Yesterday I leafleted in front of Powell’s Books downtown. It went pretty well. It’s always interesting to see people’s reactions, and that makes it rather fun.

One young man said “I can’t read.” An old woman tried to give me 75 cents. A homeless black couple asked for a copy, so I gave them one. A few moments later the woman turned to me and said “I know what you mean. I know a woman who’s worked at the same place for 12 years and only makes $7.50 and hour.” A middle-aged woman took one, turned to me and said “I thought the SPLC were the good guys.” I replied “not everybody thinks so.” One man asked me who I work for. If nothing else, I probably got some people thinking and asking questions.

Unfortunately there was no possibility of getting somebody to photograph me handing out leaflets – short of giving my camera to a stranger. Maybe next time.