “More than 86 percent of rapes against Native American women are carried out by non-native men, most of them white, according to the Justice Department.”(Make NA women the ONLY race of women more likely to be raped interracially than intraracially)

    “According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, American Indian and Alaska Native women have the highest incidence of rape out of any other racial or ethnic group in the United States — a rate 2.5 times higher than the national average.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      Probably because there are so few of them and they are so dispersed – or are you suggesting that white men sneak into the reservations and rape the native women?

      • Alan Dudley says:

        The black population of states in which you’d find Indians is next to nonexistent. That’s the reasoning behind the stats.

    • Budd Smith says:

      Understand that the FBI counts Hispanics as White when Hispanics commit crimes, and count Hispanics as Hispanic when they are crime victims. So the rape perp stats lump Hispanics in with Whites. It’s likely that most of the rapes are done by Hispanics. Why does the FBI do this? To hide the fact that Blacks and Hispanics commit almost all the violent crime.

  19. Monty Ehrich says:

    I would be interested to read what you think of Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald’s work on Jewish influence.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I acknowledge the damage done by Jews to white societies, but I don’t believe there’s a planned conspiracy. I can only speak for myself.

      • DuUndIch says:


        The real reason for society’s decline is not the “The Jews Inc.” but women’s suffrage and that’s why the decline happens globally, just look at these stats:

  20. Matt says:

    Jews have and are now constantly pushing for more of their “diversity”. Look at The blackest parts of the world Liberia where they have cannibal warlords and people selling human meat on the street or Zimbabwe where they sell albinos body parts claiming they give you magic powers lol Nigeria… all these places disease, crack, heroine and violence.

    I’ve been told by anthropologists that black people are the result of our very ancient ancestors, well some of them, had sex with a strain of monkey called a Gibbon.

    I think some blacks are civilized and I have some black friends but as a race the blacker the country the more fucked up it is…

    • jewamongyou says:

      Firstly, gibbons are not monkeys but apes. Secondly, the ancestors of gibbons would not have been actual “gibbons” any more than our “very ancient ancestors” were human. Thirdly, I seriously doubt that the races, as we know them today, existed so far back. So I would take such theories with a grain of salt, to say the least.

      As for “Jews” pushing for more diversity, unfortunately, the vast majority of white gentiles do the same. Especially those who are able to insulate themselves from said diversity: The rich and powerful.

    • Sohn von Odin says:

      H. sapiens evolved in Africa, but people mistakenly believe that the early H. sapiens were Negroid. That is not the case at all. The earliest example of a proto-Negroid is only ~12,000 years old, but the Hofmeyr skull found in South Africa was dated to ~36,000 ybp and shows affinity with Upper Paleolithic Europeans. Then there is the fact that Caucasoids have Neanderthal DNA while Negroids have Erectus DNA.

      Think of it this way.

      P is the prototype H. sapiens. P evolved into PC, the proto-Caucasoid. PC then mated with N to become C. Later, another population of P mated with E to become PN, the proto-Negroid.

      That oversimplifies it to a certain extent, but it shows that Caucasoids and Negroids are more like somewhat distant cousins.

  21. Leslie says:

    I will not argue with the fact that there are white women who were raped or may be raped in the future by black men. However, many rapes are not reported. And black women are less likely to report that they have been raped by white men. I am a black women who was date raped by a white man… I did not report it because I knew the courts would say you shouldn’t have been out with this man alone on a date. And many black women may feel that they will be ridiculed or looked at differently by black relatives and society. White women for centuries that were raped by black men will be the first to run and report that they were raped and many white women will lie about it or pin a rape on a black man before they pin it on a white man.
    Black women have been raped during slavery and it was an epidemic, but no one wants to focus on that. Why do you think you see many black people with lighter complexions or even light brown. I’ve seen black people you would swear was white. Okay, in most cases I blame it on black females being raped. If you want to pin this on interracial marriages you can.
    In reality the majority of black females prefer to marry and date their own race, yet some black men like to date and marry white females. White on black crime is rarely reported or takened serious unless the media gets a hold of it and calls it a hate crime.
    Maybe a certain white women shouldn’t get drunk and hang around places like black bar rooms,.. All men are dogs and will stick it anywhere.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You must be living in some sort of weird alternate reality.

    • Sohn von Odin says:

      In general, blacks are more likely than other races to seek out partners of another race. That is true of black men and women. A majority of both do stick with their own kind, but blacks disproportionately seek out others.

      Whites, on the other hand, are far less likely to engage in interracial relationships, and, when they do, they prefer Asians, not blacks.

      Look at the laws of the past. Whites generally had such a problem with mixed children that they tried to track it for generations to ensure that their lines were not tainted. Even a person that is overwhelmingly white can look black due to a small amount of black in their genes.

      Thus, it is far more likely that a lot of the “light skinned” blacks are the recent product of a black ancestor seeking out an interracial coupling, not white men having an unavoidable craving for black women.

  22. Bethlehem says:

    What is the point of this article?
    To rationalize the animalistic crimes of your ape cousins?
    You coloreds have never been properly domesticated–that’s the problem. Yes, slavery was a crime–a crime cuz this allowed the eventual bestial interspecie mingling.
    There is no viable solution other than utter specie-cide of your vile kind

    • raidergary says:

      Then why do white men go abroad and have sex with girls of darker-skinned races? These perverts are what keep the international sex industry flourishing. If sex with darker races is so disgusting, explain this?

      • jewamongyou says:

        I never said sex with darker women is disgusting. Can you quote me ever saying that? Furthermore, not all dark-skinned races are equal when it comes to beauty. Far more men are attracted to dark-skinned Thai women than to dark-skinned Congolese women for example.

        Note: Apparently I’d responded to this comment thinking it was a reply to something I wrote.

      • Sohn von Odin says:

        Very few whites actually engage in such things as a percentage of the whole, but, even then, the international sex industry focuses on Europe and Asia. Please show me where white men are flying into diseased African nations to catch AIDS and Ebola from African tribal women.

  23. Jake says:

    Over the last 30 years there has been an incidious refusal to convict ethnic minorities here in the UK .Muslim gangs,for instance, have been raping young white girls here in the UK with impunity,unbelivably, for fear of “upsetting” that community.Since the Tory coalition came to power, in the last couple of years,that ridiculous restraint has been lifted.And the number of Muslim men convicted of the most viscious racist sexual brutality against white girls aged between 10-15 has exploded.

    This is interesting, because when I was a law student in the late 1990’s,there were virtually no incidences of gangs of Muslim men grooming,raping and killing very young white girls.The official statistics I looked at for my dissertation,appeared to show virtually no such cases in the entire country.Yet a few years later,gangs in Derby,Rochdale,Burnley,High Wycombe,Manchester and all over the country have been convicted of the most depraved racist crimes against very young white girls anyone could imagine.An ongoing case,in Oxford, reported in the Oxford Mail, has heard evidence that 11 year ols girls were raped with baseball bats,urinated on,branded,repeatedly called white “whores” and “bitches”, and “sold” to the wider Muslim community to rape up to 25 times a day.Some were even given drug overdoses and died (see the Victoria Agoglia case) after years of rape and torture.Others,like Charlene Downes, disappeared after similar sexual violence and exploitation,never to be seen again.Yet another little girl no longer on this earth is Paige Chivers ,who was also a victim of these Muslim gangs.A Judge in another recent case of a Muslim gang raping and prostituting young white girls to their own community,said such crimes were “all too common”.He wasn’t an hysterical racist,just a man who saw these crimes all the time in his professional capacity.

    My point being,there are lies,damn lies,and statistics.A crime can not been analised until it is reported.If the authorities,for one reason or another,refuse to “hear” it,no reasoned argument about the racial complexion of crime can be entered into.Only when all the facts are exposed,can we begin to comment.

    Sexual violence and rape are amongst the most under-reported crimes across the world.Many women,particularly very young girls and women, are often intimidated or threatened with violence.To say black men and Muslim men are not over represented in these massively damaging crimes ,would be imbecilic to anyone who has sat through open court for any extended length of time,no matter what statistics say, or do not say, at this particular time.I’m sure America is no different.

  24. Jake says:

    My keyboard is sticking again,sorry for the odd spelling mistake.I write far too quickly anyway.

  25. chris says:

    Most black woman I wouldn’t want or find sexually attractive to begin with. That’s why they rape white woman!

  26. Move says:


    “White man rapes, kidnaps, and impregnates 12 year old black step daughter.”

    Michael Van Hise a white man, who also is accused of chatting online about sexually assaulting his infant (bi-racial)daughter. He admitted after his Friday arrest that he feels sexual urges toward young children — including his (black)stepdaughter — and schemed to kidnap and rape a 7-year-old niece.

    *7 year old special needs black girl r-aped in the back of a bus for three years, before any action was taken by then 16 year old teen white boy.*

    Hoards of local, tobacco chewing, beer gut, pale rednecks rush to their little pedo bears defense.

    *The case of 7 year old Sherrice Iverson, that sparked action by Nevada legislation.*

    Jeremy Strohmeyer, 18 year old white boy & sexual terrorist, who followed a 7 year old innocent black girl into the bathroom of a casino in Las Vegas, grabbed her, and took her into a stall, then proceed to rape, strangle her, and ultimately snap her neck to, killing her. His friend and fellow sick, demented, white boy, David Cash, 17 year old, did nothing upon figuring out what had just taken place, other than asking is “was she(Sherrice) wet” while the assault took place.

    “White police officer in his 30s charged with raping 57 year old elderly black woman.”

    “White sexual terrorist repeatedly rapes black girlfriend’s 10 yo biracial daughter.”
    -June 22, 2013

    Lets be clear, you wont be able to FIND a story of a black man raping, impregnating, and then KIDNAPPING a 12 white innocent girl, can you? How about one where a large black teenager rapes a little 7 year old white girl for a period of 3 YEARS with NO action taken, and when the word finally gets out, the community comes in defense of him, based solely on his race.

    How about a story of a black man sexually terrorizing his white girlfriend’s daughter? How about a story of an 18 yo black man following a 7 year old white girl into a bathroom, raping her, then proceeding to snap her neck killing her?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Do you imagine I can’t come up with a far longer list of horrendous rapes committed by blacks against whites? So tell me, do you believe that the FBI rape statistics are biased in favor of whites? Since the FBI makes obvious efforts to inflate the numbers of white criminals, by counting Hispanics as “white” when they are perpetrators, I fail to fathom how you could hold such an opinion.

      By the way, two of your examples were from 2007, another from 2009, another from 2013. Nobody claims that there are now white predators, but for you to go about cherry picking a few from a several year period and present it a the norm is misleading. I never wrote that whites don’t rape blacks, only that this is a rare occurrence. Congratulations! You found them. As for blacks raping whites, a day doesn’t go by without at least one such incident.

      • Move says:

        “Do you imagine I can’t come up with a far longer list of horrendous rapes committed by blacks against whites? ”

        Okay, I calling you to duty to prove this claim.

        Find and post the stories from ANY black on white rape cases from time period in America that amount or surpass incidents as brutal and disgusting as……

        – A man raping, impregnating, then kidnapping his 12 yo daughter.

        – A large 16 teenager aloud to repeatedly rape and sexual terrorize a 7 yo for a period of three years, and have the whole community come to his defense based on his race.

        – A man repeatedly raping and sexually terrorizing his girlfriend’s daughter

        – A man following a 7 yo girl into a bath room stall raping her and stapping her neck- killing her.

        and just for good measures……

        Massachusetts mand & self proclaimed “white supremacist” brutally murders Cape Verdean(African island) immigrant woman who rejected his offer to go out with him, raped & shot her sister, and also killed an unrelated Cape Verdean man on a rampage.

        ^^^In the trial he very “creepily” smiles as the African island rape victim testifies in court against him.

        So if black on white rapes are an “everyday” occurrence, as you so boldly claim then finding LOADS of stories that equal or surpass these in sheer brutality should be a cinch for you.

    • Moon says:

      It is obvious that some people can not handle the truth.

    • Sohn von Odin says:

      You all seem to have the same talking point. A known oil-drilling pedophile married to a known coal-burner is your grand example. Nothing about that case is statistically relevant on any level. In fact, you are probably highlighting the rare case that a white man actually would rape a black female because he is into freaky interracial shit.

  27. Move says:

    “Sixty percent of the men exonerated by the Innocence Project are blacks wrongly convicted raping largely white women.”

    According to the FBI, about 95,000 forcible rapes were reported in 2004. Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year. These men are disproportionately African-American.

    Anybody who’s done any real research will find that the rape capital of America is Rapid City, SD a majority white town with a very small(under %5) black population. And the rape capital by state is no other than snow white Alaska- Again, majority white with a very small black population. And just for emphasis…..

    “More than 86 percent of rapes against Native American women are carried out by non-native men, most of them white, according to the Justice Department.”

    “According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, American Indian and Alaska Native women have the highest incidence of rape out of any other racial or ethnic group in the United States — a rate 2.5 times higher than the national average.”
    (Making NA women the ONLY group of women more likely to be rape interracial than intraracially in America. Same link for both quotes).

    Rapes reported by white and NA women are actually more likely to not result in arrest than by those of black women.

    “Nationwide, an arrest is made in just 13 percent of the sexual assaults reported by American Indian women, according to the Justice Department, compared with 35 percent for black women and 32 percent for whites.”

    Keep in mind, we have established that all races of women are most likely to be raped by some of their own race EXCEPT Native American women- who are most likely to be raped by a white male assailant, so we have two groups of women(white & NA women) who are most likely to be rape by white males, and also coincidentally also less likely to have their reports result in arrest.

    Which race of rapist are really being protected here?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, a lot of rape accusations are false. No doubt many blacks are falsely accused of rape. But there is also little doubt that many of those falsely accused black men were mistaken for other black men. It’s the “they all look alike” phenomenon. It doesn’t prove a black man didn’t do it, only that that particular one didn’t do it.

      • Move says:

        Charges dropped on 4 black new york men of raping and prostituting a white Orthodox Jewish woman for eight years, starting when she was 13 after she recanted confessing that they consensual sex when she was of age, and that there was “nothing criminal” about it..

        New York white nun makes up false story of being raped by a 6’4 black man confesses it was a hoax.

        White American college girl in Italy makes up story about being raped by her Congolese employer. And is also charged with murder.

        Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….Care to explain why the rape capital according the FBI is a majority white town, with less than %5 black population, Rapid City SD. Or why the rape capital by state is Alaska, again majority white with very small black population? Or why the majority of Native American women are raped by white men, making them women the ONLY group of women more likely to be rape interracial than intraracially in America? Or why we have two groups of women(white & NA women) who are most likely to be rape by white males, and also coincidentally also less likely to have their reports result in arrest?

      • Jacob says:

        “Yes, a lot of rape accusations are false. No doubt many blacks are falsely accused of rape. But there is also little doubt that many of those falsely accused black men were mistaken for other black men. It’s the “they all look alike” phenomenon. It doesn’t prove a black man didn’t do it, only that that particular one didn’t do it.” The onus is on you to prove it. I doubt it

    • High Earl says:

      Negro I am not sure if you noticed or not but Jews do not consider themselves to be white. They consider themselves to be Semites.

  28. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Move,

    It seems you get your “news” from the corporate-owned media. This is why you have not heard of the horrendous rapes/murders of whites by blacks. Read this article from stormfront:


    Click on the links at the beginning of that post; it directs you to some famous cases (not famous if you get your news from the TV or newspapers).

    Here are some others:








    As for black women lying about being raped by whites, I suppose you’ve never heard of the Duke University hoax, or the Tawana Brawley. Look them up.

    Why do whites sometimes lie about being victimized by blacks? Because they know black are likely offenders and they want their lies to seem credible. It’s the same mentality that causes race-neutral fake victims to say that a man attacked him, rather than a woman. People have an easier time believing that a man committed a violent crime than a woman.

  29. pachyderm says:

    Who is the attorney defending Carey Ray’s Chicago/Indiana case? He is being railroaded. There is much more to this case than meets the eye.

  30. Everyone commenting on this video, but there is no link to the original FBI statistics anyplace. No one can read if thats actually what the FBI reported because the only source link is some cheaply made youtube video – also with no source link.

  31. pachyderm says:

    I wish someone would help me find Carey Ray’s defense attorney. This girl who is accusing him attacked a Jewish family, including an 80-year-old blind grandma. She is a psychiatric patient and a danger to the community. You will never read this in the news…

  32. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Move,

    Regarding the high rape rates of the states you list, the answer is simple: Native American rape rates are through the roof – and those states are low-population states. Here, read this:


    Also, you keep bringing up isolated cases of white-on-black rapes. I don’t deny that they happen, but they are statistically very rare. I’ve already cited FBI statistics, which you choose to ignore. The FBI is biased against whites; this is why they count Mexicans as “white” for perpetrators, but not for victims. This is good evidence of their anti-white bias. Do you have ANY evidence to support your (assumed) claim that the FBI is biased against blacks? An anti-black bias would be the only explanation I can think of for cooking up false interracial rape statistics.

    A while ago, I went about putting together a photo presentation of white women who were murdered by blacks. In the end, I got burned out and scrapped the project. There are many pro-white internet sources that list the white victims of black crime (including rape). I’m not inclined to rehash them yet again here. Both because I work long hours and because it’s too depressing for me.

  33. gene willis says:

    you are talking about rape only?what about the hate crimes comitted by blacks against whites that the jewish owned media never covers but covers up?and eric holders,my people.can you imagin if a white doj said that?all hell would have busted loose.and signing into to law,side stepping the 14 ammendmnet making othere groups more protected then otheres.this is what i call blacks wearing white faces while whites are wearing black faces.two sides of a coin opposite.

  34. gene willis says:

    interesting how people pull statistics from the goverment to assure whites are the problem.never going out from thier college dorms and getting thier hands dirty.making false accusations on the premess of one sided statistics.the jewish owned media is great at that.so is the adl and the splc.it,s not our fault,it,s the white mans fault.here,i will prove it with out dated statistics.classy.

  35. Jane says:

    The problem in canada (I am a white woman) at least in my city, its arab and black men who sexually assault, harass and rape white women. But the black men doing this are not canadian blacks they are from africa and outside nations new to canada. The other big problem is arab men/moslem men. Thirdly would be men from india but at least the men from india are not as aggressive as some of the black and arab men are. I am a woman in my 40s who is tall, green-eyed and athletic type which seems to give me a big problem. I even have to wear a fake wedding ring when I go out I am not kidding. Funny thing is I lived in other cities and towns and had very little problems with the men in those cities, so i know its cultural…

  36. joe says:

    I love how you use the lowest year of black on white statistics. Its simple blacks make up 17% of the population but over 50% of crime. Yes! White people are just as big of scumbags in society. This difference comes down to percent of race vs percent of crime. Its alot higher. My issue is the hate from blacks to whites no matter how much we fold. I spoke to a few about taking freebies, this was what he said word for word. ( that’s my money, if I don’t take it someone else will, I deserve that) worked 4 years his whole life. 47 years old. Itsthat mind set tthat’s raping our country. They have no regard for the future of this country as long as they get free shit! SNL did a skit where no matter what shit head Obama did, they still supported him because he’s black. Blacks will never vote for a white if black is an option. I voted for him the 1st time. (Stupid stupid stupid move) terrible leader. A black, Latino, Asian politicians can always say they are fighting for their people. If a white said that o my good hell would break loose. This is all real life. This is the truth.

    • mikemoon says:

      I pretty much agree with you, except the Black % of US population is 13%, and not 17%. Blacks lead the way in this country in abortion and murder of their own kind. In NY last year, more black babies were butchered than were born. You are spot on, the country will soon be bankrupt, and all the handout will come to an end.
      Obamacare cost are to double and triple next year(2015).

      • donwreford says:

        If left to the vote of the public, do you think they would vote for military expenditure, or decreasing expenditure funding health care? considering health care is pro health and the implements as a end product is the opposite, that is destroying people, I know of no political party of significance, is pro working for peace?

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  38. Budd Smith says:

    Some good points, including pointing out that not only rapes but also assaults are being counted. None of the above changes the fact that black neighborhoods are too dangerous for white families to live in. Or that almost all home invasions and carjackings in white neighborhoods are done by blacks. Or that black high schools need a full time police presence, metal detectors, and dozens of hall cameras, but are not needed in white high schools. In white neighborhoods, 8 year olds can safely ride their bikes to the local convenience store, or ride around the neighborhood without parental supervision. Families can enjoy a bike ride around their neighborhood on a summer Saturday evening. Could whites do the same in black neighborhoods?

  39. Budd Smith says:

    No matter how many stats someone pulled out of his butt to prove how much safer it is to swim in croc infested waters as opposed to a swimming pool, I’d listen to my common sense and avoid swimming with crocs. Similarly, white women should know to avoid walking in black areas, no matter how many stats blacks produce to the contrary.

  40. mikemoon says:

    Do you ever think the propaganda branch of the democrat party, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, NYT’s, News Week, Huffington Post, Washington Times, This countries public schools, would ever dare to point this out relentlessly the way they race bait for the left?

  41. Hi hello says:

    It’s a fact. Blacks are more likely to rape a white woman than a white man would to a black female. Not all, but majority are raised to be ghetto and proud of it. They are taught that they were once slaves and are entitled to the world, including degrading white females. And of course, their crimes usually are less publicized just like the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom case.

    The young couple were leaving and were kidnapped by 4 black men and 1 black woman. Newsom was beaten, tortured, sodomized, gentile cut off, shot and burned (in front of his girlfriend). Christian was also beaten, tortured and raped in every way possible, had bleach poured down her throat (to dispose of any DNA) and shoved into several plastic bags where she suffocated to death. This disgusting crime went unnoticed because it was black on white. I only discovered this story far long after it had occurred. I read this article months ago and I still think about until this day. I have never read of a more disgusting crime and can’t say I am shocked by the criminals’ race.

    Another story included a black man fatally shooting a white handicap man (who was outside) with his dog for bumping into his vehicle and pleased self defense. Also went unpublicized.

    This constantly occurs. To avoid rioting by the black race however when a white individual commits the crime then all hell breaks loose. What is this race entitlement bullshit? They have their own schools, months, parades but if the white race where to have any listed than the whites are considered racist assholes. Makes no sense at all but only would from a black’a perspective. I’m not even white (nor black) and I cannot stand the ignorance of it all.

    At the end of the day. Facts are facts. Numbers are numbers. They state the truth and the truth is, blacks are far less educated, less intelligent, more inclined to rape, commit a crime, and greatly suffer from ignorance and incompetence (probably genetic).

    Stereotypes only exists because they represent the truth.

    • NoThankYou says:

      There is plenty here to address and certainly you haven’t done much research on anyone except the blacks as you have mentioned in your comment. I only would suggest that you look up some white crimes as well. Better yet, go back a few years to when it wasn’t a crime to do anything to blacks to include tieing a little black baby to a plank and throwing it into Florida swamps to attract gators only to kill the gator once it had it’s fill of black baby meat. Not bad you say. Let’s talk about the black wall street in which an established and well organized black town, not the first of it’s kind by the way, was destroyed and the owners of the establishments and many others were killed just because the whites in the area were jealous. No not severe enough or is fair to say you havent done much of any research on anyone except the black crimes committed against whites. I only mention these as examples and while there is wrong being done on both sides, it is clear that not a lot people want to hold white america responsible for much of anything and yet will quickly jump to the condemnation of black america. Though you may not be either you have clearly chosen who you choose to defend. It would be nice to read more intelligent thoughts and ideas on how to solve the problem of rape but the racism is all anyone here is truly concerned about. Lets face it no one likes black people and they should just get over it. Crime is crime…making it purely a “statistical” race issue does nothing but negate mainstream americans(jury of peers) ability to judge fairly. Sad truth is we all have our own bias and prejudices and I am not mad at you for yours and I only request that you don’t get mad at me for my own.

  42. 0UTSP0KEN says:

    As a young woman, I am extremely disgusted that people care MORE about skin color than CHARACTER. You all take one side of the statistics, such as the % of black-on-white crime versus the % of white-on-black crime, and run with it. However, you leave out all other factors, such as, those who have NOT attempted and/or committed crimes compared to those who have. You do not even include those falsely accused and those who were punished more harshly than those who committed the same crime. You purposely ignore those statistics because it does not fit into your agenda. You are just as bad as the ill-informed media. And I cannot believe that one of you sat here and made excuses for any adult male summoning a MINOR to his car as simply innocent or him assuming she was a prostitute! Last time I checked, NO ADULT SHOULD BE SOLICITING SEX FROM A MINOR! I do not care if he is WHITE and the girl is BLACK. If she is a CHILD then no GROWN MAN should be trying to have sex with her! There are NO EXCEPTIONS! The law is clear and applies to everyone.Yet, you think because you are of a certain race that you are incapable/invincible. It is as if you are saying, “Oh, if he was white then it is ok for him to go around flirting and sexing little black girls under 18.” F.Y.I, not all rape victims are jumped and snatched out of no where. Usually perpetrators have gained the victim’s trust, and then lure/coerce their victim.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The woman states that she was “9-17” years old. I can’t tell the difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old. Can you? Also, it becomes more difficult to discern age when dealing with those of another race. Asians often look younger than they are and blacks often look older. So it’s entirely possible that those white men were after adult women for sex. For you to attempt to turn this into a pedophilia issue is absurd.

      I’m not sure what you mean when you accuse me of ignoring statistic about “those who have not attempted crimes…” Obviously, when we look at crime statistics, they factor in those who are not looking for trouble. Here’s a question for you Shawnita: Are you more cautious around young men than you are around old men or women? If not, then you are a fool. If so, then you acknowledge the fact that there are different risks associated with different demographics. When you’re more cautious around young men, you’re not condemning all young men; rather, you’re simply being in tune with reality for your own safety.

      As for black men being punished more harshly, that’s just so much media propaganda. If anything, they are treated more leniently than whites, because of black jury nullification and activist judges who “do not want to put more young black men into prison.”

      Finally, I do not consider myself incapable of evil or invincible. Can you quote me implying such a thing anywhere?

      • donwreford says:

        Always trust someone who can make a statement as to being a possibility of evil, I am defining evil as calculated or willful malice or harm directed to people or to a individual, what makes this difficult for the individual to accomplish is say you purchase shares, or gold, on the stock market, in the extraction of gold often pollution occurs, this unknown factor is a problem for those who are committed to a life of purity, but the worst factor to my mind is as you tread this path everything becomes a paradox, of good becoming increasingly a problem.
        Without going to the problem of existence just mentioned, I define evil more to do with harm directed to someone, such as fraud in obtaining money or some other deviant motive such as violence unprovoked, as a more obvious aspect of evil.
        Another problem with evil is that if the individual is attempting to live as a moral individual, its my opinion you will attract people who will attempt to snare you as a spider operates and being caught in their web, I often prefer to take losses say as in money than to get into a fight for one’s rights and use energy to get justice.

  43. 15 year old of Australia says:

    Socioeconomic backgrounds should be factored into these statistics. From my knowledge, these type of incidents happen in more disadvantaged neighborhoods by people of disadvantaged economic backgrounds. People seem to forget more black people are living in poverty than whites and make claims such as “black people are more likely to steal”, of course they are, and person who is poor is more likely to steal. And sadly, racists used articles like these to show their superiority.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You’re only 15 years old, so I’ll give you some slack here. But what makes you think we don’t take socioeconomic background into consideration? You should read more of this blog, and then eventually you’ll understand that things aren’t the way you’re being taught.

  44. Buzzatruckenlovitz says:

    These statistics are all skewed over the past 10 years now that there is at least a 60% spike in mud sharks in America the rape statistics have to be re evaluated. and with this Mud Shark explosion maybe my lilly white ass needs to return to europe before the U.S. becomes a commonwealth of Africa.

  45. Lou Saboter says:

    Oh yes, thanks for the info. I’m sure white women will rush to live among the negroes now.

  46. Luke says:

    Lincoln had it right. We should have picked our own damn cotton! Both because enslaving people is morally wrong (Lincoln is famously quoted as saying “if slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong”), but also because he realized that the vast majority of Blacks were essentially still a stone-age people without the established culture and, perhaps even the inherent intelligence, to succeed in a rapidly industrializing 19th century America. Everyone seems to remember Lincoln’s quote: “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free” but seem to forget the next sentence…”Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.”

  47. tqsuu says:

    Um….STOP RAPING? Perhaps this issue needs to be a “Let’s corral the men into stop raping” as opposed to fighting over which race RAPES more white women. WTF?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Whenever we examine any social ill, it makes sense to pinpoint problem areas. Since the media insists on distorting the reality on the ground, it’s up to blogs like mine to enlighten people as to the actual reality.

      • NoThankYou says:

        I wish I had the time to read all the comments but I was curious if we are using just U.S. statistics and whether anyone thought to calculate that blacks make up roughly 13 percent of the population? I personally believe rape is deplorable and it should be addressed all in itself however these statistics, like so many others, come from very mediocre and often biased sources. The governments and special interests only true agenda is to protect itself and the strategies they deploy are noticeable when you ask yourself the right questions. The sad part is the divide has been made and it isn’t likely to be mended unless we as people find some common enemy we hate more.

  48. you live with them then tell me says:

    When I was attacked, beaten, and but raped it was three black teenaged boys. When I was mugged blacks, house robbed blacks, car stolen blacks, my children attacked by much older kids blacks, our dog poisoned blacks, Oh rite we just love crazy mean black folks NOT !

  49. I was an Assistant DA for over 3 years in my hometown, of approximately 200,000 people, that is approximately 55% Black and 45% White. During those years, I saw dozens of rapes involving Black men raping Black women, and Black men raping White women, but never saw one case of a White man raping a Black woman. My city’s police chief is Black and half of our judges are Black, so I doubt racism has anything to do with this anomaly. In the 28 years since I left prosecution, I’ve still never seen a prosecution of a White man for raping a Black woman in my city. For whatever reason, White men simply never–or almost never–rape Black women.

  50. jewamongyou says:

    Re: donwreford,

    Your hypothesis doesn’t explain why the rape rate is so high in black Africa. Blacks are not an underclass there.

    • donwreford says:

      The blacks in Africa are a underclass to white oppressive history and present day stock exchange control.

      • jewamongyou says:

        I’ve heard it claimed that poverty can increase a victim’s vulnerability to rape, but it sounds like you’re claiming that being poor makes men rape. Have you any evidence for this?

        South Africa, which has the second largest economy in Africa, also has horrific levels of rape.

      • donwreford says:

        It is not just about being poor it is about the conditions of a society such as South Africa that may have high income but it is held within a corrupt and depraved and criminal syndicate that sets the tone of morality or lack of that penetrates all sectors of a society.

  51. jewamongyou says:

    Re donwreford,

    And you blame this on the white man? Is there ANY negative thing at all that blacks are to blame for – or do you believe that whites are the source of all evil?

    • donwreford says:

      I sugest al human beings are similar or the same in terms of being prone to evil, what makes whites culpable and here I suggest in the main Britain having the capacity of mass production of the industrial or the most advanced industrial society had the capacity to create mass destruction and the rest of Europe were not far behind in this process, the ability of Britain to create products such as steel is by chance having all the raw resources for this to happen, this created colonization and domination of the world.
      Had the blacks been in the fortunate position of having the same advantages of white technological supremacy I would say the out come would be similar.
      What to my mind makes whites culpable is after centuries of war and violence intrinsically their is no serious move to end violence, such as the manufacturing of arms that Britain still has a commitment to make and distribute arms, the cost to our planet seems inexcusable, rape often is associated with war, it could be said the varied sectors of nationalism and vested interests are more important than human beings living as inhabitants on this planet, the variation of humans and culture makes it interesting to have this possibility rather than sameness such as not all humans should find the meaning of life as being money? as a universal currency of mind.

  52. LaRay says:

    “[W]hen I considered myself ready enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically — though looking back I see that I was in a frantic, wild and completely abandoned frame of mind. Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.”

    Eldridge Cleaver, 1968[7]

  53. none says:

    Your knowledge of survey statistics is laughable. To argue that since not everybody was surveyed, then the survey must have… oh, I give up. You really need to learn and sampling and surveys. It is a massive mathematical topic and you, well, I… I don’t know where to begin.

  54. Jacob says:

    “It’s enough to point out his claim that a sample size of over 77,000 is not enough. ” he points this out too:Misreading #3: The star means “Estimate is based on 10 or fewer sample cases”, the key word here being “sample”. They did not ask everyone in the country but a sample of 77,852 people, about one in 4,000. So there could have been as many as 40,000 black women raped by white men that year!

    Misreading #4: The reason for the star is because ten or fewer sample cases are way too few to draw any firm statistical conclusions. Mere chance could throw the numbers way off.

    As it turns out, of the 77,852 people surveyed, only 56 people reported “rape and sexual assault (a)”. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) only 7.5% of sexual assaults are rapes and of those only 6.7% are between whites and blacks. So out of the 56 sample cases, maybe only 4 were rape and of those probably none were interracial.”
    So the stats the fib uses aren’t representative.

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  56. Brandon says:

    Do you even understand the new study that “proves” modern humans came from Africa? If so can you or someone explain it to me better in a simpler way because I must be misunderstanding it if that were true that would mean every race decided or were made to move and spread around the world and find their “own” land while blacks decided to stay with. Do you remember colonizing America and only Indians were found here.? I however would like a real explanation not a a lot of random things that don’t really prove anything. I mean all these people from different races just decided to spread out from Africa and make their own land with seemingly no exceptions? No, a multi-regional theory is much more believable.

  57. Phillip Reis says:

    I responded to a Southern Poverty Law Center article about three young Middle Easterners who were murdered execution style last week, in the East Coast with “civilization my ass”. It was not posted due to the vulgarity.
    That is my response to all this back and forth nonsense. There are no “facts” here only perceptions and assumptions. The anecdotal posts are absurd. Crime statistics are always skewed as the reporters have agendas and are certainly not the best and brightest, worst of all they are government employees.
    You can see from the emotional timbre of the posts that this is a sensitive subject. It is a very very old subject but nothing has changed. Technologically we have advanced exponentially but our group cortex remains firmly rooted in the dark ages no pun intended. I am now 66 years old and I have seen and heard far too much. It absolutely boggles my mind how ignorant and poor in spirit the majority of humans are. The minority still try to enlighten us like the Jew among us. Pearls on swine.
    I love life but will welcome the relief that death will bring. I met a Holocaust survivor at the plumbing supply house one time. I asked her to show me her number. She said “we all did not get numbers. I worked in an ammunition factory as a young girl.” She was buying a part for her handyman to install. She lived in a luxury building on the West side of L. A. She is spending her last yesrs of her life helping at risk kids from the ghetto. The rest of us complain about traffic and do nothing. The least you ALL should be doing is donating blood or a few minutes of your precious time. Eventually we all will get what we deserve. THAT notion helps keeps me going.

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