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My Confederate hat experiment

After the conference I spent a couple of days in Kentucky, visiting Mammoth Caves and exploring the rural areas. While there, I bought a cap featuring the Confederate battle flag. Because of the amount of effort the armies of darkness … Continue reading

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Amren update #3

We ended the conference with speeches by David Yeagley and, as usual, Sam Dickson. Every single speaker did an oustanding job and the conference was a great success. We had about 150 people. Notably absent were Don Black and his … Continue reading

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Amren update #2

This conference is turning out to be an exceptional one. Alex Kurtagic’s talk was a spectacular one; we gave him a much deserved standing ovation. I got to meet Curt Doolittle and a slew of other notable writers and bloggers. … Continue reading

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Reporting live from the 2012 Amren conference

I am sitting here among friends at the conference in Tennessee. We have a lot of people here, even though the location is rather remote. Lots of new faces and some old ones. The accommodations are very nice and the weather … Continue reading

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A black answer to black-on-white rape statistics

Thanks to Destructure for pointing me to the Afro-centric blog called “Abagond“. In response to one of my replies there, I was directed to the following post: reading while white: black rape statistics Wed 23 Nov 2011 by abagond Some white … Continue reading

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“A Conversation About Race” now available online for free

A friend has informed me that Craig Bodeker has made his famous video, “A Conversation About Race” available for free on Those of you who have not yet seen it, for whatever reason, are encouraged to click on over … Continue reading

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My love affair with mushrooms

I’ve always loved mushrooms. A pizza sans mushrooms is not a pizza in my eyes. I eat them with salad, with fish, with poultry and even by themselves. Imagine that; a grown man eating mushrooms by themselves – peeling them … Continue reading

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Affirmative action for 911 dispatchers

As if being directly victimized by black and Hispanic crime isn’t enough, Americans are also dying due to incompetent 911 dispatchers. A 2009 Readers Digest article recounts several tragic stories where the result of such incompetence was death: One afternoon … Continue reading

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Do-gooders set dangerous precedent

Some friends shared this video with me. It’s a fairly long video so I’ll save you the trouble, if you don’t want to watch it, by providing a summary: It argues that we should make Joseph Kony “famous” by plastering … Continue reading

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Two recent waves of violence, courtesy of “diversity”

An American service member allegedly murdered 16 Afghan civilians in their homes. According to AP: BALANDI, Afghanistan (AP) — President Hamid Karzai said a U.S. service member killed 16 people — nine of them children and three women — in … Continue reading

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