Not long ago I received a request from to sign a petition for a Palestinian activist.  The petition states:

Days ago I went to Hebron in the occupied West Bank and met Issa Amro, a soft-spoken, Gandhi-quoting Palestinian. The Israeli government considers him a dangerous man.

So dangerous that he was locked up in March for joining Israeli and Palestinian women to peacefully protest a segregationist policy that bars most Palestinians from even walking down the main market street of Hebron, a Palestinian city. And this month, just as I arrived to meet him, he was taken away in handcuffs by Israeli soldiers and when he was released he was laid out on a stretcher, beaten and bruised.

Issa is dangerous because he’s committed to a dangerous idea: growing a powerful nonviolent movement for freedom that’s reviving hope in Palestine. And he isn’t alone. I met inspiring Palestinians across the West Bank who are standing up and choosing the path of nonviolence. But precisely because of their potential power, they are being attacked and imprisoned on spurious legal charges and they need our help.

The Israeli versus Palestinian conflict is a complex one and there are no simple answers. But let’s assume that Issa Amro’s goal is to set up a political situation that would threaten the existence of the State of Israel. I would expect Israelis to be alarmed about this even though Amro had renounced violence. Though he has thrown down his weapons, Amro is still very much at war.

To put things into perspective, let’s envision a world where black on white crime doesn’t exist, where Hispanic immigrants are as docile as sheep and where Islam really is the “religion of peace.” In such a world, should whites feel any better about being eradicated through superior birthrates and demographic dilution? Any white with a healthy sense of identity would still want to put an end to Hispanic immigration. He would still want to segregate himself from blacks and Muslims so that his children and grandchildren would carry on his genes and heritage.

Genocide is genocide, whether it’s achieved through mass executions or through “bedroom genocide.” On my previous post, baaltanit commented:

Thank you for your good work. We at wnthinktank are formally renouncing anti-Semitism. We still may not agree on many things, perhaps not even the definition of anti-Semitism, but we appreciate what you’re doing and would be interested in knowing your thoughts on how to bring the White Jewish and gentile communities more into accord. This is an olive branch for any Jews who wish to accept. If not, good luck in all of your endeavors. We wish you no harm, only the best.

Baaltanit’s original post on this matter, called “Love Panzer,” was reblogged by Mindweapons in Ragnarok.  I suspect that this idea will get some traction in the blogosphere, but I doubt many white nationalists would go so far as to marry Jews for this purpose, or convert to become rabbis.

Like the Israeli versus Palestinian conflict, this relationship is a complex one. Those who know me would not be surprised to learn that I feel a deep connection with the Palestinian people and Arabs in general. While most Jews have ceased being Semites in any meaningful way, the Arabs have retained some of our ancient traits – and even had the audacity to impose them on others. Yet I have no love for those who wish to kill me, and I have no affection for those who wish to destroy my people.

Of course I’ll accept the olive branch. This was never in doubt, since I was never at war with white nationalists to begin with. We can work together for the advancement of white people. But I have always condemned intermarriage and I’m used to being shouted down for this by liberals. If a few white nationalists join the chorus, then so be it.

What do I hope will come of this? I hope that baaltanit’s message spreads enough in the blogosphere that the outside world takes notice. I would be pleased to see newspaper headlines that read: “Neo-nazis* now encourage intermarriage with Jews in order to assimilate them to death.” This may get some young Jews to think about the consequences of marrying out. In other words, I hope it backfires. Is anybody surprised?

*Not a slur on my part; this is how the media would present it.