After having encountered SPLC (Southern Poverty Center) activists in downtown Portland a couple of times, I found them again in front of my local library. This was yesterday and I told them, point blank, that the SPLC is a hate group. They didn’t like it very much.

Considering the amount of activity they’ve been involved in recently here in Portland, I realized that there must be a response. So, with the help of Unamusement Park, I put together a flyer. The entire flyer was taken from U.P.’s post exposing the SPLC’s extreme anti-white bias.

Here’s the flyer (PDF):

The Southern Poverty Law Center

Today I visited the same library I was at yesterday and distributed those flyers. By announcing “The SPLC is a hate group”, I could get some of my message across even to those who couldn’t be bothered to take a copy (about 80% of passersby). It was cold and rainy, but an overall success considering I gave out quite a few flyers and even spoke (briefly) to some people. Of course there were those who objected to my message. A couple of women assumed that since they were lesbian, my message doesn’t apply to them. The SPLC is just like government. It’s corrupt, it has deep pockets and it caters to certain constituencies.

Libraries are good places to distribute flyers, as long as you don’t obstruct traffic and keep a certain distance from the doors. They are considered bastions of free speech and they’re relatively safe.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that those flyers cost money to print – and there’s a “donate” button on the right of this blog. I’ll definitely be doing more of this because it must be done. The SPLC cannot be allowed to advance its agenda with no opposition.