Sorry about the slow trickle of posts recently; our short and miserable little Northwestern summer is already in its death throes and I’m loath to spend it sitting in front of my computer.

Aside from that, I’ve been working on my most offensive and controversial post yet. In fact, it makes me shudder just thinking about it. It involves me singing – and I’m one of the worst singers on Earth. When I do finally post it, let nobody complain that they were not warned.

But now I’d like to address something that I found on facebook (which I spend very little time on):

Yes, it’s true that Christians sometimes make life unpleasant for homosexuals. It’s true that Christians and Jews consider homosexual acts to be a sin. But neither Christians nor Jews are in the habit of executing people for being homosexual. Indeed, if traditionally Christian nations are so harsh to homosexuals, then why are the latter fleeing Muslim countries in favor of Christian ones?

Islam is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the world with over 2.2 billion adherents. When I pointed out the omission on facebook, the response was that, in the U.S., Christianity is the main problem.

An interesting response – considering that facebook is very much international and considering how foolish it would be to ignore the attitudes of one third of the human population. If the point of the flowchart is to change minds, it would seem to me that first priority should be given to those who would kill you rather than those who simply consider you a sinner.

Christianity has its problems, but its main (secular) opponents seem to be from the Left. It is those same people on the Left who advocate for open borders, multiculturalism and an international outlook. They like to think of themselves as “cosmopolitan”. Bring up a positive topic, holidays for example, and list them: Christmas, Easter, Hannukah etc. and they’ll be the first to interject “Eid-al-Fitr”. In their eyes, Islam is as American as apple pie – but only when associating it with positive things. When it comes to bigotry, only traditional “white” religions can be criticized. Islam cannot be criticized because it is perceived as a “non-white” religion. Criticizing a “white religion” makes you progressive, but criticizing a “non-white” religion makes you bigoted and intolerant.

This is why the old Hindu custom of Sati is rarely discussed among leftists. Hindus are brown, so to criticize them as a group would be a sacrilege. Traditional Chinese medicine is also “holy” – even though endangered species worldwide are being slaughtered for their supposed aphrodisiac properties*.

Oh sure, when the matter is brought up, even leftists will admit that Islam and Hinduism have their flaws. They won’t deny it – but they will not bring it up on their own, and their newspapers and T.V. stations will certainly not harp on it as they harp on the “evils” of pro-white movements. When they compose flowcharts, like the one above, they often show their true colors through what they omit.

* Perhaps we should declare NAM’s an “endangered species” and just let the Chinese take care of them. Nothing like a negro gall bladder, or a Mexican lymph node to stir up passions!