Alarabiyah reports that Christian Filipinos have held rallies to support Israel:

More than 300 Filipinos held festive peace rally in Manila on Friday to express their solidarity with Israel despite their government being among the 138 countries recognizing Palestine as a non-member state in the United Nations.

Hebrew songs and shofar echoed through loudspeaker as pro-Israel Filipinos marched in a busy Manila business district followed by a convoy of over 50 cars in a rally that was organized by a handful of Christian organizations, Israel-based Ynet News reported Sunday.

The marchers waved Israeli flags, while others held banners in support of Israel that read “standing with Israel, now and then,” in reference to 1947 when the Philippines was the first Asian country to vote in support of the formation of the Jewish nation.

The march’s final destination, the national park, which is located some 10 kilometers from the starting point, saw more Israeli supporters joining. All sung a rendition of “Hatikva” (Israel’s national anthem) and blew the shofars to conclude the rally.

Is this a case of fake Christians supporting fake Jews by singing in fake Hebrew in order to oppose pressure from hypocritical European leaders? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do have Christian friends and the question of who is a “real Christian” is a confusing one. As for the Jews of Israel, I’ve already pointed out (here and here for example) that modern Jews bear little resemblance to ancient Jews. What passes for Hebrew is a sham and a disgrace (here and here for example). The powerful men of Europe, while opposing Israeli colonization of Palestine, encourage the colonization of Europe.

This would appear to be layer upon layer of delusions and empty labels. Or maybe not. I’m certain that the Filipinos who call themselves Christian are different from those who call themselves Muslim. Those who call themselves Jews are different from those who call themselves Palestinians (though there are Palestinian Jews). Modern “Hebrew” is distinct from other languages and those who rule Europe might have some redeeming qualities over the leaders of Africa or the Middle East.

Perhaps I’m too caught up in the past to keep up with the ever-changing definitions of the modern world. Yes, I think this is so. It may even be a symptom of Asperger’s Syndrome. Alas, I can no longer use that as an excuse for not keeping up with the times; Asperger’s has now been defined out of existence by the A.P.A.

Now that I’m no longer an asparagus (what else would you call somebody with Asperger’s?), maybe it’s time for me to be less analytical and simply thank the Filipinos for their goodwill toward my people. Similarly, I can embrace Israeli Jews as my brothers and sisters without being overly critical of them. But I refuse to embrace modern Israeli “Hebrew” because it’s ugly and offensive to me. I also refuse to give up my disdain for Europe’s leaders; hypocrisy and treason are despicable in any era.