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Jewamongyou is in Peru

Blog raju was right in guessing I was in Iquitos, Peru. Actually I just left Iquitos and now I’m in Lima. While in Iquitos, I got to spend some days in the Amazon jungle. It was rough going and an … Continue reading

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Smoking and drinking expats

It’s odd but the American expats around here smoke (flicking their butts to the ground) and drink quite a bit, even more than most of the locals. But there’s a lot of history in this town. Mostly from the rubber … Continue reading

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The greatest steak ever

I just had the most delicious steak I’ve ever eaten, though I’m not a big steak-eater. They bring it to you on a very hot stone. When you get it, it’s only cooked on the outside. You need to cut … Continue reading

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Jewamongyou is far from home

I’ve been far from home these last few days. Internet service has been sporadic. It’s a good thing I’d been working out prior to this trip; otherwise my legs would have given out a while ago. As for my Spanish, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl: Exemplifying “American virtues”

I came across an article* by Jay Ambrose in today’s Columbian newspaper titled “Super Bowl exemplifies some vital American virtues”. I happened to be with a Filipino friend and wondered out loud which virtues Ambrose would list that are specifically … Continue reading

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“Future Human Evolution” book review

I just finished reading “Future Human Evolution” by Prof. John Glad. I learned long ago to avoid taking the titles and accomplishments we find on dust jackets too seriously. This is because of the tremendous amount of rubbish we are … Continue reading

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Jewamongyou is ready for his next exotic adventure

I love to travel whenever I can. I sometimes do so even when I can’t, or rather, when I “shouldn’t.” I’ll be leaving for  a mysterious and interesting land a week from today, and I’ll be gone for a month. … Continue reading

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