I’m eating my heart out for having missed this latest conference. It’s true that by the time the announcement was officially made, I had already committed to my Peruvian adventure. It’s true that I was not in a position, financially, to make both trips. It’s also true that missing one conference wouldn’t kill me. All this is true, but I still feel a void in my heart where memories of the conference should have been.

I envy those who did make it, and I feel a certain amount of guilt as well. As one attendee told me (in a chat from the conference) “you were able to hang out with Peruvians but you couldn’t come to the conference to be with your own people.” Friends can speak to friends that way. I told him it would have helped had the announcement been made a bit earlier. It’s rather expensive to travel to Tennessee from Oregon.

I greatly regret having missed John Derbyshire. Hopefully next year John.

There are a lot of articles at Amren describing and documenting the conference. One of my favorites is this one of Ramzpaul exposing the protesters as total ignoramuses. I’m glad Ramzpaul made it to the conference; it was actually my idea to invite him in the first place. Ramzpaul, if you’re reading this, I hope we can meet on another occasion.

If any readers did make it to the conference, please feel free to share your impressions as comments.