A korean man, Ki-Suck Han, was recently pushed into the path of an oncoming subway train in New York. Here is the victim:

Korean victim

A Yahoo article gave a clear hint of the background of his assailant by stating:

The Post says one of its freelance photographers was on the platform as the ordeal unfolded. One of his photos shows Han on the tracks, looking at the train as it bears down on him.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Tuesday that detectives were still seeking an unidentified suspect. There is a $12,000 reward.

Police are seeking a suspect – but there is no description. Usually, this means the suspect is a black male. Sure enough, here he is:

subway pusher

But the main fury is being focused on the New York Post freelance photographer who took the chilling photo of Han just before his death – one R. Umar Abbasi. It appears he cared more about getting his precious photos than helping the victim. Is Abbasi Muslim? Would he have acted differently if the victim appeared to be Muslim as well? Has there ever been a case of a crazy Korean man pushing a black man onto the subway tracks? Will the corporate-controlled media ever recognize the patterns that, to normal people, are self-evident?

We are told that we are “enriched” by having a multicultural/multiracial society. I don’t see enrichment. I see rule of the jungle and chaos.