One of the more salient points, made by Craig Bodeker in his now famous “A Conversation About Race“, was that today’s political climate does not allow whites to be pro-white without being viewed as anti-everybody else. Personally, I try to keep this point at the forefront of my mind when I speak or write. It’s not always easy. People who identify as pro-white are very much aware of the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated upon whites and the glaring double standard imposed against whites. It’s easy to become an angry person but not so easy to channel ones anger to constructive ends. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid becoming what our enemies say we are.

Powerful forces (some would say “The Jooz”) are using non-whites as clubs to pound whites into oblivion. So some pro-whites channel their anger toward the non-whites; toward blacks and Mexicans in the U.S. and maybe toward Asian Muslims in Europe. Others channel their anger toward “The Jooz”. As a Jew myself, I’d suggest a distinction between “The Jooz” and “Jews”. At any rate, I’ve vented plenty of venom at blacks and Hispanics myself. I try to put it in context and make it clear that I speak only in general terms. But I’ll admit that the following criticism applies to myself as well.

I was reading a recent American Renaissance article about the spread of cellular service in Africa. It’s an innocuous subject. If anything, it gives us a ray of hope; if Africa becomes a better place to live, we all benefit. But after reading the comments on that article, I became frustrated. I wrote:

I’m disappointed in a lot of the comments here. Is it our goal here to ridicule blacks or is it to inform the world that whites have legitimate interests and are being targeted for genocide? While doing the former may make us feel witty, or release some of our anger, I think we should ask ourselves, before pushing the “post” button, if our comments are going to actually help our cause.

Imagine you’re a young person fresh out of high school or college. You’re curious about pro-white movements and race-realism so you click on this article. What sort of impression would you get from reading the comments here?

My comment, before reading the others, was going to be something along the lines of “that’s great. I hope Africa does improve its lot; that would be better for all of us, because it would slow the flow of Africans out of Africa.”

I think a lot of pro-whites know, deep down, that I’m right. Some of them won’t admit it; their anger won’t let them. It’s a pity because, if our enemies can succeed in infecting our hearts with destructive hatred, then what hope is there for us?

This was not the first time I’d contemplated criticizing the content of the comments at American Renaissance. Months ago, I’d written:

Reading through the comments on American Renaissance, I’m struck by how many of them make blanket statements about blacks. The moderators seem to now tolerate the word “negro”, which does make sense. They still won’t allow the word “nigger”, which makes sense sometimes – and sometimes it doesn’t…

Perhaps the moderators at Amren should ask themselves the same question when deciding whether to let a comment remain or not. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Amren should not be a site for angry venting of that nature. If people want to vent, and talk about “niggers and apes”, they can do so at or some other similar forum. Of course, if the moderators have had a change of attitude and don’t mind if Amren turns into another niggermania, that’s their prerogative. It would sadden me though.

I had allowed that post to remain a draft. It’s not for me to tell the folks at American Renaissance what sort of site it should be. It does bother me that I cannot direct friends or relatives to that site in the hopes of convincing them of the justness of our cause; they’d be too put off by the comments.

It’s hard to blame the people at American Renaissance for allowing anti-black tirades in the comments. A steady diet of black-on-white murders, beatings and rapes will do that to you over time – but only if you let it.