The Seattle Times recently reported:

Saying it has an obligation to prepare students for a more global society, the University of Washington will require undergrads to complete a course in some area of diversity — economic, cultural or political — before they can graduate.

The new policy, initiated by a group of mostly minority students, followed three failed attempts over the past 22 years to introduce changes meant to ensure that all graduating students know a little more about other cultures and people who differ from them than they did when they first arrived.

It’s sad when an official cult spreads its tentacles around the globe, eating up precious resources and ruining lives in the process. But it’s even more sad when young people buy into the propaganda and become pawns for the rich and powerful.

Not that I feel sorry for the “mostly minority students” who spearheaded the drive to require diversity training for graduation at their university. It’s a feather in their hats that they’re sure to profit from for decades. Call me naive, but I can’t help feeling that some of them, maybe most, actually believe they’re doing a good turn for the world. But within their lifetimes, “diversity training” will mean little more than an official cry of “Can’t we all just get along?” This cry will likely fall on deaf ears as a multitude of interest groups, ethnic, racial and religious, vie for their share of an ever-shrinking pie.

If we all were to suddenly get along, it would not bode well for the top diversicrats who pull the strings. It would be bad news for organizations such as the SPLC or the ADL. Their livelihoods depend on manufactured “hate.” They thrive on fear and their witch hunts for “racists”, “homophobes” or “Islamophobes” never cease. “Diversity” is an industry and, just like big tobacco (allegedly) or McDonalds, it feeds on our impressionable young.

When a young person first gets tangled up in the lies of the diversity cult, he is a victim. But as he grows older, in ever darker shades of an evil continuum, he becomes a perpetrator. As in the movie The Body Snatchers, innocent people are transformed into soulless aliens.

I love children. I take great pleasure in their innocent laughter and play. It pains me to ponder them being reduced to little more than units of production to be fed into the insatiable maw of the diversity industry.