While in downtown Portland today, a man walked up to me and gave me a small flyer. This is what is says:

We are American citizens. The government is trying to kill us. We are being tortured, insulted, humiliated (e.g. physical injuries, death threats, property damage/ vandalism, government harassment including police stalking/ privacy invasion, traveling detention (airport interrogation, missed flight, denial of food service), verbal abuse (religious epithets, taunting, etc.). At work: monetary hardship, hostile work environment/harassment from management, co-workers, scare tactics and intimidation. For more info: youtube.com/heshamehussein

We are a Muslim family. Muslims are being attacked because of their beliefs. Muslims believe in obedience to the Creator. The Creator wants people to choose freedom (freedom from slavery to man (government, job, each other)), peace, security, human rights, justice and happiness in this life and in the hereafter (heaven). The Creator wants to protect us from His wrath (punishment in this life, hell). For more info: quran.com

I followed the youtube link and found several videos on Hussein’s channel, including this one:

Personally, I found it sickening and hard to watch. This man is teaching his child to be paranoid. To see bigotry and ominous threats in everyday incidents that all of us experience. I had a man cut me off today in traffic. It never occurred to me to suspect him of having done so deliberately because I look different than him.  Rather, I assumed he simply failed to see me. People are rude to me now and then. I assume they’re having a bad day, not that they have it in for me because I’m Jewish. I’ve been treated unfairly at work numerous times (who hasn’t?). I attribute it to bad management. Not to some sort of conspiracy against me. I shudder to think what sort of man this little boy will grow into. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rage inside him (planted there by his father) causes him to be a terrorist.

Jews, and other groups, are sometimes guilty of similar behavior, but since it was a Muslim who gave me the flyer, it’s Muslims I’m writing about today.