I encountered two SPLC activists today in Portland. Each was soliciting donations from passers by near the university. I stood and watched for a while. They didn’t seem to be having any success as they asked “do you want to fight hate crimes and bullying?” or “we’re fighting bigotry and bullying”. So I meandered up to the lady, not bothering to remove my Confederate hat, and announced that I had been a victim of hate crime and bigotry for four years. She took on a somewhat exaggerated look of concern as I told her bits and pieces of my story. How I, and thousands of others were tormented by intolerant blacks because of forced busing. Apparently, she had never heard of forced busing. I told her that the media will not publish our stories, nor will organizations such as SPLC take our cause seriously. She excused herself and walked away.

The man didn’t wait for me to approach him. He saw me passing by and said “nice hat you’ve got there”. We had a friendly conversation, in which I told him that the SPLC needs to take attacks against whites seriously if it wants to have any credibility. He told me my hat was “gutsy” and was clearly meant to make a statement. My response was that Southerners are often targets of stereotypes and that they are people too, with a heritage and a right to feel good about themselves. He appeared to agree – then excused himself to try to get some donations.

I think it’s encouraging that even in a leftopia such as Portland, even near the university, nobody was paying attention to these people. Apathy has its merits.