Somebody sent me this video about the most diverse high school in Washington. While the costs of racial diversity are obvious, I was curious to see if the video would live up to its promise of explaining its benefits. Toward the end, we are told the following:

It’s something that no other school in the state of Washington is able to experience. Students are learning things about other cultures and other ways of life that they would not have in an all white school, or a predominantly white school, outside of a textbook. And that’s just invaluable.

This is what I wrote back:

The costs of ethnic diversity are enormous. As for the benefit, it’s
spelled out, in this video, as learning about other cultures and ways
of life. We used to do this by traveling, reading books and pen-pals.
“Diversity” is something that is always with us – but there is an
extremely strong push for racial diversity above all else. Whites are
an extremely diverse group, coming from countries such as Slovenia,
South Africa or Venezuela. But the man implied that an all-white
school is, by definition, not diverse. I don’t believe this was a slip
of the tongue on his part.

I’d like to see a costs versus benefits analysis of racial diversity.
Not the kind of diversity that happens naturally, but the kind that is
being imposed upon us by design. The kind that costs a lot of money to
pursue. The kind that every large company and corporation in the U.S.
is required, by law, to pursue. The kind that brings frenzied howls of
protest if anybody dares question it.

It’s important to be understanding and tolerant toward others, but
let’s not forget that it was the “overwhelmingly white” America of the
1960s that gave birth to the god of diversity before whom we must all
now bow.

I wanted my response to be measured. This is why I didn’t bring up the fact that racial diversity is, for the most part, only imposed upon white countries. I didn’t mention the violence that comes, sooner or later, with said diversity.