Thanks again to John Derbyshire for linking to me in one of his columns. This time, he’s coined the term “Dark Enlightenment” for the movement to recognize not-so-pleasant realities.  I like it.  But Dennis Mangan has already stated that he is unworthy of being listed among Derbyshire’s must-read blogs. If so, where does that leave me?

John Derbyshire, along with Steve Sailer, provide a valuable service. Aside from being exceptional writers in their own right, they provide a crucial link between a handful of widely recognized pro-white bloggers and a multitude of obscure bloggers. It’s an honor to be linked to by Derbyshire and, even more so, to be counted in his “essential reading” blog list. Especially considering that my posts have not been exactly stellar recently. Real life has a way of demanding one’s time and my writing is based in inspiration and available free time rather than necessity.

But fear not, loyal readers! I have vacation plans in the making and I’ll be off to exotic places in a few months. So stay tuned…

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