I happened to come across a Yahoo news piece concerning a gay couple that was beaten in Paris recently. Reading the article, one gets the impression that Wilfred de Bruijn was beaten by actual Frenchmen. There is no hint, in the article, that anybody but ethnic French – specifically French Catholics – are to blame. The article concludes with these words:

“We don’t want violence. We denounce this violence and these acts, we have nothing to do with (Catholic) fundamentalists or extremists,” she said.

Not so, for De Bruijn.

“It was not Frigide Barjot who was hitting my head, or the bishop of Avignon lurking in that street to attack us,” he said. “But they are responsible.”

But of course. It’s “Catholic extremists” who, it’s implied, committed the deed or were somehow responsible for it. When I saw this story I immediately suspected Muslims and sure enough, Opposing Views gives us more detail:

A graphic photo (below) of Wilfred de Bruijn, who claims he was assaulted in a Muslim part of Paris, has provoked shock and outrage.

It’s not much of a stretch to surmise that “in a Muslim part of Paris” means the attackers were, in fact, Muslim – or at least of Muslim background. It’s also not surprising that Yahoo blames not the mullahs but “Catholic extremists.”

I could sit here all day long and bash Muslims and white-hating organizations such as Yahoo, but this is not my purpose here. Rather I wanted to use this case to illustrate how the Left, though its policies, brings harm to those it professes to love – and then shamelessly uses this harm as an argument for more of its policies.

The European Left has been promoting massive Muslim/African immigration for decades. Now that those immigrants are attacking gays in the streets of Paris, it turns around and uses such incidents as propaganda to further its gay agenda. The Left pursues “gay rights” not so that gays may live in peace and undisturbed. Not at all! “Gay rights” is merely a vehicle to promote the effeminization of white men in general. If white men respect the gay lifestyle more, they’re more likely to become more effeminate (or so their thinking probably goes). Once they’re more effeminate, they’re less likely to oppose their replacement by sacred “people of color.”

The Left doesn’t want white men with guns. It wants white men dressed in pink and with flowers. White men who are pushovers. If I were gay, I’d be insulted that the Left uses my “rights” toward this end. I’d also make sure I own a gun. Gays have a lot more to fear from Muslims and their leftist enablers than from right-wing whites or “Catholic extremists.”