Regarding the horrific murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, known as the Knoxville Horror, demonstrates its ignorance of the media double standard in racial matters.

It starts by quoting an anonymous email account of the victims’ fate, and then early news accounts. The fact that just about all murder cases evolve over time, with new facts emerging and old accounts being discarded, doesn’t stop Snopes from telling us that:

Subsequent reports have contradicted many of these details, including that neither Newsom nor Christian was mutilated as described, and that the perpetrators murdered Christian within days of the kidnapping [rather than holding her captive for several days], poured cleaning solution into her mouth to eliminate DNA evidence [rather than as a form of torture, and killed her by binding her inside several plastic garbage bags and leaving her to suffocate [but did not shoot her or set her body on fire as they did with Newsome]…

It’s hard to tell if Snopes is merely listing the errors in the initial report, reflected in the email, or if it’s trying to minimize the magnitude of the crimes.

Snopes could have quoted any number of later accounts, from pro-white websites, that had more accurate accounts of what transpired. Instead, they cited an early, and inaccurate one. It’s worth noting that the Snopes article was last updated in December of 2011, so they’ve had plenty of time to present more accurate accounts from pro-white sources. Instead, they stuck with one that shows pro-whites in the worst possible light. What would happen to their credibility, or popularity, if they did the same with Holocaust stories?

Snopes claims that since “no evidence demonstrated the race of the victims was a motivation in their killing” and that police stated they did not believe it was a hate crime, there was no reason for the media to treat it as such. But was there evidence of a hate crime in the infamous Duke lacrosse case? In fact there was none whatsoever, but since the accused were white and the alleged victim black, this was enough for a national media feeding frenzy. With few exceptions, any time a black is victimized by a white, a “hate crime” is automatically suspected. Meanwhile, blacks continue to commit blatantly racist attacks against whites and law enforcement refuses to acknowledge it. Their mantra is almost always “race was not a factor”. Snopes is either unaware of this pattern or chooses to ignore it. It means nothing when a police department claims that “race was not a factor”; they are clearly trained, and required, to make such statements whenever the culprit is black. As for the family of the victims, how would they know? They are probably as brainwashed as most Americans.

Snopes then goes on to defend the lack of national coverage by writing:

… the fact is that only a tiny handful of of the approximately 15,000 murders that occur in the United States every year makes national news, and the cases that do tend to attract prolonged nationwide coverage are the ones exhibiting a combination of factors (e.g., scandal, mystery, sexual elements, celebrity involvement, shockingly large numbers of deaths, murders of children and other victims who elicit especial sympathy) that makes them particularly fascinating and compelling to the public at large, such as the still-unsolved murder of 6-year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, the mysterious disappearance (and death) of pregnant Lacy Peterson, the massacre of 32 students and faculty at Virginia Tech, and the celebrity trial to determine whether actress Lana Clarkson committed suicide or was killed by reclusive record producer Phil Spector.

And of course, the fact that the victims were white and the (presumed) killer black didn’t stop the O.J. Simpson murder trial from becoming the most media-covered event in the history of U.S. jurisprudence.

It’s odd that Scopes doesn’t consider the murders of Christian and Newsom gruesome or shocking enough to merit national attention. Even Snopes admits that the details of the crime were “horrific” and that they were “sensationalized” by the (local) press. If so, why would the national press ignore it? It’s also telling that Snopes cites the O.J. Simpson case as proof that the national media does not ignore black on white crime. By its own admission, this crime could not be ignored since it involved a celebrity. It’s also a sad commentary on Snopes that its writers do not consider a beautiful couple, in the prime of their lives, worthy of “especial sympathy” when they are brutally murdered by worthless thugs.

Even so, Snopes rates the account of the murder of Newsom and Christian as “mostly true”. The implication is that, while accounts of the murders are “mostly true”, accusations against the national media are not true. As a matter of fact, the only inaccuracies are in some of the details in early accounts.

I’m not so certain that I would rate Snopes quite as generously.