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Israel is actually deporting Africans back to Africa.

Hurray! Alarabiya writes: Israel said on Monday it had started rounding up African migrants in the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” to intern and deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character of the state. Israel Radio … Continue reading

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Muslims in Myanmar = trouble

Europe isn’t the only place being threatened by a rising, and violent, Muslim minority. Wherever Muslims reach numbers where they gain political clout, trouble inevitably ensues. We’ve all read about the clashes in Africa, especially Nigeria, between Muslims and Christians. … Continue reading

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Black rappers who served prison sentences

Somebody’s keeping track of all the black rappers who’ve spent time in prison. Seems like a major undertaking, and it certainly provides entertainment for the rest of us. Maybe it would be easier for them to count the ones who … Continue reading

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Another black on white beating…

But this time a couple of white men stood up to them. From Yahoo: A group of Calgary teenagers picked the wrong time to start a fight. UFC middleweight Nick Ring, who will meet Court McGee on July 21 at … Continue reading

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South Sudan; off to a wonderful start!

South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, has accused government officials of stealing four billion dollars and using the money to buy property abroad. From alarabiya: Corrupt officials in grossly impoverished South Sudan have stolen an estimated $4 billion from the world’s … Continue reading

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How to rope in the masses and sway public opinion

I found a fine essay on lynching in America by link-hopping through friendly blogs. Phinehas Fury lists the fallacies spouted by leftist ideologues, and destroys them one by one. Some excerpts follow – though I recommend reading the entire essay … Continue reading

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The three-pronged MRS attack

As they say, “different strokes for different folks”. Ever since the evil elite forced racial integration upon us and declared open season on white women, by black men, millions of of black men, who wish to participate in the War … Continue reading

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What to do with gay/bisexual killers?

Bisexual killer* Luka Magnotta has allegedly filmed himself committing atrocities against another man as he murdered him. He also, reportedly, sent human body parts to certain government officials in Ottawa.  Read the account at the National Post if you have … Continue reading

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