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The theft of white youth

The hostile media has grown so accustomed to using the term “youth” as a euphemism for “niggers” (unruly black savages) that even white nationalists have come to use the term this way. We say to each other snidely, “Did you … Continue reading

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Intimate Voices from the First World War

I just finished reading “Intimate Voices from the First World War“, edited by Svetlana Palmer and Sarah Wallis. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Yes, I am a sentimental person – but few books have jerked tears … Continue reading

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“Sleep-theft” recognition: A hallmark of high culture

As usual, summer came late this year to the Portland area; we hardly saw the sun at all for long stretches of time. We had no spring to speak of and practically all of June was overcast, chilly and wet. … Continue reading

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The Border Patrol

I used to live in an old neighborhood in Jerusalem called… well, it had many names. The neighborhood had a lot of history behind it and the residents included an elderly Kurdish couple (who still spoke Aramaic), an artist Holocaust … Continue reading

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The lesbian vs. transgender conflict

Latte Island has a series of posts about ongoing clashes between transgender activists and lesbian activists. There’s even a video showing a confrontation between the groups during a march. In the video, lesbian activist Cathy Brennan can be heard telling … Continue reading

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My response to “Yew Among You”

This is in response to a recent comment made by  “Yew Among You“, who I’m guessing also uses other names for himself. Here’s the text of the comment with my responses in bold: Jew Among You! Are you the guy … Continue reading

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