A lot of people believe that while democracy* isn’t perfect, it’s the best form of government we have. Perhaps this is true in the short term. In the short term we can rely on a majority of citizens to oppose tyranny and uphold the rule of law. But in the long term, the goodwill, and charitable spirit, that make it possible to begin with provide the seeds of the nation’s destruction.

Human stupidity (he sends me a lot of stuff) just sent me this article about Sweden, which reads in part:

Besides the explosive rise of crime and rapes the country faces cultural Islamization.The Swedish Social Democrats which are currently in opposition called for a Muslim Public Holiday,the police in Malmo is taught how to communicate in Arabic and they also learn about Muslim culture and tradition,the Department of Education has legalized the niqab (head to toe covering) for Muslim school girls,a school district in the Jonkoping municipality (South Sweden) is giving to Muslim kids special treatment,pork has been removed from some school menus and also there are up to 200 child marriages and 8500 forced marriages.According to Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard which was recently aquited by the Danish Supreme Court for “hate speech” stated that Sweden is on its way to become a Muslim-majority country by 2049…

So where the reaction from the media and the authorities in Sweden?Unfortunately they are the biggest problem in the country regardless of political option and they are continuing ruining Sweden with stupid statements which are transforming Sweden into an Islamic state,probably the first in Northern Europe.The media isn’t far behind because in various ways is trying to cover up the rapid Islamization of the country and there’s nothing to wonder with the success of the Swedish Democrats which are the fastest growing political party in the country.In the 2010 elections the Swedish Democrats got 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) besides that the media and the political establishment hates them.Besides the success of the SD which will grow into a major political force in the years to come,the Islamization of Sweden continues and so does the insanity of the Swedish people who have learned apsolutely nothing in dealing with Islam which is continuing its silent conquest of the country.

There is no end in sight because, by opening the flood-gates to invaders, Sweden has set in motion a vicious cycle whose outcome is almost inevitable. Democracy is flawed because the masses, taken as a whole, are like children. Children must be forced to submit to painful medical treatments that can save their lives. They must be told to eat their vegetables, do their school-work, get to bed at a reasonable time, take a bath etc. So too must the instinctive kindness of the masses be controlled so that it doesn’t lead to the destruction of the nation.

In a system where large voting blocks can impose their own will on the host population, allowing immigration is a death-sentence. If a people insists upon democracy, then they must be made to understand that it is incompatible with immigration. A free, democratic, society is not sustainable in the long term with immigration. Tyranny will always result. According to the above article, Sweden’s pro-immigration policies date to 1975. If so, then it’s fate was already sealed in 1975. From that date onward, it exists on borrowed time. As more invaders arrive, the situation gets more dire. But, at the same time, each arriving invader makes a solution that much more politically impractical. Of course, as goes Sweden, so goes the rest of the Occident.

The only possible way out of this mess is for Sweden to descend into utter chaos and then have a dictator (a Swedish one) arise from the ashes. This dictator cannot be a kind one. He would have to quickly take control of the armed forces and police and then issue an ultimatum to the invaders (regardless of where they were born and even if they have one Swedish parent): Leave the country within a month or face internment or death. Families would be torn apart, children seized and deposited in God-forsaken lands to fend for themselves, sick and elderly deprived of health-care. Blood would flow in the streets and there would be an international outcry. But, if there is to be a Sweden at all, there is no other way – and the blame can be laid at the feet of those who allowed immigration to begin with. Removing a tumor is bloody business – so the best advice is to avoid implanting one in the first place.


*I include “republics” as democracies because pieces of paper, such as the Constitution, will be ignored whenever the masses deem it irrelevant. When they are told to deem it irrelevant.