According to Livescience:

Of all the world’s major religious groups, Muslims are the least likely to have sex outside of marriage, new research found. And as a country’s Muslim population grows, the rate of premarital sex declines for all residents, even non-Muslims, according to the study.

Researchers analyzed the responses of over 620,000 people (ages 15-59) who were interviewed as part of the Demographic and Health Surveys in 31 mostly developing nations from 2000 to 2008. Most countries included in the sample had either a Muslim or Christian majority, except India and Nepal, which have Hindu majorities, and Cambodia which has a Buddhist majority. (The United States was not included in the study.)

They found that, overall, the odds of married Muslims reporting premarital sex are 53 percent lower than for Christians. Hindus are 40 percent less likely to report premarital sex, compared with Christians. Meanwhile, Jews and Buddhists have greater chances of having sex before getting hitched than Christians do, according to the study.

The study has some obvious weak spots. For example, it could be that people in Muslim-dominated societies are more likely to lie about their sex-lives than others. The authors of this study assumed that lying would be kept to a minimum if the interviewers were the same sex as the subjects, and if nobody else was in the room. Perhaps. I suppose that, short of following people around and monitoring their sex-lives, this was the best they could do.

Also,the article goes on to say:

“All major world religions discourage sex outside of marriage, but they are not all equally effective in shaping behavior,” wrote the researchers, led by Amy Adamczyk, an associate professor of sociology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

Yes, it’s true that other religions are not as effective; probably because their adherents don’t resort to honor-killings, acid attacks and female genital mutilation. Lynch mobs are very effective at curbing criminal behavior, but I’m willing to bet that Adamczyk does not support them.

In Adamczyk’s defense, she has published a number of similar studies in the past, all of which tend to support her conclusions in this book. She’s studies HIV rates and found them to be lower in predominantly Muslim countries as well.

I’m not sure that Livescience did a good job conveying the nature of the study to its readership. If we consult the John Jay College account of Professor  Adamczyk and co-author Brittany Hayes’s book, “Religion and Sexual Behaviors: Understanding the Influence of Islamic Cultures and Religious Affiliation for Explaining Sex Outside of Marriage,” we find the following:

Adamczyk and Hayes’s study found that Hindus and Muslims are less likely than Christians and Jews to have premarital sex and Muslims are less likely to have extramarital sex. Muslims’ lower likelihood of premarital and extramarital sex is related to their commitment to, and community support for, strict religious tenants that only permit sex within marriage. The researchers also found that national Islamic cultures influence the sexual behaviors of all residents, even people who do not identify themselves as Muslim. The authors posit that religion tends to have a more powerful effect than restrictions on women’s movement in many Muslim countries (bold mine).

This supports what I’ve been saying for quite some time, that the dominant culture/religion of a society shapes the overall behavior of that society, even those who do not subscribe to the dominant religion/culture. We can carry this insight one step further, into the realm of time, and state that historically Christian societies behave differently, even after the religion is gone, than historically non-Christian societies. If I may be so bold, I would like to call this homeopathic morality. It’s the religion-based morality that remains even after the religion is gone.

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